The Manipulation

( from any A to Z . . . absolute power corrupts . . . absolutely)

The manipulation involved:

1. Social programs including Children Aids Societies, and Women Centers

2. The Legal and Judicial System - entrenching discrimination and false logic

3. Educational Programs especially Social Studies and Women's Studies

4. Words & Theories

It is hoped that you will eventually see, how this manipulation took place.

To some extent it was merely an accident attributable to the deceptive and unknown negative side to truth; half-truth logic. I am certain history, will find it unbelievable that such a simple concept was overlooked, but it has. I believe it to be the original deception within the Garden of Eden, that befell Adam and Eve and has remained with us.

In part this polarizing agenda, has been fueled by negative-feminists, who have experienced tremendous negative experiences with the opposite sex, their parents, and or the involvement of radical-lesbian feminists,( not all lesbians,) who have merely took advantage of their concerns to develop a women only perspective, an anti father perspective or an intranet perspective. Negativity breeds negativity.

This attack on the heterosexual population has been in some small part supported by their radical gay male counterparts, who have had no positive concern for male/female relationships, and also immoral heterosexuals, who also have no vested interest in positive family structures.. The involvement of the devil in all this should also not be ignored and perhaps the best strategy of addressing the cause of this. Humanity has been deceived.

It is important to note the proliferation of half-truth based models in many social programs, may have attacked one specific group, be they men or parents, but have in fact victimized the entire family; men, women and children.

Attacking fathers, and or parents, may sometimes be interpreted as an attack on fathers, men, or parents, but we should appreciate that this attack divides the sexes and or the family along different lines making victims of the entire family; fathers, mothers and children; the entire family. It is important to appreciate that the breakdown of the family, the polarization of the sexes, is in the vested interests of some special interest groups, who are corrupt and or selfish.

It becomes apparent that the increasing incidences of marital breakdown and family breakdown has been fueled directly by a variety of deceptive polarizing half-truth social models that pit male against female, parents against children. In is somewhat obvious that the problem is systemic and compounded by corrupt social programs that have paradoxically added to the problem rather than solve the core problems.

Involved or contaminated, by this philosophical virus, are a variety of social programs, that have been corrupted, much like a computer virus, to use generalized and false logic where most become all.

Legal and Judicial Systems

The manipulation of logic and terminology most directly affected Canada's Judicial and Legal system. The manipulation of logic, and statistics to promote employment equity, was based on the false assumption that statistically, each job should be equally divided between men and women. The underlying assumptions are false. The total lack of appreciating the differences between the sexes and the involvement and concerns for children and family were totally missing from most all discussions. It becomes apparent that radical feminists, intent on an agenda manipulated all they could to promote employment for women. It is interesting to note, that the benefit to men of having their wives employed and or the benefits of society to families and or children was again ignored.

Employment quotas were based on discrimination, and the polarization of logic between the sexes. The employment of men, does not benefit men, as much as it benefits their wives and children, a basic premise that is totally lacking in discussions surrounding employment equity.

Perhaps the hysteria of the day, was so overwhelming that common sense in matters dealing with individuals was totally ignored. What further compounded the problem was that as Canada moved to promote a statistical equality between men and women, no focus was placed on the differences between heterosexual and lesbian women, allowing the heterosexual community to fall victim to an unknown form of discrimination by being underrepresented in many social areas.

Without going into detail, the manipulation of the half-truth, "we are all equal" was perhaps the greatest error manipulated throughout Canadian society, in the late 20th century. Here the manipulation involves a play on words. We all should have equal rights, is based on the hidden framework that we must all qualify for these rights based on some logical discriminatory factors. Taking this phrase, to suggest that "we should be treated equally" is part of the 2nd rule of justice that suggests that" we should be treated equally......if we are equal" and "unequally if we are unequal"

The key word that has been totally ignored in all this is "fairness." Fairness to men, women, fathers, mothers, parents, children, and the family.

Some Women's Centers

It is tragic that social programs dealing with serious problems such as spousal abuse, have been manipulated by these agencies to polar ize the sexes. Spousal abuse, throughout Thunder Bay, Canada and North America has been seriously manipulated by this polarized agenda. An agenda, that has been manipulated throughout many so called "women's centers." The stereotype of women victims has been brainwashed within our culture to the exclusion of the some women as abusers. The involvement of radical-lesbian women, involved in women's centers is perhaps a conflict of interest and should be treated as such. To be fair, let us also show some concern in developing men's centers, that attack and polarize the issues, such as family abuse, child rearing, family finances and responsibilities.

Some Children's Aid Centers

The organization most directly corrupted was the Children's Aid Society, an agency dealing with child abuse and included many educational programs such as those found within "women's studies;" the rest is now history.

When I contacted a Roman Catholic Childrens Aid Center in Toronto, to express my concern for their intimate framework and the involvement of radical feminist ideology they were totally unable to appreciate the significance of their mistakes.

It was noted that several social programs were manipulated by cult feminists to attack the sexes, by polarizing them, and attacking the family by polarizing children and parents. The issues of abuse, and violence were polarized to attack one component, either fathers, or parents. In addition the word, "abuse" was manipulated to expand its scope unrealistically. The imbalance created, and recognized in 1989, would no doubt add to the problems within the family, and the problem of children.

(More on this in the section on Anti+truths)

While we are currently focused on the feminist movement and its abuse, of power, let me clearly state that we should not at this time ignore all other movements and entities where positions of authority and power are or were abused. To be politically balanced that includes even religious organizations including "some' within the Catholic Church, or even "some" within democratically elected governments who manipulate their positions of power. To focus merely on the radical-feminist-movement, without examining all other groups would be in of itself another "half-truth," polarizing the issue of "systemic abuse" to the benefit of the devil if you believe in such a force. History has shown many times, that organizations, even The Church has taken advantage of its "positions of power" to impact negatively on its people. However, let us not be blinded by the good intentions within feminism, and The Church.

