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  • Will you be surprised if I told you that Canada's Health system is not a true public system ?  This even fooled most of the government.

    We all like that it is a Universal Health Care System, with many, or most services paid for by the government.    However most all services are provided by private enterprises; although that is not the key problem, because today the differences between private, public, for profit or non-profit are merely labels.

    The key flaw with Canada's health system is the fee structure.

    Most doctors in Canada bill the Health Care system per visit,  per procedure.   If your doctor happens to work for a clinic, or hospital, *they may be on salary, however most all services are billed on a per visit or per procedure basis.

    This is a key flaw in Canada's Health System.  Not in how much we pay, but in how the system pays.

    Paying on the basis of a 'per visit' rewards repeat visits, short visits, referrals, testing, etc.   This system penalizes good doctoring, it penalizes effective and efficient treatments; it creates an inverse relationship between your health and your doctors income - this is not a good thing.

    Add to this the  'self regulating' nature of the profession and we have another important flaw.  Its a good thing that the profession self-regulate, however an additional  objective non-arms length quality control system needs to be installed, NOT FOR DISCIPLINARY PURPOSES, but to find out, with the benefit fo hindsite, which is 20/20 what factors led to the undesirable events; and this is also concenred with patient behaviors, patient errors, systemic errors,  factors outside the health system that increase the risk of errors .   For example unknown risks associated with over-the-counter drugs, or prescription drugs, truths that are unknown make it impossible for doctors to be held responsible for the consequences.

    These two factors are key reasons, Canada's Health System ranks 30th in the world, while the system in Italy ranks in the top two.  In Italy a family doctor is paid an annual fee per patient.  This creates an incentive for the doctor and the system to find the best and simplest of cures.  In fact it also rewards prevention the best of cures.

    Bear in mind that in our Canadian and American Health systems, prevention and good health are both penalized to the doctors.

    Caesar J. B. Squitti , H.B. Commerce

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    Anti+truths, are truths, half-truths,  that may create deceptive lies, a paradox that reveals the polarization potential of even Truth.

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    These paradigms unfortunately restrict our thinking.

    Currently, in North America,
    we have disease treatment as a major focus.
    This strategy has concentrated on attacking illness.
    Traditional wisdom and time proven remedies, although simple, are effective, yet ignored.

    The business of disease treatment
    is overriding all other alternatives.

    Observation has revealed the following:
    I recall the time, my mother, on a trip to Italy,
    treated her bed-ridden sister with Chicory Root for a Liver ailment.

    Having just seen my aunt weeks earlier I could not believe the transition to a woman who had been bedridden for years.
    My mother had remembered an incident whereby some 40 years earlier a pharmacist, who preparing some herbal medicine,
    had dropped some dried plant material.
    My mother, who was familiar with plants,
    was able to identify the plant from which the root came from.
    Years later she went to the fields to find the material and processed it as did the pharmacist.
    Years later, intrigued by this incident, I purchased a book on Herbal Plants, by Readers Digest, titled "MAGIC AND MEDICINE OF PLANTS",
    and in it found out that not only was Chicory Root
    was an ancient Roman remedy for liver ailments,
    but I was surprised to learn that my mother knew most all the plants in the book.
    These ancient remedies have been forgotten and perhaps this is due to the fact that they carry no patents.
    I will always remember, Moms comments one morning,
    as the Canadian Cancer Society,
    identified the growing cancer problem in Canada.
    At the time, I scoffed at her observations, that the high usage of animal fat, was a contributing factor.
    How could Mom, know something an organization would eventually learn after spending years researching and millions of dollars.
    Mom was a thinker, and learned by simple observation, and would realize that when the staff at the Old Age Home
    used inexpensive lard mixed with butter, that this was contributing to many of the elderly dying of related heart attacks among other diseases.
    I also vividly remember, in the shop one day when a mother told me the story of curing her child of her medical problems
    by reading the in-flight magazine on a airline as it discussed allergies.
    An allergy that all the major medical centers were not able to diagnose.
    Today's health system is regrettably totally focused on the negative, dealing with superficial symptoms and perpetuating itself,
    rather than the greater health system focusing
    on the best option to achieving the important long-term objective,
    good health through all options, new and old.
    We should appreciate that the health system is a system of system that must be integrated but more importantly it is important to ensure that no sub-system takes control of the system for its own purposes.
    Picture the human body, where one organ is out of control because it benefits from its own production at the cost of the whole body.
    I believe it is the hypothalamus gland that provides this control but very necessary.

