Anti + truths
Polarizing Half-Truths
( please note we are referring to half-truths, and not half truths, there is an important difference: the devil is indeed in the detail )

(If you came directly to this page, this website is devoted to the discovery of anti+truths, the negative side to truth. Anti+truths, are truths that are deceptive lies, a paradox, that reveals the polarization potential of even Truth.)
(The Light...The Rainbow of Truth..."Thinking in Color")
("Truth, as Love, is from the Heart and knows no grammar")

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(fruits from the infinite tree of knowledge)



"The Coin of Truth : Different sides to the Truth.

This is where two individuals each see
sides of a coin, yet they fail to realize that beyond these distinct differences,
they are actually looking at the same coin; they cannot agree.
One party sees the left side, one party the right side, they both see a truth but neither sees
They are both correct in what they see yet both wrong, because they ignore each others truths; neither can see
The Truth.
Contemporary thought sees the political spectrum
divided between left and right,
reflecting a two dimensional model. What a way to think!
We polarize and divide ourselves not only on the basis of our ethnic color but on the basis of our "political color."
Sorry this is foolish. The polarization of political thought between left and right ignores 
Balance is an important element that is so important,
in any field of study.
Rather than divide the political spectrums with a vertical line,
we should more importantly divide the spectrum
between moral and immoral factions,
we should focus on eliminating the bad in both political spectrums,
creating a horizontal line between both left and right.
A good model is the numeric vertex?


The future of politics, or governments involves a balance between left and right ideologies with the identification and exclusion of immoral, self indulgent portions of both sides of the current political spectrum; the negative manipulative side. We need balance. A simple analogy would be that we should "think in stereo" at least. (To replace the current two dimensional model a more appropriate three dimensional model, would be "the earth itself," with North and South Poles representing the polar extremes, with their barrenness. The middle portion, the area of balance, would be represented by the most fertile area of the earth. The two political opposites must work together) It is also worthwhile to mention that both north and south spectrums have dark sides represented by the areas that are not illuminated by


The world changes, adjustments are necessary. The people and conditions of yesterday are not those of today, as ideology changes the world changes.

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"No GREATER SACRIFICE has any man than to lay down his life for another . . . . . . . . . . " LOVE One Another"

An anti-truth is a truth that is a lie; a half-truth and a paradox. A lie can deceive both listener and speaker, writer and reader; the world. The use and reference of the Bible to rationalize war is also such a paradox that is based on a half-truth or anti+truth. The quote "no greater love has no man, than to give up his life for his fellow man" has been used in the past to refer to the physical sacrifice of ones life through war. In some Bibles, "giving up one's life" is replaced with "dying".

"Giving up one's life" appears to mistakenly suggest a physical concrete loss of life and is used to honor the dead of war however the more appropriate meaning of this truth can be understood by examining the next truth,


It becomes obvious that THE FIRST TRUTH does not mean a loss of one's physical life through battle. We deceive ourselves with a classic example of a half-truth.

It should become clear that the first line, refers to an abstract, "giving of ones life" in a manner of servitude;

Mother Teresa is one such example. Utilizing a truth to promote such a negative loss of life is reflective of anti + truths, AND


In War polar-politicians are very successful at manipulating one side against the other, us verses them. I came across a very interesting picture of my mother in Southern Italy, Simbario, 1945. The picture includes an American Soldier, their cousin Frank Bertucci, who was born in Chicago, The United States of America, and who didn't speak Italian, and who was liberating Italy; with a people he could not communicate with but his relatives.

Frank Bertucci, American born the son of Bruno Bertucci who had immigrated to the United States in the early 1900's. Bruno Bertucci was the brother of Concetta Bertucci+Rosso, Marianne's mother. Concetta's brothers had all emigrated to the Chicago, and were responsible for establishing the Saint Rocco's Feast in Chicago.

Feel the smiles !!

Taken in Simbario 1945, during the 2nd World War, at the back door of Grandma Concetta's home.

The American Soldier . . . Corporal Bruno Spina+Bertucci !

Bruno Spina, son of Joseph and Catherine (Bertucci) Spina. (Chicago)

Grandson of Bruno "Braco" and Maria Antonia "Jenny" (Colangelo) Bertucci.

Catherine (Bertucci) Spina, (mother of the soldier) had a brother Vincenzo "Jimmy" Bertucci, and Frank Bertucci were the three surviving children of Bruno "Braco" (who was born in Simbario) and Maria Antonia "Jenny" (Colangelo) Bertucci.