(It is both ironic and tragic that "paradoxically" speaking we find individuals stating a direction or platform, involved in exactly the behavior they oppose. Some elements within negative-feminism were against sexism, yet their logic was based on sexist logic, and their actions taken were based on dividing and conquering)

Observations show us that once a person is bitten by a dog, the individual develops a "negative" impression of all dogs. This is not reality. There is allot of truths, or half-truths, within much of the retaliation of this movement, but it is out of balance with reality, and unfairly focused. To manipulate truths, (half-truths), is a great political tool of polarization used to attack the current power base and create your own power base. The lesson is that we must be careful not to respond to a current situation in retaliation but to rebuild a system based on fairness, balance and integrity and in appreciating that human relationships are not perfect, but essential to society.. To coin a phrase, it should be based on a neutral positive+approach to resolving problems. Being against something is not necessarily being for anything positive; this is an important distinction to make.

The original research in 1989,( Letter to the Editor: 1989 "Hunt for Abusive Parents Misdirected") was focused on the Children's Aids Society where it was revealed that the model of abuse was based on a sexist, bigoted model of abuse, (can you detect the flaws)

"Men who abuse Women and Children Victims." (Page 3)

It became apparent that the radical-negative-feminists were able to manipulate their ideology against men and fathers, through this agency. It is interesting to note that this agency, an agency concerned with children, had within it the model of women victims. Some might argue this was an attack on fathers, but in fact it was an attack on families. Polarizing and dividing the family made victims of all those involved. Social workers educated with this corrupt ideology, have become "carriers" of a destructive and polarizing educational program.

Today in 1998, the Children's Aid Society is being blamed for attacking Parents. Again the agency designed to address Children's Abuse, has corrected its previous half-truth based model with another. The model "Parents who abuse" ("some" parents) has totally ignored "some" children who abuse themselves and others. Again we need a positive focus. (Sociologists should use the word "some" more often, rather than generalizing) It appears that the process of intellectualization falters by generalizing to create for itself a closed paradigm, or model.

It is this half-truth model, that specifically ignores children who abuse other children and themselves which in my opinion has resulted in the growing imbalance in abusive children.

My next concern, is that this agency, like other social agencies, will develop like parasites, feeding off the problem. It is critical that such organizations not be funded based on the number of cases, but rather on a population basis, and then those agencies that exhibit better positive results from their programs, ie less violence and abuse in their perspective communities be used to educate others.

In another light, it is tragic that we have allowed these agencies to manipulate abuse to include "discipline" of the child which is intended for the child's benefit. Sociology has been manipulated, by the use of deceptive logic. Discipline must be differentiated from abuse, based on the "intent" of the action. Discipline exercised by parents, with a positive intent, should be differentiated from "others" becoming involved. It is tragic that society is not seriously concerned at addressing the deep rooted "causal" factors of disobedience, irresponsibility and misbehavior of youth. Society, and also the youth themselves pay an expensive price learning "the hard way" simple time honored lessons.

If a child grows up to involve themselves in criminal activities and are imprisoned, is that not "abuse." by the system, first for imprisoning him or her, and second for contributing to this, by not allowing parents to exercise "discipline" over their own children.

Again, we should not paint all discipline with the same "color" brush.

(The one and only time my father disciplined me, it was "He" that cried; now let modern day theory explain that.)

Some Women's Study Programs

It is a tragedy that we have allowed the polarization of social issues, and social programs along the lines of male verses female, totally void of the social fabric and concerns of our sons and daughters and how we are all our brothers and sisters keepers. The proliferation, of corrupt philosophy, corrupt programming, corrupt brainwashing has been promoted through our own educational systems, much like a computer virus that duplicates itself and spreads. Some women's study programs, exhibit the same characteristics that they originally fought against; sexism, stereotyping and chauvinism.

Women and men, do not live in isolation, nor do they compete as sexes. This is perhaps one of the most overlooked and fundamental flaws with current cult feminism.

The complete ignorance and or avoidance of the roles of mothers and fathers, is totally ignored or devalued.

We are not perfect, and it is easy for anyone being so critical to use this human characteristic against one group or another. It is hoped that you can appreciate that you should not believe all you read, or are taught. It may be flawed. It is difficult to have the backbone to stand up and question it especially in an academic setting where your marks are dependent on you memorizing what is being taught.

It is hoped you will be critical of what you are currently reading. Checking for spellen, or grammer mistakes is not enough, we must look at the content.

Some Words & Theories

It becomes apparent that this manipulation, and it appears deliberate, was achieved through the manipulation of words, and their meanings. Words like discrimination, have lost their positive meanings. Words like abuse have been expanded to achieve the manipulation that was and is being achieved by its manipulation. Some words like responsibility, and passive abuse, are totally removed from conversations. Critical thought requires critical words, and their skillful use. Black and white thinking has seen the manipulation of words to suit a deceptive agenda.

Here in Canada, the manipulation of the definition of the word "spouse" to include two individuals of the same gender, suggests the origin of this manipulation. A manipulation that exceeds normal common sense. In the common sense of the use of the term spouse, 50% of spouses are of each sex. This is gender equality. Suggesting that two individuals of the same gender are the same as a women and man, is truly manipulation beyond acceptance.

As has been pointed out in many other sections, theories relating to human behavior have been deceptively manipulated or created to achieve the desired objective.


A more correct philosophy for social programs should be based on the foundation that .....

"He +(or She) who is without sin cast the First Stone." Jesus Christ

"As often as you did it for one of My least brothers (or sisters) you did it for me" Jesus Christ