    The Paradoxical Reaction

    is a reaction to medication, whereby rather than correcting a problem it makes it worse. I learned first hand about this.
    I was surprised as to how the entire pharmaceutical industry was disorganized. Different name pills with the same drug, same drugs, with different fillers, and different allergic reactions. Similar sounding name pills that could be confused and on and on. It appears that the current school of medicine relies too much on the experimentation of prescription drugs to treat one problem, with very little understood about the problems they create.
    By now you are all familiar with the fact that ulcers, are being treated with anti-biotics; most ulcers are caused by a bacteria.
    My research into illnesses has also come across a similar area of disease that is often quite confusing and that is mental illness. I do not know if you realized that some mental symptoms are the result of what are referred to as organic causes; i.e. viruses, poisons, etc. I am afraid that in this realm of diseases a great many people have been mis-treated; time will tell.
    But while the health system (disease treatment system) focuses on its intended purpose it is up to the government to ensure that we adopt a better focused system. We are ignoring a more positive approach towards
    health promotion, disease prevention, and disease treatment options.
    We must begin by replacing the polarizing statement that

    "An ounce of prevention is WORTH a pound of cure"

    . . . and replace it with . . . .

    . . . . prevention IS the cure !

    Caesar J. B. Squitti 

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  • I know of  individuals  who have had very negative experiences with the Health System, a 5 year complaint against two doctors
  • within the City of Thunder Bay,
    has seen one doctor, harass the complataint after filing the complaint,
    while the other told half-truths in fear of revealing he made several mistakes; the complaint is still pending. While a third changed his story to defend another  doctor.  Consequently, the complaints were dropped.

    An investigation by The Toronto Star has found out, most complaints are eventually pushed under the carpet.

    The solution is quite simple, no one is perfect, mistakes do happen..

    Here in
    Ontario Canada
    we have the powerful
    College of Physicians and Surgeons
    a powerful control over the health system,
    unable to critically assess itself nor concern itself with
    the interests of the patients.
    My observation is that it is selfishly concerned about the business of disease treatment, and not the business of health. The system that rewards illness.


    should be

    placed on salaries.

    In addition the feedback system mechanism is not working.

    There is very little Quality Control.

    (Letter to the Editor: August 6, 1996)

    Health Care Should be Treated as Network of Systems

    The government, should first realize that an important element to understanding health care is to understand that the health system is a system of systems. The condition of our transportation system affects our health system; i.e., the quality of reads affecting accidents, or the inclusion of a second first base in baseball reduces the amount of injuries. We look beyond merely health services.

    The health system must be co-ordinated under a central information and management system to reduce duplication, increase effectiveness and efficiencies. The importance of making positive changes to other related governmental delivery systems quickly is important.

    The government must understand that the health care system as we know it today is normally focused on disease treatment, which isolates the need to expand health services, to include disease prevention, research. Good health can be achieved by not only negating disease bu promoting the positive. Prevention and or health maintenance is long term, and very cost effective.

    The government should realize that much of the scientific research conducted into health has focused on disease treatment. Unfortunately, simply cause and effect, macroscopic styled research will reveal more important information about general health patterns.

    The analogy, you cannot "see the stars through a microscope."

    Unifying a regional hospital teaching facility with a research mandate will have a tremendous long term benefits. Students in all fields of study as part of their studies could do field research studies, or hospital based investigations, rather than merely working on hypothetical case book problems.

    The government must understand that any analysis of health care must identify the many influences on the health system that moves away from the needs of the people, and replaces it with the needs of special interest groups.

    As health consumers, we must be aware many health treatment options are being promoted by the very powerful pharmaceutical companies that exert a great deal of pressure on the direction of health services and treatment options.

    Many traditional healing methods are being rediscovered, since our modern day culture has sought fit to brand them old-fashioned. They are however, cost effective and time proven.

    The government must realize quality of care depends largely on the quality of front line people. That means ensuring the most appropriate people are accepted or allowed to enter their perspective fields, and that they are provided with the resources to deal with demanding services.

    As health consumers we must also realize health services are, to a large extent, self regulating, which from my perspective does not allow input from health service users.

    The College of Physicians and Surgeons, exerts an unfavorable control over services. remember the tremendous struggle to not allow mid-wives to operate in this province?