. From left to right, the little girl on the left, Rosina Roti+Gagliardi, whose relatives are now in France, and Canada, Marianna Rosso+Squitti, who had moved to Sapawe, Ontario, and then Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, CORPORAL Bruno Bertucci, with family in Chicago of the United States of America, Nicolina Primerano of Simbario, Calabria, Italy, , with family in Simbario, Angelina Primerano+Gagliardi living with family in Simbario, Italy, Concetta Primerano+Scopacasa, with family in Mongiana and Serra Saint Bruno, Italy, and Peppina Primerano living with family in Simbario Italy, and the little girl on the right, Peppina Roti, living in France.

The picture shows how within one generation one family was separated by nation and language.

The Truth, as it expands with time, shows us that it is important to realize that with time, those we bomb, their children and grandchildren will be our citizens, our family.

If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 9:31-32

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Perhaps nowhere is the confusion of concepts more evident, than in the discussion of culture. Philosophically, culture has two polar-opposite definitions; culture(1) representing traditional values & norms, and culture(2) representing artistic concepts. At times, these various cultural concepts represent ideas and values that are complete polar-opposites to each other. We must be careful not to confuse the two and more importantly, appreciate that language, dress, and dance are not culture(1); they are merely component parts of it. The fundamental elements of culture are "value based", (abstract concepts), which are shared across all cultures and all languages;


such as honesty, integrity, faith, and family, just to name a few. We have different cultures, that are the same cultures, we speak different languages, but say the same thing; the differences are superficial. It is quite interesting to note that in religion, for example Christianity, has fragmented itself on the basis of minor differences when in fact, the messenger and the message are the same. Now that's polarization! The polarization of Catholic+Christians and Protestant+Christians, must make the devil laugh; much louder.

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"Political Thought Control ? "


Education is not only a short term cost but a long term investment in the future. However, the educational world must be careful the education material presented , these truths are not portrayed as The Truth in a variety of subject areas. Case in point. In my first year at Lakehead University, I was called in by the Professor, after critically disputing Herzberg's Theory X and Theory Y. I learned quickly that certain theories were to be accepted as The Truth. My critique had suggested that having merely two opposing theories of motivation was overly simplistic. Years later the theory was expanded to include Theory Z. (still how simplistic)

Our current educational system could be improved in its inability to appreciate and respect traditional wisdom as well as the infinite different colors of The Truth.

I recall Criminology 101, back in the late 70's, which was teaching a very questionable truth. One statement that I recall was that one of the reasons crime existed was that there were laws and people were being caught. The philosophy appeared to suggest that eliminating laws, and changing the system would reduce crime; a somewhat manipulative-questionable logic. Obviously certain groups, and individuals have their own self-interests at heart and lobby their intersts. Lobbying by these groups can at times, put systems out of balance.

All sectors of the economy would do better in the long term if all systems operated more effectively and efficiently with the objectives of the overall system in mind.

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The topic of racism must be handled with extreme caution. You should note that racism is also a half-truth based concept. The identification of hatred of individuals of different ethnic origins, fails to identify, hatred of individuals within the same ethnic origin, or the same family. Racism, one form of hatred, exploits hatred to further polarize groups and divide ourselves. A popular new movement of the present is Homophobia, which again is polarizing for it ignores hatred within the group and that emanating from this group. To error is human to forgive divine, ...lets respect each other.

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Observation would reveal that the "richest" of people I have known have been "financially+poor"; oh yes another paradox. Poverty, in today contemporary sense, is often viewed in black and white terms. The definition of it is one of the problems. Poverty has many causes. Each case is different. Some of the reasons people are poor include the following:


Dealing with the issue of "poverty" should not be dealt with by pursuing stopping poverty, but rather promoting non-poverty, or quality living, again being careful on how we define this.

We should develop a positive focus on the factors deemed to be responsible for non-poverty. Living in a free society we must accept the reality that some people may chose a particular lifestyle. Individuals have a their own personal responsibility and a free choice. Some may chose to be in the state they are in while others may be forced into a situation by conditions beyond their control; lets not generalize.

We must not ignore that some people sacrifice or volunteer their time and efforts with no financial benefits and chose to be "statistically poor"; we must be careful with our word may represent many different concepts and situations; .......a word

can paint many pictures.

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Polarizing the Family



Philosophically, the greatest area of manipulation has occurred in the area of social sciences. Social Services are needed but must be balanced and controlled.

Thirty years ago, a single mother(husband had died), received very little social assistance. Today, social programs, in some cases reward unwed mothers, and single mothers (in-vitro), or support non-traditional, questionable lifestyles at the expense of the general society; is this fair ?

