The Faces of  Feminism.  ©

Research in Thunder Bay has discovered an unrecongized  negative side to Truth !

This may in fact be the remnants of the deception in the Garden of Eden,
where  Eve was deceived by  the snake  and
how Adam used  a truth to lie to God !  

Can you figure it out ?

Simply put, a variety of colors of truths, from the rainbow of truths, while pleasent to the eye, are not THE TRUTH !

The difference between a truth, and The Truth, we know and The Truth that only a God would know.

Anything from A to Z, except a God,  can be corrupted;  Its  that simple !

There is a negative side to everything including now even Truth.  
Did you know the world definition of half-truth is incomplete ?

What is Truth ?

More importantly to answer that question we pose to you another related question, "What is a half-truth ? "
The answer will surprise you, astonish you, amaze you, and hopefully get you think what is a half-truth, and why is the current definition in written form wrong !

Here is why.

Everything can be corrupted from angels,  to Bishops, Business, Capitalism, The Church, Communism,  Democracies, Education, Health Care,  Justice, Politics, Politicians, Popes, Religion, Socialism and even Truth;  good and evil involves the freedom of choice.  

Society has been plagued with a form of non-critical thinking, a 'black or white' generalized form of logic that sees most becoming all.  The Truth is seldom so black or white, it is often merely the colors we see.   Society has divided its thinking not between good and evil, but between left and right, between one political color and another.   Society is not being led by a discussion of discriminating between good, better, best and poor, it is being taught not to discriminate, as if all discrimination is wrong.    

So I ask one simple question that will move outside the current box of thinking;  To think in color.

 If The Truth is like LIGHT, and a truth is a color like refracted LIGHT, or colors in the rainbow, how many distinct colors are there in a rainbow ?   Reality is very, very complex, in fact some colors are beyond our perception, and some colors are developed by our visual senses; they are not real.

Its not a matter of us or them, its simply true that  everything can be corrupted.  If you want to put your faith into something perfect, only a God would do.  Once you begin to understand the new definitions of half-truths, you will discern that JUDGING people based on The Truth is very, very difficult if not next to impossible; that is a role made specifically for a God.

Feminism, was and is the same, as the angels, as politicans, it has many faces, both good and evil.  The good faces that welcomed us and told us what we wanted to hear, and the bad with their hidden agendas, based on fear, corruption and illness.

Hopefully history will record that it was the dark side of feminism that provided us with the examples to show to the world that human truths and logic can lie, truths that  support  the story of the deception of Eve by the devil,  and how Adam lied to God using a truth and false logic.

Back in 1989, in Thunder Bay, the Children's Aid Society was using a model of Child Abuse that went unchallenged.  The model was based on the statement, 'men who abuse, women and children victims'.  You will note that only men are  labelled as abusers, and both women and chidlren as a group are victims.  This in an agency dealing with chidren ?  The statement includes men, women and children however their relative positions in the model are imbalanced.  Welcome to the world of imbalanced truths.

Based on this politically correct  statement it was observed and rationalized that a truth while it is true, can deceive us.  This was a form of half-truth, that was not recongized in the dictionary.  Since then many attempts have been made to expose this dark side to politically-colored-truths.

There are now many types of half-truths from 1.  A partly true statement, to 2. A totally true statement that is part-of-the-truth.  Do you see the difference ?

In December of 2011, some 22 years after the deceptive and evil world of half-truths of the second type were discovered,
the Catholic Family Development Center in Thunder Bay, organized a workshop that used another deceptive half-truth, this one directed at

'men and boys stopping violence  against women and girls'.   Do you see the polarization ?

Again this evil  world of polarizing 'parts-of-the-truths'  are being  promoted and have gone  undetected.  

The better  definition OF HALF-TRUTHS is being expanded on   ( )

This discovery was communicated to many of the national media forms in North America, back in 1989, and repeatedly since then,
but 'the media' has failed  to communicate this incredible fact to you.  

It is up to you to learn what these new types of  deceptive half-truths are.  We have identified some 33 types in all.

All this is proof that indeed the devil deceived Eve and Adam about the tree of knowledge;  human truths and logic can lie !

Caesar J. B. Squitti

From beautiful moral+feminists to cult-feminists...

The book, "The Jesus Christ Code" presents some of the background of three beautiful moral+feminists,  Dr. Penny Petrone, Rita Ubriaco, and Marianna Squitti.

As in all things there is both good and bad, and this section deals with cult-feminism as well.  It is important to this discussion.

Let us realize that it is 'human choice' that provides us the opportunity to slide into the gutters of hell, or climb the challenging royal mountains of  human achievement; the choice is ours.

It is hoped that while we negate the negative we also take the time to focus on the beautiful successes of moral+feminists.



( with  the  help  ot  the  devil  and half-truths)

The key to understanding this deception is that  you learn the many new types of half-truths; the problem is that there are many different types and most dictionaries only have one.

Up until recently half-truths were given little attention.   They were defined as 'statements that are partly true"; there are more.