    If we are to look at health services, we must examine medical schools and the scope of their education. I am sure you will find their education and research geared to pharmaceutical motives, with an almost total exclusion of other alternative health treatment options.

    The government must take the initiative to deal with many of the problems caused by the present system itself--the use of high powerful prescription drugs, given without adequate information, without enough instructions, drugs that mimic the disease they are suppose to treat and drugs that exaggerate the problem they are meant to solve, generic drugs that are "the same" but that have different filler components that some people are allergic to.

    Drugs are given to deal with symptoms of a disease with no real attempt at addressing the cause of the disease. These programs cost society millions.

    The government should appreciate the importance of critical analysis of its services. Random audits of health care patients, and hospital deaths should be undertaken to make necessary improvements in health delivery services. A mandatory information sheet should be compiled by every health patient.

    The government should look to provide doctors alternative pay for fee services. The opportunity of providing them with a client list together with a straight salary would allow doctors to spend more time with their patients and reward them for treating their patients effectively and efficiently; avoiding the "windmill effect."

    The government must understand that an efficient effective health and hospital system addresses the cause of illness and not merely its treatment. I am certain the government has overlooked the fact that air-tight housing regulations of the "60's" and "70's" is having a negative effect on health.

    The most fundamental understanding any democratic government must realize is that the people should be the government, understanding that the people do not control the government delivery systems is a hurdle that must first be addressed.

    Caesar J. B. Squitti

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    (Letter to the Editor April 1997)

    Recent announcements that an "integrated health care system" is the way of the future only begins to acknowledge the shortcomings of the current health system. It should be expected that the health care decision makers should have looked to the human body as to a model to create a health care framework.
    The human body is an integrated system of subsystems. However a key component of the human body is the hypothalamus gland, a rather unknown regulating organ which adjusts, corrects, and controls, the body automatically. Its purpose is to adjust the operation of the sub-systems based on the inputs it receives, making corrections to its subsystems to ensure that "the greater system" is operating properly; its objective is balance.
    If we examine our current system, and examine its control and modification component you will find that it is not functioning with the best interests of the larger system in mind. Priorities, and balance are important as is making timely decisions. Information, and feedback are important.
    The delay in getting a diagnostic MRI in Thunder Bay, the delay in getting a freely elected hospital board, the delay in establishing an effective hospital system in Thunder Bay, points out that the regulating system concerning Health Care lacks this efficient, effective and timely control mechanism.
    The programming of such a control system should be undertaken to maximize the quality of health, and not to be manipulated to the benefit of the subsystem itself; doctors, businessmen, etc. Its ultimate goal is not to treat disease, but to ensure quality health in the population; there is a big difference. Prevention can be the cure.

    Caesar J. B. Squitti

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    The Future....of Health Care.

    Some New options in Health Care.

    May 2, 1998

    The current health care crisis would be better served by the following:

    1. A new system of doctor compensation that rewards "good doctoring" and "wellness"; a salary based on patient number.

    2. A new quality control feedback system to automatically address both positive and negative feedback.

    3. A new system to democratically and fairly elect representation on hospital and health boards to ensure "fair" representation of all relevant parties.

    4. A new system of synchronization of services and procedures.

    5. A new system automatic audit system of patient cases, especially deaths in hospitals to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of the system.

    6. A new system of Information packages, to be given to appropriate patients detailing the critical and priority information that each patient type may or would require.

    7. A new system of dispensing and controlling drugs, to reduce the already high level of problems associated with prescription drugs within the hospitals and society.

    8. A new system of investigating "alternative" options that could address health problems or prevent diseases.

    9. A new unbiased system of regulating doctors, one that operates independently of the doctors association, that is more directed towards educating doctors rather than disciplining them.

    10. A new hospital system that would hire specialized doctors as a part of a diagnostic team, that together with a salaried positions, would motivate and provide incentives for doctors to work as a team and not to compete for patients.

    11. A new attitude that believes that good effective quality care, is a matter of attitude and not necessarily money.

    12. A new system of networking information and technological changes between hospitals, communities, and the world.

    13. A new philosophy, that appreciates that in problems lies the solution.

    14. A focus on individuals admitted to Medical School, who will serve the needs of the community and not merely themselves.

    15. A new vision that appreciates that prevention is the cure.

    16. A new attitude that believes that we do not know everything about everything, their is always room for improvements.

    Caesar J. B. Squitti

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    Investigations ?

    Investigating the investigators?