(I would hopefully expect people would have enough common sense to differentiate between mothers who become single mothers, because of the death of their spouse, or through being abandoned by their spouse and those individuals who pursue "the legal loopholes of "having children" to benefit from social programs, without any involvement of a spouse or interest in one.)

(Lets not paint all "single mothers" with the same color brush.)

Have we overlooked this negative side to social programs. A tax system that penalizes the family structure. The manipulation of half-truth logic has seen the generalization of topics to polarize issues polarize the sexes, and the family unit.

The result is an "us-versus-them" philosophy. The logical error of "most" becoming "all" statements is common.

Non critical problem analysis is usually lacking with no emphasis placed on determining individual causes, we speak and think in "black and white " terms.

Political and social inequity, unfairness, and imbalance have been carried out in the most deceptive of manners; usually under the guise of addressing problems.

The involvement of the immoral community, regardless of orientation, impacting the moral+community has gone undetected through the use of deceptive negative social campaigns that would almost appear to reward "negative" behavior, or we could blame this on the deceptive half-truth; all the better.


through the use of deceptive polarizing half-truths and half-truth logic. First let us appreciate that violence is merely one form of abuse, and does not necessarily have to be abuse.



Abuse encompasses a variety of behaviors within the family setting. Passive manipulative abuse, as part of a game, is totally missing from the analysis. Here information, definitions and logic are being

manipulated to divide the family, and the sexes. Having been to "an Abuse conference" it is understandable how these "educational" conferences educate, and brainwash people to believe false conclusions. The total manipulation of logic is further evident by the "Black and White" model that men or women are either victims or abusers, but not both. THESE PROGRAMS PROVIDE THE A DECEPTIVE GAME THEORY TO MANIPULATE THE SYSTEM TO ACHIEVE THE POLARIZATION OF THE SEXES.


The slogan "Stop Violence Against Women," is a truth, a polarizing truth, a deceptive truth that is a half-truth, (an anti+truth) that tragically ignores violence against men, and children. The model also deceptively assumes that only men abuse, , which polarizes the issue, and the model ignores all other forms of abuse. Perhaps the story from the Bible, about punishing "the guilty"should be expanded to

"He +(or She) who is without sin cast the First Stone."

A better strategy would be to promote the positive.

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Globe and Mail
January 13, 1998

"Psychiatrists Slam" Repressed" Memory"

British psychiatrists have launched a devastating attack on colleagues who use bogus techniques to plant false memories of sexual abuse in patients. It blames these "dangerous and powerful tools for persuasion" for spawning hundreds of false accusations against parents, destroying families, and undermining the credibility of genuine abuse victims. (The business of selfish self-interests?)


Also note the manipulation of violence, which is merely one form of abuse; the larger field of concern. In "Games People Play", by Dr. Bernes, individuals may in fact employ manipulative tactics to provoke violence; passive-manipulative abuse. Also note that the slogan, "Stop Violence Against Women" contains three negatives, and is short-sighted.

If our goal is a positive one, then perhaps we should

cross over from "negating the negative" to promoting the positive;


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This section identifies one specific paradoxical negative side to the the Legal Aid System, a system where people who cannot afford a lawyer are provided one at the expense of general taxpayers.

Back 1n 1989, we encountered some difficulties with a tenant. The tenant was a former psychiatric patient, but was given rental accommodation because he was in need. Unfortunately, his health eventually worsened and he could not look after himself nor his accommodations.

We tried to evict him, but he quickly went to the Legal Aid System, which provided him with free lawyers. The case dragged on for close to a year. We lost other tenants because of his behavior and unsanitary health conditions and he destroyed his unit.

We could not and would not pay a lawyer to defend the eviction, and my sister Teresa, defended our position. She won her case, and in a written decision, the Judge, saw that this legal aid system was manipulating discrimination.

The day of the trail some 4 government paid lawyers and or assistants showed up in the court room, one in a "wheel chair" just for dramatics. I approached one of the representatives from the Legal Aid System and asked him, "Why they had dragged this case through the courts?" using taxpayer money so wastefully and putting us through this whole experience. The Lawyer from the Legal Aid System replied, "Your a smart man, you can handle it."

This is the arrogance, the lack the integrity of SOME individuals within the legal aid system, who see the system as a

"great bull cash cow."

Crime doesn't pay, for the criminals,' but for some lawyers who can abuse the system, it does. Tragically we have allowed the legal aid system to create for itself a cash


that the taxpayer must subsidize. This is again the negative side to the legal aid system, and of course their is a positive side to it of course. While millions of dollars are being spent on the accused, very little is being spent of the victims of crime; this has to be reversed.



rather than reward the negative.

