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(If you came directly to this page, this website is devoted to the discovery of anti+truths, the negative side to truth. Anti+truths, are truths that are deceptive lies, a paradox, that reveals the polarization potential of even Truth.)
(The Light...The Rainbow of Truth..."Thinking in Color")
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"The newest truth about Truth, lies in the truth, that Truth can lie"

"Heaven is full of Good+Atheists, and some good religious people"

"Truth can lie"

"God was and will be 'nothing'; the word, the alpha and the omega"

"Freedom of "the press" is not freedom of "The truth""

"We real+christians should know better"

"We all make a difference in this world, making a positive difference in this world is the truth we should strive for"

" Politics is all about a color of the truth, each true, but not one represents the whole truth "

"Truths are like a color of the rainbow; The Truth is colorless"

"The Truth is black and white; neither is a color"
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Letter to the Editor: July 5, 1989

"Hunt for Abusive Parents Misdirected"


The Children's Aid Society has a very useful purpose in our society, however, the current drive to identify "abusive parents" could cause more problems than it solves (Child Abuse Referrals From Schools Disappointingly Low - June 27, 1989)
The intent is correct, but the direction may contribute to an anti-family perspective.
Today, the new and expanded definition of "family" depicts family as children and a mother and does not necessarily include men. This is an important distinction to make because in Ontario today.  Violence in the family is defined as husbands who abuse their wives and fathers who abuse their children. I guess the radical feminists were right; family and men are oppressive ! This is the stereotype we have been educated in(intellectually-brainwashed).
The current stereotype of child abuse sees the child as a victim of his parents, his father, but fails to realize the true reality of children or students as abusers and victims of themselves. Interesting enough, the stereotype of child abuse fails to recognize a child's drug problems, and moral problems (i.e., prostitution) as self-imposed in many cases. To identify this reality would promote family as a means of strengthening traditional family structure -"men and women." to handle and correct children's behaviour. By ignoring this reality one must seriously question the current intent of the "new" CAS program.
Given the fact that The Children's Aid Society receives a grant for every parent it investigates and the somewhat biased assumptions it works on, I do not feel confident that this current program reflects the best interests of todays parents or children in the long run. Since the program is slightly biased against parents, students might perhaps use the system by appearing abused.
It is relevant and critical to understand the deceptive manipulative nature of radical feminist ideology. Currently, on the federal political scene a conservative moral feminist group called REAL WOMEN Claim THAT THE CURRENT BUREAUCRACY IN CHARGE OF WOMEN'S ISSUES IS BEING CONTROLLED BY A GROUP OF RADICAL, LEFT-WING, REVOLUTIONARY-SYTLED FEMINISTS. Radical feminists believe that the problems in society are caused by the traditional family structure which involves fathers and men. Their objectives are to eliminate the role of mother and wife and promote a lifestyle based on the sexual revolution of the 1960's. Their plan of action has been based on the development of a particular stereotype based on a half-truth; women and children as victims, men as abusers.
I would hope that the Children's Aid Society would re-evaluate its basic assumptions and objective and develop a program that incorporates traditional family values.

Caesar Squitti

July 5, 1989

The Chronicle Journal Thunder Bay

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A letter to The Editor: January 20, 1998

"The pen IS mightier than the gun ! "

An anti-truth
is the newly discovered negative side to truth;
a truth that is part of a greater truth which creates a deceptive lie.
Abortion, manipulates rights, the
rights "of convience"
the rights "to life";
it is obvious the comparison is unfair.
But the manipulation of abortion, had its origins some 25 years ago.
In a "political campaign," by what I would label as social psychopaths, they addressed a problem in a fashion
that only created a
greater one.
It was argued that to save the lives of a few individuals who sought illegal, and unsafe abortions,
that abortion be made legal, more safer, and more accessible.
With the stroke of a pen,
the law was changed.
The logic was no doubt based on a manipulation of logic,
for now some 25 years later,
while no doubt a few physical lives may have been saved,
that may have been lost to illegal abortions
we forgot to look at the other truth,
the loss of lives of the unborn children.
some 25 years ago,
the better strategy would have been to examine
and prevent unwanted pregnancies, or support these pregnancies,
our future.
For in a move to save a few individual lives
that were engaged in an unlawful and immoral act,
with a stroke of a pen,
we legalized a procedure, that has accounted for the loss of some
35 million children
over the past 25 years,
the men and women of today, tomorrow.
But on the positive side we have learned at least four important things.
First, we have learned how truth can be manipulated to be a lie,
second, that indeed "the pen" is mightier than the gun,
and third that human logic is fallible.