In 1998 it was discovered that a "half-truth" could be a truth,  that is half, or part of a greater truth or The Whole Truth.   The type of half-truth (the second type) is itself totally true, merely not the whole truth.

I have taken the liberty of correcting the definition of half-truth on wikipedia.

Link to half-truth defined on

For example: 

In 1999 in Canada, a TV commercial entitled "Stop violence against women" was being played.   It included the sister of Nicole Simpson who was tragically murdered, advocating to stop violence against women.  A complaint was lodged with the Advertising Standards Commission based on the concern that the ad was sexist and developed a stereotype.   The ad was taken off the air after it was concluded that the ad was indeed sexist.   You must remember that when Nicole Simpson was murdered, there was another death at the same time, that of a Mr. Goldman; does his life not count ?

The proliferation of 'half-truths' was due in part to the fact that the definition of half-truths was incomplete.

By changing the definition of 'half-truth' logic would suggest that the definitions of
"Truth" and "Lie" must also be corrected.

© 1998

 This new type of half-truth was discovered in 1987, and as of yet the mainstream media has not told you about this.  Why?

It is was Dr. Alfred Whitehead, in the 1930's who concluded that there were no such things as whole truths; treating them as such plays with the devil.

 Contemporary 'thinking' in North America has been polarized.  

Generalized  "black and white' thinking is the norm.  

A philosophy of void of critical thought, suffering from the eradication of the word "some", as a concept.

While the title of this article might suggest that ‘feminism" as a general movement has gone too far, I would suggest that some facets of feminism have not gone far enough in some areas, and in other areas it has gone in the wrong direction; corrupted by a cult. 

Don't take these observations as being anti-feminist, like anything else, like the angels,  like any political, social or cultural movement  they can and will be corrupted; things are free to change in time.

Caesar J. B. Squitti

Mamma Squitti

This site is dedicated to
Marianne Rosso+Squitti who was a moral+feminist;

 a woman, a wife, a mother, a person who loved all others more than herself; a beautiful and true  moral+feminist.


The Cult that Deceived the World !

Bizarre ?  Of course this is.

First discovered in 1987, when it was noted that the definition of Child abuse had been corrupted to be defined  "men who abuse, women and children victims'.

 This started research into how a truth could deceive a nation and form a lie.   It appeared "a cult", part of,  what the Pope had called a "culture of death" had invaded North America like a computer trojan virus corrupting files of logic.

This " HT trojan" (based on the use of half-truths) was able to corrupt logic and statistics to promote division in North American Society, through the manipulation of  'anti-truths', truths that lie, (half-truths or parts of the truth), and in some cases simple false logic.

This research also led to the discovery of several unknown negative dimensions to truth.

This website documents the  investigation into this deception, the  brainwashing and corruption that went undetected for years.  This corruption was part of the feminist movement, one that polarized the sexes, divided the family and created chaos within the traditional family unit.   All  through the use of deceptive anti-truths, half-truth logic and generalized false logic; the devil is in the missing details.

Perhaps the greatest manipulation of truths, was the corruption of a truth, 'we are all equal before the law', to form a lie, 'we are all equal'.

This corruption of logic, simple as it was, had infiltrated most levels of government, church and social movements and proliferated  itself through our educational systems and university programs; a corrupt philosophical cancer that has spread world-wide!

It is hoped that someday people will appreciate the difference between moral+feminism and cult-feminism and appreciate that anything can be corrupted.

Bottom line, there is good and bad in all groups.

Discover a possible  "Code"  and discover the remnants of original sin that has corrupted our understanding of Truth;, .proof the devil exists !
Now that's bizarre !

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The LIGHT: The Rainbow of Truth.

Prayer to Saint Michael

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in our day of battle; protect us against the deceit and wickedness of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.

And you, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God banish into hell Satan and all of the evil spirits who roam through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

(This website could not have been possible if not for the prayers to Saint Michael )

If truth is truth, and a lie is a lie, . . . when is truth a lie ?

The answer will possibly provide us a with a clue to the deception that befell Adam and Eve in the Garden....anti+truths, the negative side to truth !

If you came directly to this page, this website is devoted to the discovery of anti+truths,
the negative side to truth, that is responsible for much of the polarization of humanity to date.
Anti+truths, are truths that are deceptive lies, a paradox, that reveals the polarization potential of even Truth.
(The Light...The Rainbow of Truth..."Thinking in Color")


"The Cult that Deceived the World"

Please proceed with caution, The Devil LIES in the detail.

These pages dealing with "The Faces of Feminism" are the result of research that began with a workshop on traditional family values in 1987, in the basement of Saint Anthony's Church Banning Street, in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, as part of Festa Italiana in Thunder Bay, 1987.
Oddly enough the church was damaged by fire and demolished in 1990. St. Anthony's Fire.
  • The resulting research into paradigm paralysis, led to the discovery of several new types of half-truths, truths that lie, and eventually led to the correction in the world definitions
  • of "truth," "half-truth," and "lie" together with the introduction of several categories of "feminism" within the english language.