(Whoever said, "That crime doesn't not pay"...was probably both a lawyer... and a liar...)

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Back in 1989,some preliminary research was conducted into the
Children's Aid Society.
Workshops were attended in Thunder Bay where re-enactments of child abuse were presented; the model used
"Men who abuse,... women and children victims"
An incredibly deceptive half-truth. You will note the polarization of the subject to isolate men, in general as the only abusers. The role of children as victims of other children and themselves was AND IS being totally ignored. Other flaws exist, including the manipulation of specific logic
where "most" become "all."
The overall result of such programs has been to polarize the family, and specifically to empower children artificially over their fathers and parents in general. The definition of abuse has been expanded to include all forms of control, so that controlling children is now defined as abuse.
A critical balance of the issues at hand was not evident.
One particular workshop whereby the anti male, and anti-family presentation was noted was hosted by the manager of a women's center, and reflected the radical-victim-feminist half-truth ideology; women victims.
A very deceptive half-truth model that polarizes the issue, by subtly suggesting male only abusers, and only women and children as victims.
Polarizing the family,
makes victims of us all; including men, women, children, extended family and society in general. It is also interesting to note that these models speak of men and women but not of fathers and mothers.
Realistic evaluations of the roles of
motherhood and fatherhood
with all related their related pressure and demands was not truly evident.
The breakup of the family unit has been aided by the pressures of this biased-unrealistic-sexist model; a model which never properly handled reality, in a positive fashion.
Today, some 10 years later a similar model of abuse is presented dealing with runaway children, that isolates fathers and parents as the one and only problem. It is "never" the childrens fault says the commercial, with the line "children do not chose the street," ...
is a lie;... some do.
(Covenant House)
The tragic error is that while we have focused on "children as victims of abuse", we have not focused on
"children as perpetrators of abuse",
on themselves, on their parents, and society in general. We must balance the equation. The child care system should have focused on children, and all the negative forces that are acting upon them, including children self abusing themselves.
The negative impacts of negative-media, negative-friends, and other negative influences should all be considered. The entire spectrum of discipline has been manipulated, and grouped with abuse.
Fact is discipline contains within it
the "intent" of doing good for the child
in the long term, which is important distinction that is missing; another half-truth based logic. Abuse has as its "intention" doing harm.
that are not properly disciplined by their parents, ultimately become
"disciplined" and "abused"
by society and its criminal and its justice system; we all lose.
have the out most to lose in their children's performance, while some government systems thrive on their misperformance. Here we design systems that are focused on negative results, which can be a dangerous move. Funding of these agencies based on "negative-statistics", becomes a critical systemic flaw. It is essential that governmental services spend the time and money investing in developing positive human characteristics and family, rather than dealing with the negative long term consequences of poor child development.
The paradoxical effect of social services has see some children become prostitutes when they enter "group homes" for treatment. It becomes clear that so called "stop violence campaigns," have not only manipulated victimization, but have also employed many negatives, rather than
"negating the negative" we should be "promoting the positive"
(for example: Promoting respect for one another)

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Negative -Feminism


We should be aware that feminism has had many faces; good, bad and evil. The most deceptive category, "radical-negative-feminists" have exploited female victimization,(a truth) terminology, logic & statistics to develop an agenda that is most-definitly anti-child, anti-mother, and anti-male.This ideology promotes negativity, selfishness, and most importantly the polarization of the sexes.

Respect for the roles of motherhood, fatherhood, and traditional family values as important concepts are totally lacking from the rhetoric of negative-feminists. For instance, the half-truth-based logic of comparing male and female salaries TOTALLY ignores shared household incomes. This alone is very revealing.

Cult-feminists, HAVE IN MY OPINION, developed for a variety of reasons including the possible affects of mental illness, backgrounds in severe abusive relationships as a source of this negativity, and cult followers. Radical-negative-feminists, disguised as "men and women", have been allowed total freedom in manipulating social programs dealing with the traditional family unit and heterosexual relationships without any positive concerns or strategy.


The division of the family unit and a deceptive attack between male and female relationships appears to have succeeded based on the tragic use of half-truths. This is PERHAPS where the real blame should go, anti+truths and the devil.

The traditional family, a unit with which radical-negative-feminists/cult-lesbian feminists, have no concern or respect for, has fallen victim to a deceptive polarizing attack through publicly funded social programs based on many deceptive truths; half-truths.

The manipulation and error of developing social agencies on the framework of half-truths has gone undetected. The use of deceptive half-truths, and half-truth based logic has been the problem; "the Fruit from the Garden."