Caesar Squitti C.1998

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A Letter to The Editor : January 21, 1998


(Tragic Incident: The Tip of The Iceberg)


Montreal Massacre. Tragic Mistakes.

Several years ago, a group of female students were tragically murdered, by a lone gunman, who claimed that "radical feminists" had ruined his life. A brutal crime that must NEVER happen again. But did we learn anything. I think not! What happened after this crime, reflects the manipulation of radical feminists within our society and more.
In Thunder Bay, a vigil was held for the victims , who were all female,
by the local Women's Centre. The vigil, held at the local University,
did not allow any males to participate, and included a Wica ceremony, a witch-type ceremony?. The incident was exploited as "violence against women." Have we not manipulated the situation, to polarize the sexes,
as "some radical-negative-feminists" would take enjoyment in, or have we again fallen victim to half-truth logic ?
Yes, the victims were all women, but were they not or would
they not become someone's girlfriend, wife, mother. Were not Fathers victimized, were not Brothers and Boyfriends victimized by a crime that killed innocent women victims. The death of an individual affects the entire community; people. It appears that the handling of this incident
tragically shows the manipulation of violence within our society to divide it by individuals of suspect character.
Tragically, and in a turn of fate they, the people who have exploited this tragic killing of human life, add credibility to the Gunmans statement.
It appears that our societies social programs regarding violence and more important abuse are being exploited to
polarize male/female relationships, and divide families; they are part of the problem. This country would be advised to focus on Stopping Violence Period. (..against women, men, children, fathers, mothers, etc. etc. .....)
Guns kill !, is based on half-truth logic; very superficial.
Human reason is the why and that is what should be investigated. This is what we should be examining to resolve this issue. Better yet lets promote respect for oneanother, regardless. Or perhaps you have a better idea ?

Caesar Squitti

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A Letter to the Editor: January 24, 1998

"Postive+Discrimination and Negative-Discrimination"


Here in Canada we are teaching ourselves a mistake., Not all discrimination is incorrect and illegal. The mistake originates from the
incorrect definition of a half-truth, and half-truth logic. A half-truth is a totally true statement that is a lie, because it is merely part of a greater truth; a newly discovered paradox.
We should differentiate (discriminate) between

good+discrimination and bad-discrimination,

there is a difference we have overlooked and it is important. Bad discrimination is where we generalize and label an individual based on a group. Generalizations based on a variety of parameters, ethnic label, religious label, gender label...etc etc.
This attempt to eliminate all bad-discrimination, has resulted in our error to assume that all discrimination is wrong. Positive+dicrimination occurs when we determine important characteristics of the individual that are important.
Positive+discrimination occurs, when we determine that an individuals behaviour or characteristic is bad, that an action is irresponsible, and on and on.
Deciding to not drink and drive, is positive+discrimination. Or deciding to not associate with an individual that is immoral or dirty is positive+discrimination. Positive+discrimination is morally correct, negative-discrimination is morally and sometimes legally wrong.
On of the areas that is giving us a great problem here in Canada, is the inclusion into the Constitution of making it illegal to discriminate against people because of "their sexual orientation." The term may refer to a wide variety of orientations, from heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, pedophile and perhaps others. But it would be important here to appreciate the difference between an orientation, and a behaviour. It is the behaviour, regardless of orientation, that can be 'TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, IMMORAL, AND DANGEROUS TO SOCIETY"
Sexual behaviour, regardless of orientation, should be controlled or discouraged if its behavior can be scientifically proven to have negative effects on an individual, a community, and a nation. Society should learn that while human laws can be changed to accommodate special interest groups,
it would appear that certain human, natural or God given laws cannot be broken without having a very negative effect on our general society. Again the proof is in the MILLIONS of lives that are lost as a result of the behaviours these people, regardless of orientation engage in. To discriminate against an individual based on merely sexual orientation is difficult to determine,
and in some cases illegal by current laws.
However if an individual engages in "irresponsible" and "immoral" behaviour, the millions of deaths are proof to this, then society
should move to protect general society from this type of human irresponsibility and that would be "positive+discrimination" regardless of orientation. If we are truly interested in the well being of our citizens then perhaps we should communicate to them an important truth,
that will cure much of our social and health related illnesses, and that is that Morality, or positive+discrimination will save lives everytime; regardless of orientation.

Caesar Squitti C.1998

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A Letter to the Editor: January 28, 1998

"The "Freedom of Choice" ignored ? "


In the discussions concerning abortion we often speak of rights but are we ignoring "the right to choice" which parents "had" prior to conception?
Now, a pregnancy has begun, which will self-terminate in 8 months. Do the "rights+to+life, outweigh the rights-to-convience of the mother, bearing in mind that several decisions were already made?
Would it be fair to argue that The mother, or parents had the "right to choose" not to have the child prior to conception, but were negligent in not avoiding conception, and since conception occurred should be obliged to pursue a course that minimizes damages; what is the value of the life that will be lost compared to the value of what the mother loses personally,
besides a child or children.
Perhaps the 'rights to life" are now much more important.