    The isolation of a variety of manipulations of logic, statistics and especially words is of importance to this study. Effected by this "corrupting philosophy" were educational programs, social programs, and human thinking. The overall effects, have been the polarization of the sexes, and of the family.
    (Confirmation was received by Oxford University Press, February 22, 1994, that suggested sub classifications into feminism would be used when the entry would be revised.
    P.M.Gilliver Associate Editor-Oxford English Dictionary.)
    While this is a critical assessment of Feminism, we should not fall into the trap of merely focusing on "the bad" within feminism, nor believing that all feminism was all bad, nor that some of the problems that feminism addressed were invalid.

    Most all groups of people, have within them the potential of harbouring "the bad," be they priests, businessmen, politicians, doctors, lawyers, nurses or any group.

    We should appreciate the full spectrum of behaviour from good on one extreme, and evil on the other.

    It is also important to appreciate that "some" of the direction of this movement was based on some of the accurate observations and inequities of the day.

    It is also important that we recognize and appreciate that we are all merely human and make honest mistakes.

    Admitting that we make mistakes reveals that we know we are both honest and human. Solutions can only exist if we appreciate that problems exist, and that we not generalize about the problem nor the solution.

    Perhaps, humanity has fallen victim to the deceptive half-truth, and half-truth logic that deceives and polarizes the world; the devil does exist and it is to this force that we should perhaps place the blame.

    It is also important to appreciate that we all make mistakes, we are not perfect, and should not be judged "as bad" because we made an honest error. We should not throw stones at these individuals, or groups, because we can isolate errors. We should however correct them for the future and set up systems to detect these errors much like an "Anti virus" program. The fear of being exposed as human, and or being attacked for making unavoidable errors are some of the greatest barriers to learning. We can learn allot from the non perfect, from errors, mistakes, or simple events beyond our control. We must appreciate that there are forces beyond our control that impact upon us, as a people, a nation, and as a world.

    According to the Bible, the devil does exist, the half-truth may prove the story of Genesis true as mankind was and is deceived about the fruit from the tree of knowledge. It does not make us like God to know The Truth, merely truths.

    It is the devil, this force benefits from our human errors, misery and chaos. It divides and destroys us.

    To error is human, to forgive divine, to not learn from our mistakes is unforgivable.


    The Chauvinist Corner for Real Men and Real Women.

    The above link has perhaps the most comprehensive list of sites dealing with feminism - some good some bad, but most worth reading and critically analyzing; only God sees the Truth to know it as black and white.


    The Feminist Cult That Deceived the World

    The Faces of Feminism

    The Manipulation

    Evil - Witches

    Errors of logic

    The FAMILY

    A Positive+Difference



    A summary of critiques of feminism throughout the internet.


    This article is dedicated to

    Momma Marianna Rosso+Squitti



    Passed away to eternal life on March 26, 2000 following a three year battle with the Thunder Bay Hospital and perhaps the devil itself. Battered, broken rib, bruises, three weeks in a coma, the family was lied to about drugs given to her, lied to about a cat scan, saying she was basically dead, she survived two more years, only to die after medical errors.

    Case of Mrs. Marianne Squitti and the Thunder Bay Regional Hospital

    Queen of Heart !

    * Mamma Squitti's Recipes for Bread, Pizza and more !*

    Love ...

    Bears all things ... Believes all things ... Hopes all things ... Endures all things.

    Marianne Squitti, Momma as she was called by many, was given life by her parents Maria Concetta Bertucci and Francesco Rosso, on July 24, in the year, of our Lord 1919, in the town of Simbario, Catanzaro, in the soul of Italy.

    Marianne became the youngest of 7 girls in a family of 11 children.

    On this blessed occasion of her birth, someone was heard to say,

    " Poor Francesco, ...... another girl ! "

    Searching his heart, Francesco responded,

    "This Child, will be the QUEEN of my Home"

    In the 80 years since that BLESSED day of her birth, Marianne Squitti has built herself a crown,

    a crown embellished with strength, compassion, courage, charity and humility;

    a crown of LOVE.

    Marianne's father, poor Francesco Rosso was, absolutely, right; Marianne was a treasure.

    We will crown her the queen of HEART: The ruby red ROSE in the Desert of Life !

    Let us leave you with these words of wisdom from Momma Marianne Rosso+Squitti

    " voletivi bene, tenitivi cura, utatavi "
    "love one another, take care of one another, help one another"
    Born in a small village, Simbario, Catanzaro, Calabria Italy
    (Saint Rocco Patron Saint of Pestilence)
    Youngest of eleven children, daughter of Francesco and Concetta Rosso
    A builder, businesswoman, teacher, doctor (without a degree)
    who cared for people.
    Her philosophy about the world can be told in a story she tells about Grandfather,
    who would when questioned about "feeding the ants", responded
    "but they have families too, & even they must pray for us as well."
    Truly a Moral+Christian+Feminist who lived "the way"

    "Do Good, and if the World does not repay you . . . . . . GOD WILL !"...Momma Squitti


    To my father

    Arthur Natale Squitti

    A perfect father ! If not for the fact that Dad was such a perfect father, I do not believe I would have been been able to challenge the negative stereotype of fathers and husbands.

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