We should accept the reality that society has fallen victim to deceptive half-truths, in many other fields, which until recently have been unknown, and unrecognized; an intellectual virus.

We should also accept the reality that a variety of predators have been preying on society; sexual and social predators, heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. These predators, have been deceptively helped with government funding to access and breakdown the family through social systems that have had a paradoxical effect of aiding the breakdown of the family rather than correcting the underlying problems; a good model to understand the psychology of cancer.

Radical-negative-feminists, are being called "feminazis," a rather strong term, but in fact a term that reflects the many deceptive similarities with the "Nazi" movement that victimized this World in this same century. Two similar deceptive movements that have had serious negative effects on society. Both movements, each a radical-negative-polar-political group one from each side of the spectrum. Most of the rhetoric and distorted logic reflected by these anti-people groups reflects a "black and white" philosophy that may be indicative of some minor mental illness; an element that was ignored. These negative attitudes, may be grounded in their own negative experiences and perceptions, with a resulting "backlash" that may be distorted.

A critical examination of the problems should have been done with the objective of correcting the problems rather than continuing to polarize the situation, and merely placing blame.

Negativity and polarization breeds negativity and polarization if one does not turn the cheek.

The lack of a positive oriented concern for family, children, motherhood, fatherhood and relationships and a focus on the negative is the key to detecting this anti-social attitude. Lets call it an attitude that can be corrected .

We should be concerned with people, all people, and ensuring that they are all respected, especially children , women & men in their important social roles as mothers and as fathers.

Perhaps we would be better advised to merely blame it on the deceptive half-truth and the devil; a concept we know little about.

Society would also be better advised to critically examine the men and women, the social workers, the politicians, and the teachers who set community standards to appreciate any possible hidden agendas or biases.




In a related note the division of the sexes, male and female, is sometimes perpetuated by the inappropriate misinterpretation of "Adam and Eve." Men and women each obtain their genetic makeup from both parents; 50% from their fathers and 50% from their mothers.

The latest discovery reveals that men, obtain their intelligence gene from their mother.

Male verses female discussions are short-sighted, polarizing and illogical, but are often used by some groups. Fathers have much in common with their daughters as in their sons.

Abortion, which in my opinion, is the greatest violence against the women and men of tomorrow today was manipulated by manipulating the concept of "rights," and half-truths. Most often, abortion is merely the "rights-of-convenience" of the parents, unjustly overriding the "rights-of-life" of the unborn; not really a fair match. Truth is that parents have the right to choice prior to conception and the child should have its rights to life after conception; (Steve Rego.newsgroups)

Paradoxically, life is not valued by a materialistic world, however in the long term, abortion is one of the greatest threats to a materialistic world.








Radical-negative-feminism, at least its ideology, has developed along the lines of a deceptive cult,with its focus on abortion reflecting, the cult characteristic of "human sacrifice." Partial birth abortion whereby the child is partially developed then killed is about as close as you can get to a full human sacrifice.The inclusion of radical-negative-feminists, manipulating social programs that deal with the traditional family have been tragically overlooked; we were deceived & the family unit has been divided.

The manipulation of such programs such as CHILDREN'S AID, WOMEN CENTER'S, AND WOMEN'S STUDIES, & HAS ALLOWED THIS CULT TO ATTRACT NEW MEMBERS through their deceptive "we & not them are victim" logic. The involvement of witches, cult-religious leaders, has gone undetected; witches do exist..

The underlying agenda of social and sexual predators, both men and women, HAS manipulated itself through social programs to breakup the family unit, rather than help it, and to prey on vulnerable "men & women." The development of social-parasitic programs that use social problems as "cash cows," thrive off of manipulating statistics, terminology and logic to increase the statistical importance of these problems.

Paradoxically as governments have spent more into these corrupted programs, the problems have gotten worse indicative of their flaws.

Solving these problems is counter productive to a system that receives its funding from the statistical significance of the problems; we have a parasitic system that focuses on the negative and a major system design "feeding" problem.

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<> Abortion and Euthanasia 

"  Playing God  "


The coin of life sees birth and death giving it VALUE...Death gives life VALUE by giving life rarity; a paradox.
Death gives value to what it destroys; a greater paradox. The darkness of death
is overshadowed by the darkness of not being born. Abortion is the greatest form of violence
against the women and men of
tomorrow today; dare we play God? Euthanasia
crosses one natural-line only to find ourselves having to draw another human one, but where?;
dare we play God?