Caesar Squitti C.1998

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A letter to the Editor: February 2, 1998

"Abortion and Half-truths !"


If you have been following my LETTERS or posts on the internet, you will have learned about a new discovery, that a truth can be a lie, if it is part of a greater truth or what I refer to as an anti-truth; A PARADOX.

It is often stated that the People of Canada, support "a womans right" to choose an abortion.  It doesn't however say anything about The People of Canada PAYING for it, it doesn't say anything about the "father's right" to the child, nor does it say what Canadians think about

"the childs right to life."

If we look at the question, and the reality of the situation logically, we must remember the forgotten truths, that "two fully developed individuals" engaged in a behaviour that they knew would probably lead to conception and they exercised another second decision to avoid conception.

They exercised several decisions. Now a decision is contemplated that will terminate the "life of the unborn." Perhaps it is time we recognized the unborn childs "choice to life." in light of the many choices that were already made.

"Supporting" the right of one individual to an abortion is one issue,

the rights of all the others involved,
it is right, and
that Canadians pay for this decision are four different issues.

Caesar Squitti

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Letter to the Editor: February 11, 1998

Distinct Society

To those of you who don't live in Canada, let me mention one "half-truth" statement that is breaking up Canada, and involves the manipulation of truth to polarize a country. The province of Quebec, is claiming "Distinct Status" based on many things, including a unique language, French. Those opposed to the separation of Quebec, are unwilling to accept the truth that Quebec is "distinct" in fear of promoting separation. Here is the polarizing effect of a half-truth. Quebec is distinct, as is every province, every city, every street, every person. While Quebec as a province is distinct, so is every district of Quebec, every city, every street; you are manipulating a half-truth to further polarize a country. Language is not culture. Fact is that French speaking Christians have more in common with English speaking Christians, than other French speaking individuals who share a common language.
While Quebecers might look back in history and say that the governments of the past mistreated them, I would say so have many other people and provinces been mistreated by past federal governments; their difficulties are shared.
But to address the historic precedence of the two founding countries of Canada, i invite you all to attend Old Fort William the largest reconstructed North American fur trading post .
While attending the Canada Day festivities in 1997, with the Italian Alpini Choir of Thunder Bay, i witnessed the following.
"At the Canada ceremonies at Old Fort William two voyageurs of the 1600's arrived at the Old Fort by canoe, each claiming the land and Old Fort William, for their mother countries, one in French for France and one in English for England.......However, it was a "native" who spoke the greatest truth when he stated that in his native language.....
"no one owns this land......we just use it "
The Canadians who founded this country
are long gone,
and so are many of the Canadians of yesterday....
.Each year Canada is different,
different today, as tomorrow and yesterday......
But to add to the wisdom of the native voyageur who stated
"that no man owns this land "
..........I would say that not only do we not own this land....
today we walk on this land......tomorrow we become part of it..... "
Caesar Squitti

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A letter to the Editor: February 21, 1998

The Rainbow of Truth. ©1998

Hindsight is 20/20 they, say. By taking a look back at many of the social programs instituted by "politically colored" governments you will notice alot of non-critical thought.

It is clear, that today we often generalize, about most, if not all, social concerns. We exhibit, unhealthy "black and white" thinking. We manipulate one extreme or another, by either flawed logic or deceptive "anti-truths." Anti-truths are truths that are lies, because they are merely minor truths of a Greater Truth.

The Aids controversy often involves the same manipulation of truth. There is not doubt a political agenda, especially one that attempts to manipulate information about the disease, its origins, what "actually" causes it, and so forth. For instance, stating that Aids is caused by a virus, is blaming shooting deaths not only on guns but on the bullets; this is unhealthy.

Arguments present select truths, but not the whole "colorful" picture. Statistics, and definitions are often manipulated to avoid The Truth about The Topic. To see the Light about Aids, we must appreciate that The Truth in an infinite sense, is comprised of many different and distinct truths, as Light is comprised of a "Rainbow of Colors." Important truths are being ignored.

Some people who have acquired AIDS, ie blood transfusions, and others, were not to blame. They acquired this disease through the fault of others. Most people who acquired AIDS did so by breaking many of the laws of Nature, and if you were to believe in God The Laws of God. It was years ago that Morality was also a Social Law, that was changed by some, because rather than change their irresponsible behavior,(regardless of orientation), these same people, proving the might of the pen, would rather change the Laws, at the least the Social Laws.

