Moms Joy BEO79

Story Time BEO164

Future LPGA BE0173

Shaggy Duo SK0002 - Lots of Locks SK0001 - "SNEAKER KIDS COLLECTION"

Height 7 1/2" - Height 7 1/2" - Light Terracota finish - artist Daze Mortensen

Retired and out of stock !

Shortstop SK0015 - Pals SK0016 - "SNEAKER KIDS COLLECTION"

Height 12 3/4" - Height 11" - Light Terracota finish - artist Daze Mortensen

Diamonds are a girls best friend SK007

Height 9 3/4" - Light Terracotta

Breaking in the Mitt SK0027

Height 9 /3/4" - Light Terracotta - artist Daze Mortenson

Retired and out of stock !

Other pieces in the "SNEAKER KIDS" collection:

Rebecca, John, Tom & Huck Bookends, Stormy Weather, Pretty Slicker, ShaggyDuo, Lots of Locks, Shortstop, Pal,s Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, Breaking in the Mitt, Bas Mitzvah Day, Short Story, Story Time, Little Women Bookends, Three Angels, Three Piece Nativity Set, Three Wisemen, Christmas Pageant (total of the three preceeding sets/9 pieces)

Retired and out of stock !

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