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To discriminate or not to discriminate,
that is the question. The answer is yes and no. To see the differences in discrimination is the key. There are at least two philosophical definitions of the word; one positive one negative . Discrimination (2) refers to the act or practice, or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually. THE KEY WORD IS CATEGORICALLY; this type of action is considered unfair and illogical. However, discriminating(1), to make a distinction, to use good judgment, or the quality or power of finely discriminating is a useful, and necessary tool. Tragically we have been brainwashed to believe all "discrimination" is illegal or unfair.
Not at all.
In fact most of the groups who's rhetoric focus on illegal-discrimination use illegal-discrimination themselves. Discriminating whereby we generalizing all people, within a race, a gender, a group is negative-discrimination. Social Theory tends to slant towards this phenomena. Discriminating whereby we critically examine individuals on the basis of individual and relevant characteristics may serve a useful purpose in understanding, this is


Their is a difference between, women, wives, lesbian women, radical-negative-lesbian-women, heterosexual women, witches etc. etc...

and their are differences between men, husbands, moral men, immoral-men. etc. etc.. Each group has further sub-groups, to the point where we must appreciate that each individual is individual.

To discriminate only on the basis of one label or even a more complex group classification is simplistic and


Generalizations should not apply to individuals. Lets not make the mistake of focusing on one parameter and blaming it all on them; we are all part of the problem when we do something negative or contrary to accepted core values. Lets not blame it on one generalized group Christians, Islamic, Jews, Non Jews, Men, Women, Whites, Blacks, Heterosexual, or The Gay Community in general. All we do is polarize issues and our world community, rather than dealing with correcting the problem in a positive fashion. Some people within a group are not all people within that group.


are all part of the problem


we are not part of the solution.

(It is interesting to note the lack of positive discrimination in the fashion industry where individuals of suspicious background are enabled through their position of power to dictate fashion that ridicule both men and especially women. The use of misuse of models in unrealistic and unhealthy standards should be an indication of unhealthy attitudes towards people by these individuals of position; don't they appreciate their responsibilities) Careful, this is not intended to pass judgment on one group or another nor be used to fall in the same trap as black and white thinking. Their are good people and bad people in every group. To generalize serves to polarize. The actions of individuals must be judged on the basis of their individual characteristics.

judging actions is one thing,


people another, and
would have to be based on knowing
The truth

about each individual and influences of that event. That would be a very difficult think to know. The point is today we have divided ourselves into groups which may be helpful for theory applications but in reality each individual is uniquely different and cannot be discriminated against based on generalizations; we must critically discriminate with the understanding that no one is perfect, that we are all human, brothers and sisters, and who and what our children will be God only knows; we must respect one another.

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"THE CURE FOR AIDS...MORALITY !..........C.1997"


One reason to use the Internet, is to communicate, or to educate a community, a nation, a world to ideas and values that the current mainstream media fails to communicate, perhaps because of a conflict of interest, or a lack of proper judgment. People of the past and present have fallen victim to not knowing important information. We live in an information age and information is power.

It is important for proper decision making. Perhaps the greatest lie, is the truth not spoken, and has much in common with the half-truth. We have seen many important health and social issues manipulated by special interest groups, by merely focused on telling one story, one truth.

Aids as a societal disease can affect any of us, directly or indirectly. Tragically, many hemophiliacs were lied to by the agencies in charge of blood supply by not being told the truth about the risks of blood transfusions.

As a society we spend a great deal of financial resources towards AIDS. However, again tragically we are ignoring the truth about AIDS because we do not have the maturity to accept The truth about this disease and we skirt around the issues and the facts. Blaming the disease on the virus is like blaming guns and bullets. Irresponsibility is one cause we should look at.

In Canada for instance, governmental agencies are distributing "clean" needles to reduce the risk of spreading AIDS is a short-sighted half-truth remedy. The reality, or shall I say the truth of not discouraging illegal drug use is never mentioned at all, and it appears we are promoting illegal drug use by our lack of stating otherwise; or is this an oversight.

Do we suggest that drunk drivers, wear crash helmets, or do we suggest that they do not drink and drive(or drive sober) The analogy is much the same.

The current safe sex program

(The S.S. game )

is really only a deceptive game of Russian Roulette. A local aids educator, in a local editor suggested that to help combat aids, people should not share needles when injecting drugs, and since no sex was safe, the only safe sex was no sex. This half-truth phenomena is really catchy.

No to drugs is a greater truth


Not sharing sexual partners

would be a greater truth. Safe sex , is being replaced with safer sex, while these "educators" ignore safe "moral sex."