Societies Moral laws were sometimes created to protect general society. To eliminate the problem of crime regarding these behaviors, these has been a movement, political, social and educational to remove these laws, hence curing the problem of crime. A somewhat deviant way of addressing the issues.

Societies Laws were changed to suit personal tastes and of course crime did decrease. But, it would appear by observation, that the Laws of Nature, and of God,(if you were to believe in such a force), cannot be contravened without paying a price. Are not the millions of lives lost to immoral and irresponsible behaviour adequate proof.

Some people will attack the laws by attacking the religions, in a deceptive fashion, saying that for instance, Christians shouldn't judge. The reality is that Christians, were given a set of beliefs that, it could be argued, are even scientifically proven true by the recent AIDS epidemic.

The fact that 1 % of the population based on one paritcular sexual orientation account for some 80% of the AIDS cases reflects that perhaps there is a particular problem with this particular class of people. But, most is not all, and even the heterosexual community is engaging in behaviors that increase their risk of contracting the disease. The risk has not anything to do with "sexual orientation" and all to do with "sexual irresponsibility."

It is important to draw the distinction between "sexual orientation" that does not involve sexual activity and "sexual activity" which ranges from monogamous relationships to "totally irresponsible" behavior. Given todays, risk factors, AIDS becomes a weapon of suicide within a community already plagued with high suicide rates.

It is tragic that a serious disease such as AIDS, with all the millions we spend on Education, we don't try to discover the reasons behind this irresponsible behavior. The involvment of drugs, which by some is considered a cause of "alternative sexual orientations" is deceptively promoted by a needle exchange.

A recent Aids Educator, stressed "not sharing needles" and "no to sex", as opposed to a more common sense approach of "not sharing sexual partners" and " no to drugs." It appears we have things reversed!..again !

If we look to world religions and Christianity, many people will attack the morality framework of this and other religons. Christians and others are free to engage in any behavior they chose; that one freedom we proved by leaving the "World of Eden" by breaking Gods rules, and it would seem we still do. Christians should appreciate the difference between judging actions, and judging people, which is reserved for God, and the laws of Nature.

Morally discriminating is not illegal nor wrong, Discriminating between Good and Bad, or a good road and a bad road makes a lot of sense, although it is not common.

Christians should appreciate the difference between their beliefs and their behaviors; two independant factors. If Christianity, was made up of "perfect" Christians, Christianity would not exist. Christians struggle, knowing the way, the rules, free to break them but apprciating the wisdom of these values. To put this statement into perspective I am confident God will find some ordinary people, and some "different people" closer to God than some religious leaders. To put this into perspective and to eliminate the polarization of our community based on a variety of parameters, we should appreciate that within Christianity, God made it clear with 10 Commandments, which most if not all people break, including Christians, but they are still Christians; poor ones at that.

Some would attack the Laws of This Religion, and others, by attacking God and "God rules." This is now totally irrelavant now. Scientifically, the proof lies with the many stories associated with HIV infection including "illegal needle drug use", "illegal drug use", "irresponsible sexual relationships", "blood transfusions," "and even murder." But the major reason, why most people have contracted this disease is "irresponsibility."

Not to long ago in the United States, the Hippie movement of the 60's, promoted a free-lfie style based on free-drugs and free-sex. It becomes somewhat obvious that this movement has been at the root of the proliferation of this disease. Tragically, drugs, may be the root cause of much of societies ills.

If for a minute we are to suggest that God is nothing, that is God dosn't exist, and proceed based on a purely scientific basis, any critical scientest would and should be objective enough to suggest that "irresponsibility" is the root cause of the transmission of this virus. Orientation, is not the relevant factor. Blaming it on the virus is like blaming "a rock" for the broken glass.

Interesting enough, Aids provides a cross between the Laws of Science and Religion a cross regarding Morality. The proof is in the "quilt", or the lives of those who have paid the price by breaking these laws, much like other common sense laws. Should we ignore these truths ?

It has been scietifically proven, and the proof can be counted in the millions. It would appear again that mankind has become too arrogant to accept "The Word Of God" as The Truth, and is seeking to manipulate its knowledge to ignore The Word of God. In addition we are also ignoring the scientific cause of AIDS, because it happens to touch upon some level of MORALITY.

Again, their is a simple cost effective scientific cure for AIDS, if anyone is interested to at least hear it; it is called MORALITY. If you truly love someone, and care for their lives, tell them this truth.

Perhaps we will one day scientifically prove the validity of all of Gods rules, but I am sure, only after similar costly "scientific experiments".

