Bas Mitzvah Day SK0018 - Bar Mitzvah Day SK0017 "SNEAKER KIDS"

height 5 1/4" - height 8"- Light Terracotta -artist- Daze Mortensen

Little Women Bookends SK0021 "SNEEKER KIDS"

height 9" - Light Terracotta -artist- Daze Mortensen

Short Story SK0029 - Story Time SK0019 "SNEAKER KIDS"

height 6 1/4" - height 6 1/4"- Light Terracotta -artist- Daze Mortensen

Pieces in the "SNEAKER KIDS" collection:

Rebecca, John, Tom & Huck Bookends, Stormy Weather, Pretty Slicker, ShaggyDuo, Lots of Locks, Shortstop, Pal,s Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, Breaking in the Mitt, Bas Mitzvah Day, Short Story, Story Time, Little Women Bookends, Three Angels, Three Piece Nativity Set, Three Wisemen, Christmas Pageant (total of the three preceeding sets/9 pieces)


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Ron Christiansen