The current programs of promoting "safe" sex is a joke to our intellect for it infers that sexuality practiced within the confines of most world religions is unsafe. What about responsible sex? While Women's Breast Cancer takes many more lives than Aids, we spend more on Aids. Has the problem of Aids has become a great tool for obtaining government funding for promoting other political agendas within our society, including immorality & irresponsible behavior. Have "the people" of this country have lost control and direction of Aids funding.

In a democracy where the majority rule is it possible for a small minority to control the education system, and the question is should they ?

Are Aids programs negatively-discriminating towards staffing its operations, using general public funding.

It is hoped that the business-scientific-community will some day find their cure. I am sure this will make some important people very wealthy. But it is also hoped that our government and community will discover one unspoken truth about AIDS. We ignore that there is a long-term cost-effective, scientific cure for AIDS, regardless of sexual orientation, and it is still a truth that should be part of our government funded education programs, unacceptable to some as it might be; IT IS CALLED....



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++ Health Care


In the world of health care, there are a great many paradigms. These paradigms unfortunately restrict our thinking. Currently, in North America, we have been focusing on disease treatment as a major focus. This strategy as concentrated on attacking illness. Traditional wisdom and time proven remedies, although simple, are effective, yet ignored. The business of disease treatment is overriding all other alternatives. My own personal experience with the Health System, a 5 year complaint against two doctors within the City of Thunder Bay, has seen one doctor, harass me after filing the complaint, while the other told half-truths in fear of revealing he made several mistakes; the complaint is still pending. Here in Ontario Canada we have the powerful College of Physicians and Surgeons exerting a powerful control over the health system, unable to critically assess itself nor concern itself with the interests of the patients. My observation is that it is selfishly concerned about the business of business. A system that rewards illness. Doctors

should be

placed on salaries.

In addition the feedback system mechanism is not working.

There is very little Quality Control.

Observation has revealed the following: I recall the time, my mother, on a trip to Italy, treated her bed-ridden sister with Chicory Root for a Liver ailment. Having just seen my aunt weeks earlier I could not believe the transition to a woman who had been bedridden for years. My mother had remembered an incident whereby some 40 years earlier a pharmacist, who preparing some herbal medicine, had dropped some dried plant material. My mother, who was familiar with plants, was able to identify the plant from which the root came from.

Years later she went to the fields to find the material and processed it as did the pharmacist. Years later, intrigued by this incident, I purchased a book on Herbal Plants, by Readers Digest, titled "MAGIC AND MEDICINE OF PLANTS", and in it found out that not only was Chicory Root was an ancient Roman remedy for liver ailments, but I was surprised to learn that my mother knew most all the plants in the book. These ancient remedies have been forgotten and perhaps this is due to the fact that they carry no patents.

I will always remember, Moms comments one morning, as the Canadian Cancer Society, identified the growing cancer problem in Canada. At the time, I scoffed at her observations, that the high usage of animal fat, was a contributing factor. How could Mom, know something an organization would eventually learn after spending years researching and millions of dollars. Mom was a thinker, and learned by simple observation, and would realize that when the staff at the Old Age Home used inexpensive lard mixed with butter, that this was contributing to many of the elderly dying of related heart attacks among other diseases.

I also vividly remember, in the shop one day when a mother told me the story of curing her child of her medical problems by reading the in-flight magazine on a airline as it discussed allergies. An allergy that all the major medical centers were not able to diagnose. Today's health system is regrettably totally focused on the negative, dealing with superficial symptoms and perpetuating itself, rather than the greater health system focusing on the best option to achieving the important long-term objective, good health through all options, new and old. We should appreciate that the health system is a system of system that must be integrated but more importantly it is important to ensure that no sub-system takes control of the system for its own purposes.

Picture the human body, where one organ is out of control because it benefits from its own production at the cost of the whole body. I believe it is the hypothalamus gland that provides this control but very necessary.

The Paradoxical Reaction

is a reaction to medication, whereby rather than correcting a problem it makes it worse. I learned first hand about this. I was surprised as to how the entire pharmaceutical industry was disorganized. Different name pills with the same drug, same drugs, with different fillers, and different allergic reactions. Similar sounding name pills that could be confused and on and on. It appears that the current school of medicine relies too much on the experimentation of prescription drugs to treat one problem, with very little understood about the problems they create.

By now you are all familiar with the fact that ulcers, are being treated with anti-biotics; most ulcers are caused by a bacteria.

My research into illnesses has also come across a similar area of disease that is often quite confusing and that is mental illness. I do not know if you realized that some mental symptoms are the result of what are referred to as organic causes; ie viruses, poisons, blood clots, etc. I am afraid that in this realm of diseases a great many people have been mis-treated; time will tell. Is delirium, and its symptoms being used to create psychiatric patients, when the cause is organic.