If we look to deception that took place in The Garden of Eden for reference we may appreciate that when we do not accept The Word and The Truth of God, but rather manipulate deceptive human truths,(fruits form the tree of knowledge) , as we are doing, we will forever be outside "the Garden of Eden"; and we all will continue to pay the price.

Caesar J. B. Squitti

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A Letter to the Editor: February 22, 1998

"Social Programs: The Positive and The Negative"

Discovering that truth, a totally positive element can have a negative side to it, the anti-truth, a paradox, then I do not see why it would be so difficult to see that social programs, or any system, if not properly controlled will also have a negative side to them.

Social programs ? Take for instance the woman, whose husband dies, left a widow, was not afforded social assistance because she still maintained her home. A home that afforded her some income. Here social programs might be considered inadequate. This is the negative side due to inadequacy.

But perhaps the negative side to social programs that is so devastating to a society; is the paradoxical efffect. That is instead of making a positive contribution to society, it totally disrupts normality within the soicety and contributes to the problems.

Single-widowed mothers, may not be looked after properly by the current system, but SOME single-unwed mothers, are manipulating social systems to benefit from free housing, free grants, and free daycare by pursuing single parenthood at the expense of the general public. This is a "paradoxical-parasitic" effect.

But having said that we must not restrict this effect to merely that situation. We have SOME lawyers, feeding off the social legal aid system to corrupt society. We have SOME doctors, who feed off of the medical system, like parasites. Some government officials, SOME business leaders,...and on and on....

The key to this critical procedure is the use of the concept "SOME." Today we often think in all or nothing...or most become all. This is illogical and non-critical.

This "parasitic-paradoxical" effect is not restricted to any one group, but occurs when individuals use any system to their own personal benefit at the cost of the general society.

We must be critical so that the individuals who require these limited resources have access to them, while restricting the abuse of social resources by "parasites."

Caesar Squitti

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A letter to the Editor: February 23, 1998

Smart Bombs ?

The utlization and statement that a political situation can be solved by using "Smart Bombs", begins to suggest that we are all a bunch of "Stupid People" to allow such a statement to be used regarding things that blow up, destroying and killing men, women and children; talk about the human manipulation of langauge and logic.

Caesar Squittii

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A letter to the Editor: April 4, 1998


One should not argue with the opposite and different side of a coin, rather it should be accepted as part of a greater Truth.

Caesar Squitti © 1998

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A Letter to the Editor: APRIL 12, 1998

"Dealing with Limited Resources: THE TITANIC

Given the recent announcement regarding the closure of two additional downtown schools it becomes necessary to examine the decisions of the school boards, and learn a lesson from the Titanic disaster.

It is a given fact that the Titanic did not have enough lifeboats to handle all the people on board. However, when the Captain of the Titanic realized that it was sinking many lower-class people were locked into their sections below to suffer inevitable death while the people on the top floors were given safe refuge in the life boats. Yes, their was no room in the lifeboats, but they could have been given a chance of surviving.

Given the recent announcements of more school-closures due to cost-cutting, one would hope that we all recognize the social costs of closing areas schools.

Given that we realize the high remuneration in the top-half of the education salary structure, (which at times exceeds $100,000.00 annually), sharing funds with those below would allow new teachers from being "locked out" from jobs.

Given that saving a mere 1/2% of the total annual education budget would have saved over 1/2 million dollars, which is more than that which is projected to be saved by closing two area schools.

Given the many choices available to the Board by sharing fewer resources it can accomodate as many as possible to ensure that no one must "go down with the cuts." In addition The Titanic tragedy also could teach us the lesson that "changing course" may be the best option.

The moral of this story, is that those who have enjoyed the priviledge consider sharing a little to save others their livelihoods, especially those at the Top. Unitil now they have appeared interested in merely saving themselves.

Caesar Squitti

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Equality verses Equally and Fairly ? © 1998

June 27, 1998

While we believe that treating people equally, the statement does not accurately reflect the reality of what we are doing or should be doing.

It is truly interesting to note how many of the thinking of the last 30 years has focused on a deceptive truth....or manipulation of a word......equality......words have lost their meaning.....

Should we be treated equally? many cases we are not.....sometimes correctly, sometimes not. We positively+discriminate based on a variety of parameters, such as age, and disabilities, giving people special benefits and rights because they merit them; to make things fair.

On another dimension, we believe that we should not be negatively-discriminated against based on some illogical factor, like the color of our skin. Here is where, given that every other important factor is the same, we should not be negatively-discriminated against based on some illogical charecteristic that has no relevance. We should be treated equally given this assumption; which is the fair factor.

Perhaps this error in language eminates from the courts, where before the law every person is equal; which assumes that no one gets special treatment due to their position of power or influence.