    A recent statement made by the Chief of Police of Thunder Bay correctly suggests that we should "investigate the investigators" and I am surprised that we are not continually doing this in many areas of society. There is no doubt that investigators must be fair not only to the defendants, and complainants, but to general society as well. At times this delicate balance if not exercised properly, victimizes all concerned and most importantly "the Truth," if we can ever know it.

    Just last week, I received a form from the Ministry of Health, advising me, that they had hired "an independent" agency to conduct an external audit of the College of Physicians and Surgeons; the unit that investigates Doctors. This after complaints directed towards these investigators were not doing their job properly.

    On the one hand I have been personally witnessed, a 8 year complaint lodged with investigators of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and have found the College unreasonable, unrealistic, manipulative, unobjective, non critical, and ineffective with dealing fairly with a health complaint. It becomes obvious that at times, "investigations" can become political tools to attack or cover-up, rather than becoming important tools for learning from unfortunate incidents.

    On the other hand, I have more recently witnessed to an unfortunate drugging of an elderly patient in one of the local hospitals, that left an elderly patient in a coma for some 4 weeks, by drugs, that appear to have been improperly and/or incorrectly administered. My letter of complaint to the local hospital board, has drawn an incomplete response to many concerns, together with the conflicting statement that "the doctor" ordered them, according "to the records."

    * Case study of Mrs. Squitti near death experience *

    First, this is in direct contrast to what the doctor has stated to us, and second the investigation does not even go as far as asking for the doctors opinion on this matter, even though we had told the hospital of the Doctors response. More importantly, I have been advised by the Hospital Board to pursue any complaints against staff through professional agencies, including, you guessed it, the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

    With the recent government cutbacks in health care funding, one of my concerns, is that it is my opinion some patients are being "overly sedated" because understaffed resources cannot deal with the increasing demanding workloads. In addition, I am afraid that investigations that could lead to important positive changes within the hospital are being hampered by ineffective investigators.

    Another of my concerns, is that our hospital does not have in place an automatic and critical system of investigating the investigators that handle client concerns, to ensure that they are indeed effective.

    Let us appreciate that Thunder Bay, has one of the highest mortality rates, in the province, and that some of the problem lies within the hospital health system. From my own personal observations, we are not taking proper control of the situation. In any system, we should be doing all we can in the present to learn from the past, and make changes to improve our future in providing health care services.

    As the cliché goes, "To error is human, to forgive divine," and I would like to add, to not learn from past mistakes is less forgivable.

    Caesar J. B. Squitti

    Diseases: Treatments & Preventative + ©ures !

    We must first begin by changing the cliche,

    " an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,"

    to the simple truth,

    " prevention is the cure."

    There are negative and positive approaches. That cancer can be beaten can be interpretated in many different ways. A somewhat negative approach that should be replaced with preventing cancer.

    In one of my first studies into disease back in the 1970's at Port Arthur Collegiate Institute, Osteoporosis, a de-generative bone disease, it seemed rather obvious that the lack of calcium might play an important factor in the disease. The LOGIC was rather a simple relationship. Bone is mostly calcium, and that the lack of it would result in Osteoporosis, weak bones, breaking bones, etc.etc.etc. During this time it was also suspected that Osteoporosis might have played a role in tooth decay, as the body sought sources of calcium leaching it from the teeth. Time has proven both these ideas true.

    At the time, modern science was focused in on micro science, the study of the microscopic. I was led to believe that the macroscopic could provide the similar findings quite easily. It was the science of my mother, simple cause and effect. In fact today, much of the health world is looking the great cultural differences in disease and diet to try to determine the effects of diet on health.

    Over the years, I have been involved in the distribution of vitamin and herbal supplements, at a time that pharmacists laughed at the idea. We have since then discovered that Spinabifida is caused by a lack of vitamins, B3 in the developing fetus.

    I have put together in the few pages that follow some different perspectives of some common illnesses together with some products and philosophies that may be beneficial for some. I say this at a point in time that we are beginning to test for differences among people to prescription drugs based on their blood types. We are all different and as my mother would say, what is good for one person may not be good for another; they must be complimentary.

    Let us also understand the value of traditional forms of medicine, a school of thought that was not corrupted by the pursuit of selfish profit and a school of medical philosophy that modern business schools have displaced.

