"...Making a difference in this world is an inescapable truth......

a positive difference in this world is

The Truth

we should strive for" ....Caesar Squitti

Perhaps the greatest error of many of the social programs that we have created, created with honest intentions to deal with the social programs of the day, is that they are parasitic, and that they do not focus on promoting the postive.

The parasitic nature, is often a flaw of the budgeting process of these social programs. To the system dealing with the problems, we reward them. When we increase funding to organizations dealing with social programs, we may in fact be rewarding the problem, rather than the solution. We reward child abuse, we reward illness, if we increase funding to the political pressures brought to bear by increased demands, rather than critically examining the system to examine if the system is contributing to the problems.

Basing funding of social programs based on a population basis will encourage the system to control the problem and or avoid them. For example placing a doctor on a salary, rewards him or her for making great decisions and keeping the patient healthy as in comparison to paying based on per visit. The problems here are systemic and budget related.

Yes it is true that we should focus, in part on the negative to eliminate it, but we should place more attention on promoting the positive, as this should be the major drive of social programs. Stopping violence is not the same as promoting harmony.

It is a tragic manipulation of these social programs that they have been manipulated by some to promote or hide the causal factors leading to these social problems. Paradoxically, when the system is rewarded by higher rates of the problems there is a built in systemic incentive for these social programs to perhaps contributing to these social problems, feeding off the "organism" like parasites, and or the lack of incentive to promote the positive and eliminate the problems or the causes of the problems.