But it is intersting how in the matter of family matters the courts have fallen victim to deceptive truths and biased anti-male agendas......

In Canada we often say that we are equal, and that assumes that we are born equal? Obvisously not, and many times we receive special treatment, based on the situation at hand, be it our age, or our disabilities; this is morally correct.

Our language does not correctly reflect the reality that we are not born equal, nor are we treated equally based on a variety of parameters which we are positively discriminated against.

One common misdirection is to assume that men and women are equal, when they are beautifully different, and we should not generalize, fact is all people are different.

Treating all people equally is an incorrect statement, to begin with. This is not the case in Canada, and why should it be....we are all different....based on a variety of circumstances.

To use the term that we are all equal is incorrect, and our language should stress the reality that we be treated "equally+fairly."

We must be careful for we are misusing the "equality" word to mean things that it dosn't.

The above webpage exposes many of the half-truth based paradigms that are polarizing society.....victimizing men, women and children.....proving that indeed the devil exists......

caesar j. b. squitti

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The New Truth about Truth. © 1998

August 17, 1998

The new truth about TRUTH lies in the truth that TRUTH can lie if the truth in question is part of the TRUTH, an anti+truth, or an unrelated truth that deceives.

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You Cannot Judge a Book By What it Calls Itself !

September 18, 1998

The recent attack of Bobby Hull regarding statements attributed to him, shows to the world that we never learned our lesson about the 2nd World War even with millions of lives lost.

There is a cliche that suggests that those who forget history are bound to repeat its mistakes. But it becomes obvious that we did not learn anything from it.

In this day of political correctness, to suggest that Nazism, had "some" good ideas, has and will come under attack by a variety of groups who were victimized by Nazism. Tragically, they fail to appreciate the truth of the statement and reflect that this world has never understood the deceptive nature of truth.

For any powerful political, religious or social movement, whether we call it, be it Nazism, Socialism, Conservatism, Liberalism, we should appreciate the truth that doing "some" things good does not guarnttee that this same movement will NOT do "some" things bad. To think that any movement no matter what you call it is all good, or all bad, is reflective of generalized logic, or black and white thinking; a sign of a thinking disorder.

Our inability to appreciate that many of the evil political powers of the past have done "some" good, blinds us to the fact that many organizations today that are suppose to be doing "good", are merely doing somethings "good.," We are not critical enought to appreciate their errors. The Red Cross Blood Supply involving Tainted Blood, The Somalia Affair involving Canadian "Peace" Keepers, The Children's Aid Society polarizing the family, and Family Violence programs that polarize the sexes are just a few of the programs that have been corrupted in the past.

The lesson that we must learn, is that any organization, any movement, or any theory, can be corrupted. Absolute power corrupt absolutely. We must be ready and able to discern this truth regarding corruption whenever it occurs, or whereever it occurs, in order to correct the problem.

While we are taught that that......."you cannot judge a book by its cover,".....we should also appreciate the new truth that......" you cannot even judge a book by what it calls itself."...

we must look deeper than that.


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The Coin of Truth:

"Heads or Tails & The Flaw of Politics. © 1998

Sunday September 20, 1998

One of the major errors of philosophy has been its inability to appreciate that different truths, can both be true, and that truth can lie if it is only part of The Truth.

Politics has incorporated this logical error of reasoning arguing one part of the truth against the other when in truth they are both parts of a greater Truth.

To highlight this phenomena, we look at a coin, with two obvious sides "heads or tails." Each is true, each is different, yet no one can see both sides at the same time. Seeing one side of the truth deceives one to believing that the other side does not exist or is also not truth.

The reality is that Truth and a coin have more than two sides, reality and Truth is much more complex.

One side of the coin, be it heads, or tails, is merely one truth, part of the truth, or a half-truth.

It is perhaps time that the world appreciated this logical error involving truth. Rather than dividing ourselves with truths, we should accept another persons true truths, building towards The Truth. Heads or Tails, its all part of the same coin.


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A tribute to Motherhood. February 1999

A Tribute to Motherhood © 1999

While much of todays society, has neglected the importance and value of family, of children, of parents and especially mothers, we should appreicate that while it is said that mankind was created by God in "his image," we should appreciate that it is the role of "motherhood," and family that is the image of God creating mankind.

Caesar Squitti © 1998

Truth can lie. May 12, 1999

The next time you view a beautiful sunrise overlooking the Sleeping Giant, you should remind yourself that the sun is not exactly rising. As far as we know, the sun is motionless, and it is the earth that is actually rotating. The term "sunrise" is an inappropriate term dating back to the days when people believed that the earth was flat, the Centre of the universe and the sun actually rotated around the earth. The world of science and religion were very resistant to accept this truth.

