Evil-Witches ?
( A Metaphor for Evil ! )

In the film the "Wizard of Oz," Dorthy is asked the question "Are you a good witch or a bad-witch." Witches, or at least evil-witches, (and their male counterparts) do exist !

In all fairness, and to the issue, there may be some "witches," good or bad, that would shine relative to some historic Popes, Bishops and priests. I say this to again, balance the picture and focus on the evil within all groups..

In April of 1998, I was fortunate to view an interesting film entitled, "WITCHES." A mythical childrens story about an organization devoted to the "prevention of cruelty to children" that was actually made up of "evil-witches" whose mission was to eliminate all children from the face of the earth. In todays society when you see government agencies, with one hand taking children away from their families for so-called "abuse" and with the other hand funding abortions which by all information is very "harmful" to children I begin to appreciate that the film was actually trying to "tell a truth" we would rather ignore and not believe.

Witches (see The Skeptic's Dictionary) or sorcerers is someone in consort with Satan. The physical portrayal of "ugly" witches should not be understood to reflect a physical attribute but more reflective of their evil and negative inner self. For instance, the common picture of a witch "riding a broom" is a subtle sexual metaphor that was brought to my attention.

One cannot ignore the existence of "evil-witches" in today's cultures deceptively hiding under a variety of social programs to negatively-impact society. The involvement of individuals, (men and women), who are possessed or suffer a variety of personality disorders is a reality, that we should not ignore. Their manipulation of religion, sociology, psychiatry and other fields of knowledge is based on deception. The involvement of "evil forces" on society is another topic that is not truly understood. Their manipulation into so called "Churches" or "New Religions" should be a concern.

(Added May 17, 2001)

In all fairness to "witches" in general and evil-witches, the most evil of people are not witches at all. The most evil of people have been, are, and will be those that call themselves holy; theirs is the greatest of paradoxes and deception.