Here is a reference search engine for alternative health treatments that may be of some use!




You must see this site, regarding the attack on religion by the Psychiatric Profession.!

But while the health system (disease treatment system) focuses on its intended purpose it is up to the government to ensure that we adopt a better focused system. We are ignoring a more-positive approach towards

health promotion, disease prevention, and disease treatment options.
We must begin by replacing the polarizing statement that
"An ounce of prevention is WORTH a pound of cure"
...and replace it with....

....prevention IS the best cure !

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My field of study. Thanks to the great staff of
Lakehead University
especially Professor's Rocco, Hensel, Parson, Alexander, Philips.
A great school.
In reviewing the current system of
there is one simple change that might better reflect the financial operation of a business so to eliminate the polarization from the presentation of the financial statements.
are referred to as expenses. Changing the presentation of wages so that they would be considered a
distribution of profits
to its employees would reflect a more positive approach to profit and ages and the total impact of the business operation. Recognizing
wages as a form of sharing income rather than
merely an expense item would hopefully change the perception and attitude surrounding profits and wages.
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+The last time I looked up the definition of

a democracy, it

consisted of two parts. If you have read most of this website, it is only fitting to express that our democracy is truly only half of what a real democracy should be, if that. A Democracy is a government by the people, the rule of the majority, and a government in which the power is vested in the in the people and exercised either directly or indirectly through a system of representation. Sounds great, but this is NOT what we currently have.

We call it a democracy but the actual system we have in place could be improved. First, at least in Canada, our political system empowers political parties and political leaders. The more political parties we create the lower becomes the majority that constitutes a majority. With five parties, 20% plus one vote could theoretically create a majority. This political party structure is based on a history. I might suggest that rather than create more political parties to combat the entrenched political party mentality, we should eliminate them totally. If the government that is elected is to represent the majority, then it is a contradiction to have different parties. Theoretically, representatives should be "representing" the people. Unfortunately what happens is that we have divided the political spectrum to either slant left or right, ignoring the majority in the middle and sometimes falling victim to extreme representation. It is interesting to note that most political parties,

have run-off elections to ensure that their leaders are chosen by at least 50% of the voters. We do not however utilize this same system in general elections,
where with many different individuals, the winner can have a minority majority. We are learning that polar thinking creates polarization in our society, and will hopefully some day fine tune this system to ensure that
"the people"
their governments
rather than
"the political leaders"
"political parties"
controlling "the people." It becomes obvious that a political system
that sees my representative form the opposition party, does not utilize my representative in the best manner.
The system is the problem; again.
To change it will take some work, if we want a "truer"
democracy. What we have today is a freely elected, party lead system,
which is not a democracy, although we call it so. It is reflective of our system in Canada, that is some cases the Prime Minister, has allowed the Members of Parliament who belong to his party a free vote on the matter! Is this a democracy ?
The municipal system whereby we elect representatives without any party affiliations is better. In fact I can honestly say that I have in the past supported and help elect candidates from both extremes of the political spectrum, for each served a purpose, and together they provided some balance.
Does your political system allow the people in control of creating a fair and balanced system or does the politician or the party control the agenda ?
Think about it ?
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+ A Positive   Closing Message

There is no doubt that in the pursuit of ideals and God imposed values some critiques will introduce the term " hypocrite."
Well, a hypocrite is one who knows what is right and does wrong,
a fool does wrong and believes it to be right. Given a choice
between the two, I would rather be a hypocrite;
we obviously have more than those two choices.
"High and Mighty"
are better than
"Gutter" Morals"
We have the personal freedom to adhere to them or not.
that are part of the laws of Nature and or God.
There is one statement of wisdom
that I have learned through my walk in this world,
another paradox of sorts.
In light of all the new world developments and discoveries,
I have learned that a great wealth of wisdom can be found by accepting the following statement,
"Listen to your Mother."
are no doubt blessed by God
and perhaps they should be.
The ancients or elders had achieved a wealth of wisdom
contemporary thought would rather ignore due to selfish materialistic or immoral reasons.
To understand & to think
"in the light",
(or in colors)
is a way of appreciating the infinite variety of different distinct truths
that comprise
(The Light).
We must move beyond our current paradigm of thinking.
The ability to make this transition
in moving beyond
crossing the negative
to create a
focus(+); the cross.
This may be the way !

A truth A truth A truth A truth . . . .=



a difference
in this world
is an inescapable truth....
in this world
The truth
we should strive for" ....Caesar Squitti





God bless !

HAVE A GREAT 1998 & BEYOND . . . . . . . . . . . . . !

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