The problem is one of perspective. Truth is relative. Truth is all about dimensions. From the earth, the sun appears to be moving, however taking a holistic view, a macroscopic view, it would be noticeable that the earth is moving around the sun. A total contradiction to the earlier theory. It should be also noted that much of the science, due to the development of the micron microscope resulted in a science of the last 30 years that has focused on the "microscopic" approach of study. This was and is in opposite to the traditional "macroscopic" approach of cause and effect; its an important distinction.

The lesson that must be learned is that when we are taught something, referred to as a paradigm, it takes time to break out of this way of thinking even if this "paradigm" is incorrect. This is referred to as paradigm paralysis, the inability to see beyond what one system of thought.. You will note that the term sunrise is misleading, as it is actually the second in time when the sun comes into view.

This concept is an important one, with many wide ranging implications.

In the early 1970's I recall a biology science project on the illness of "osteoporosis," a decay of bones. The books of the day, explained "this disease" and came up with many treatments based on the philosophy of attacking the disease. What this paradigm ignored was the simple most effective treatment that was implemented years later. A treatment based on promoting the positive growth of bone. Since bones were made up of calcium, and they decayed, a diet rich in calcium to nourish the system and rebuild decaying bones was eventually identified. Previous treatments were more directed at attacking a cause, rather than correcting the problem. That was then, and then is now.

Today in the area of cancer research, two new avenues of non-alternative cancer philosophies are being advanced in contradiction to the past directives.

The slogan "Cancer can be beaten" appears to be a similar "attack" on an illness, that is still being used today. A negative campaign. Take for instance the research on smoking, that suggested that Cancer can be prevented, which may have been the most important long term cure that we can discover. The vested financial interests of those contributing to the problem were again very resistant to accepting that "their" pollutants could cause cancer. Pollutants in our air, our food, and our water, have been overlooked. The polarization of prevention and cure has been further promoted by the phrase, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," when in fact prevention may be "the" cure. We also must appreciate that we have created a somewhat "parasitic" system of disease treatment, that itself "feeds off of the problem."

It is truly interesting to see how Light, in the concrete level, focused light, the laser, appears to be a new tool of science directed at attacking the cancerous cell. It is also interesting to note and ponder that Light, in the abstract level, in its diffraction, can reveal, how "cancerous cells" on both macroscopic and microscopic levels operate through a possible manipulation of the DNA, and or weakening of the cells, based on weakened or faulty cells of communication, I refer to as anti-truths.

As in the case of osteoporosis, we should also realize that a positive strategy of health nutrient, is perhaps a very important overlooked strategy, that may indeed address some of the unknown causes of this disease. Attacking cancerous cells, is not the same, as ensuring that positive cell growth be our focus; the perspective is totally different.

Let us appreciate that the world of science is full of error, the next time you see a "sunrise," it is hoped you will understand how mankind has been deceived in the past. Perhaps it is time to see the Light about prevention; Prevention is the cure !

Caesar Squitti

One world, a state of mind. October 28, 1999

A one world state is perhaps merely a matter of mind. It is often mentioned that the future of this world will be a "one world state." Perhaps the solution is within us for we can be one country, yet still divided, one region, yet still divided, one city, yet still divided, one family yet still divided, and most definitely one world yet still divided. Division is truly a state of mind and perhaps the solution is learning to think as a one world state, for no matter, what we call ourselves we will be divided if we want to be.

The one world state will perhaps be merely a state of mind.

Caesar Squitti

The man in the moon is a liar !

If truth is truth and a lie is a lie, when is truth a lie ?

The answer that has eluded philosophers for centuries can be found in the man in the moon !

Truth is that truth can lie when it is part of the greater whole truth.

The man in the moon, is a liar. A full moon, is in reality half of the moon, and a half moon is in reality a quarter of the moon.

What you see is not the whole truth, and the whole truth cannot be seen.

What is Truth......ask the man in the moon ...remember, he is a liar.

Caesar Squitti

A different eye on a tooth for a tooth. ©

Truth, absolute Truth can be made of minor relative truths that are like the beautiful colors of the rainbow; part of the Light.

We are all familiar with the phrase, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."

This phrase can be" seen" differently from by taking a different frame of reference. We can see it in a lose/lose reference or a lose/win reference, or even expanding the dimensions to include a possible win/win/win situation.

If someone takes your eye, would not society be better served if your eye were replaced, a win situation, rather than by the taking of someone else's eye, making it a lose/lose situation.

The difference is taking a more positive perspective: See the difference.

©aesar Squitti

No name politics. ©

The future of this world will hopefully focus on " no name" politics, and that is the appreciation of all truths, regardless of political colors.