    I leave you with this story. One day, back in the 1960's while Mamma Squitti would cook those heavenly meals for us a message came over the radio about the cancer rates and disease. Mamma Squitti was quite certain that much of the problems were caused by the diet, "they cook in animal grease ." Well I snickered at the idea that Mamma would know more than the Cancer Society and all its expensive microscopes. Well Mamma was right ! Over the years in Italy she was able to understand how these products, like animal fat would harden and she was quite able to realize the dimensional nature of this truth.

    Anyway, I hope you will find some merit in this material, and remember,

    " Prevention is the simplist of Cures !"

    Caesar J. B. Squitti

    Liver Ailments ?

    The simple word....Chicory Root !

    No need to spend too much time on this one.

    Years ago Mamma Squitti went back to Simbario Italy, and her sister, Catarina Primerano, mother to Frank Primerano the noted Mayor and Provincial minister, was in bed sick, under tremendous pain, with Liver problems. I saw this myself. A month later back in Canada my sister showed me pictures of Zia Nusa as we called her. She was out of bed, first time in years, looked great. I could not believe it.

    I asked what had happened. Well, Mamma Squitti had recalled that back in the 1930's she had gone to the local pharmacist to obtain some medicine. The pharmacist had prepared a herbal medicine from some "roots.": Boiled them, strained the solution, added color and bottled it. My mother happened to pick up a piece of the dried root, and while she held it in her hands, she was able to determine that is was indeed chicory root. Well some 50 years later, she recalled the incident and went out into the countryside to locate this herb. She did, and the results were amazing.

    When I was told of this story, I the skeptic that I am decided to check into it. I looked into a Reader's Digest Reference Book on Herbs, and sure enough Chicory Root; "An ancient herbal remedy for Liver diseases."

    Well not only was Mamma Squitti right, but she amazed me with her ability to identify all the herbs by their pictures.

    Cancer !

    The simple word ... Prevention and garlic !

    From a macroscopic focus on this problem, and similar proliferation's on a macro level, I might suggest that some "cells" become damaged, weakened or corrupted. They propagate this corrupted file throughout the body by deception, probably through incomplete or half-truth genetic transfers, and the cancer spreads .

    In simple terms we have two ways of addressing the problem;negative and positive approaches.

    First we can isolate and negate the problem cells. This negative approach carries with it the problem of negating other normal cells and adding to the problem.

    Second we can promote healthy development of cells, a process that may be more beneficial in preventing cancers, in the long term and allowing "the body" to heal itself.

    In simple terms, and in reference to the observations made about Osteoporosis, one area that has been ignored by mainstream medical science is the body's need for basic building blocks, vitamins and minerals, that are essential in developing healthy cells. They lack of these nutrients, or more importantly the lack of the body to process these nutrients may be a critical factor. The importance of the digestive system is being overlooked as a causal primary problem. In this reasoning, cancer is really a side effect of the bodies inability to develop and maintain itself properly.

    While modern research and in this vein of thinking , I can now appreciate why "garlic" is being researched and being found to benefit people in preventing cancer.

    Garlic was used historically as an anti-biotic, and my research it is effective in improving the bacterial flora in your digestive system, getting rid of the bad bacteria, to improve the processing of important B vitamins. If you analyze the processes that the different B vitamins are involved in you can appreciate that the bodies failure to generate them will cause serious problems.

    In simplistic terms, and in my opinion, cancer is the breakdown of cells caused by a lack of proper positive enforcement, an attack by negative contaminants that should be avoided, the attack by some corrupted cells on adjacent cells, and the bodies inability to process important nutritional resources. To this end, garlic and garlic supplements are useful.

    Pellagra ?

    Here the word is to B vitamins!

    Depression and Dementia ?

    This particular disease, Pellagra, use to be common in the southern United States, but recently has been found in the homeless. The symptoms, include dementia, depression and diarrhea.

    The problem appears to originate in gastrointestinal problems. ( in other cases found in alcoholics.)

    The disease is a result of the bodies inability to process B vitamins, in particular B 3. The interesting fact is that you cannot be tested for this.

    Dementia is the symptom that is interesting because some sources describe the symptoms as "schizophrenic like" however there is no cross reference to these symptoms and the disease labeled "schizophrenia," which begs the question, WHY ?

    One would expect symptoms, to show a prioritized list of possible causes, and subsequently a list of possible cures; too simple eh ?

    I might believe that many people suffering from conditions such as depression and dementia, may be suffering some form of Pellagra.

    The treatment is quite simple, with the intake of B vitamins, together with examining the gastrointestinal problems if any.

    Caesar J. B. Squitti

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