Taking the best ideas from all political philosophies, be they communist, socialist, conservatism and democratic and applying them with integrity, and justice for all...

©aesar Squitti

The Trinity of Nothing...and Love ! ©

In the beginning was the word, (nothing) and the word was God, and the word was with God...

The alpha, (nothing) and the omega, (infinity).

The Trinity, where the beginning, the middle and the end of nothing are the same. Note the end of nothing is infinity.

0 = Infinity. (The alpha and the omega)

How did we get something from nothing.....well if God was nothing, then it is easy.

For nothing to create, then nothing must have a force, and it would appear that force would be "LOVE"....forgiving, self-giving, infinite.....UNSELFISH+LOVE.

© Dedicated to Mamma Marianne Squitti

One eyed politics.

Left wing and right wing politics is like looking at the world with one eye open, seeing the world with no depth and dimension, because the other eye is closed.

©aesar Squitti

Written in stolen blood !

Written in stolen blood !

The "terrorist highjackers" message of protest was written with the stolen blood of innocent men, women and children; paradoxically shedding a greater light on the need to address injustice around the world.

They, the highjackers, were not martyrs, nor freedom fighters, in the true sence of these words because they murdered defenseless and unsuspecting people. They will have built "a monument" to the lives of those innocent victims they stole from this world, and injustice in general.

Their selfish actions, should be seen as a betrayal of honest-integrity, of honest-purpose, of honest-justice and a betrayal of the God we, and even they seek to honor; a God we share. To use the name of God to rationalize this equation of events, regardless of the name or color of your religion, is totally illogical, hypocritical and simply a great lie.

Caesar Squitti

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Ghandi was half-right !

Justice and restitution !

With the terrorist actions of September 11, 2001, the people of the world have sought justice and an appropriate response to the death and destruction.

When "Mohandas Karamchang Ghandi" coined the phrase, " an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will make the world toothless and blind" the comment was obvisously based on a retaliatory negative interpretation of the cliche "a tooth for a tooth; a lose/lose/lose game where we add to the number of losers.

There is however a positive interpretation to this "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" cliche and that is based on restitution. To make the world look better, someone who takes a tooth, must replace a tooth; a lose/win/win game where we seek to correct the injustice.

Caesar Squitti

Half true, half-truth and half a true sentence. ©

History may someday, if it has the courage to admit, that the logic of humans in the 20th century was corrupted by these three deceptive lies; (1) half true, (2) half-truth, and (3) half of a true sentence.

(1) Half true, suggests that the statement is half true and half false. Combining a truth with a lie, in the same sentence, or an incorrect assumption. The lie is deliberate.

(2) Half-truth, often confused with a half true statement, a half-truth is a statement that is totally true, yet it deceives by being only part of the whole truth. Here the lie is one of omission, and is a relatively new discovery. Truth can lie. Example: Stop child abuse. Ignores children who abuse their parents or others.

(3)Half of a true sentence is merely that. One might believe that it would be difficult to formulate such a lie, but radical feminists, have been able to suggest that "we are all equal" which is part of the sentence, "we are all equal before God." We are not all equal, although some would want us to eliminate any logical and rational form of discrimination, for a variety of reasons. Here the lie is one of manipulation and elimination.

The bottom line, is to take critical care in believing what you hear, write or see, we may never really know the whole Truth.

©aesar J. B. $qui++i

What is the color of Truth ? ©

The way to the answer to this question, is two-fold, a duality, that can be explained by examining the properties of LIGHT.

Truth has two different color patterns. It may be viewed as white, or as a spectrum of colors, as in the rainbow; this presents a problem.

Truth as a color or the colors of the rainbow, represents the distinct and relative dimensional nature of absolute true minor truths. There are many colors, and combinations, that comprise each true color and so it is with Truth.

Truth as the color white, represents the a collection of all minor truths, the unification of colors. The absence of The Truth in this example can either be the darkness of black, or grey the incomplete Truth.

These interesting parallels between Truth and Light, were part of the message brought to this world by Jesus Christ, who history tells us that he came to this world to show us the way to the Truth some two thousand years ago.

The Light....The Rainbow of Truth ! Merry Christmas !

December 23, 2001
©aesar Squitti

Reading beyond the lines ! ©

The next time the media or a politician hands you an delicious apple of truth,

remember there are many other truths on the tree.

Caesar J. B. Squitti

September 24, 2003

Two problems with politicians.©

The problem with politicians is not so much that you can't believe half of what they say, but more importantly you can't believe everything they don't tell you !

Caesar. J. B. Squitti - Thunder Bay, Ontario

July 20, 2004

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