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(Jewellery, the Canadian spelling, or Jewellery - the product is the same !)


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 "The Rainbow of Light ©"  Collection from Squitti's
Rainbow of Light

7 C's of the Diamond World by Caesar Squitti
Ash Holders - Cremation Jewelry
Bracelets, babies, children's, ladies and gents

Canadian Diamonds
Children's Bracelets and chains
Crosses in Gold
Diamonds, for love that is forever. Earrings and Pendants !
Diamond /Emerald / Ruby/ Gold Crosses
Eagle Star Pocket Watches
Fiori Watches
Good Luck Charms !
Ladies Diamond Rings
Family Rings / Broaches / Pins
Gents Jewellery
Gold Fashions -EARRINGS
Gold Chains & Bracelets
Gold Crosses
Golden Reflections - Photos on Gold Medal
Italian charm bracelets
Jewelry Repairs and Custom Work
  • Ladies Rings
  • Ladies Bracelets and chains
  • Lockets
  • Medallions Religious made in the Italy
    Mens bracelets, and chains
    Pocket Watches by Eagle Star
    Religious and Chastity rings
    Religious Jewellery made in the Italy
    Religious Jewellery made in the USA
    Silver Jewelry from Italy
    The Rainbow of Light © Collection !
    The Diamond Circle Collection !
    The Journey Diamond Collection !
    Colored Stone Rings
    Wedding Rings - Bridal Sets

    Momma Squitti

    "Mamma Squitti, as she was called by many - the jeweller; A Woman of all Seasons"

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    A simple to follow guide on the important C's of diamonds !

    Creamtion jewellery

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    Cremation Jewelry  - Ash Holders

    Ash Holders in Sterling Silver with a chain.


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    Fine Diamonds

    Diamond Earrings and Pendant Specials over the Internet !
    The Circle Collection of Diamonds.
    The Journey Collection of Diamonds.


    Canadian Diamonds

    1/5 Carat or larger, gemprinted, and with certificate.

     Diamond  Ladies   Rings


    Gents Jewellery
    Key Chains - Charms - Diamond Rings - Stone Rings - Intaglio Rings and more !


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    - Amethyst - Ametrine - Aquamarine - Citrine - Emerald - Garnet - Iolite - Oynx - Opal -

    - Peridot - - Smokey Quartz - Ruby - Sapphires (Blue , Pink, Yellow) - Tanzanite -Topaz -

    - Tourmaline ( Green , Pink ) - Zircon -

    Colored Stone Rings

    Eagle Star

    Pocket Watches - Ladies Pendant Watches - Broach Style Watches


    Italian Charm Bracelets
    Italian flag
    18 karat gold initials & Stainless Steel


    Cameos - Cameo Pendants - Cameo Rings

    Family - Daughters Rings & Pins

    Rings - Broaches - Pins

    Fiori Watches

    Golden Reflections

    Preserve your photos forever in Gold

    Gold Fashions - EARRINGS

    Gold Earrings - Gold Lockets - Gold Pins

    Gold Chains & Bracelets

    Gold Chains of all Styles including baby bracelets, children's, ladies and mens  bracelets and neck chains. 
    In yellow and white gold and platinum.

    Good Luck Charms !

    Lucky Charms in Gold

    Diamond/Emerald/Ruby/Gold Crosses

    Diamond Crosses in Karat Gold

    Gold Crosses

    10 - 14 - 18 Karat Gold Crosses

    Jewelry  Repairs  and Custom Work

    10 - 14 - 18 Karat  Gold  - Platinum  - Sterling Silver

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    Ladies Rings


    Religious and Chastity Rings

    Religious Jewellery Made in Italy

    Angels, Scapular, Madonna, St. Christopher, St. Anthony,
    St. Francis, St. Michael the Archangel, Baptismal, Communion, Confirmation Medals and more.

    Religous Jewellery made in USA

    Angels, Scapular, Madonna, St. Christopher, St. Anthony,
    St. Francis, St. Michael the Archangel, Baptismal, Communion, Confirmation Medals and more.

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    The Finest in Silver Jewelry from Italy

    Chains, charms, bracelets, rings and more...

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    Showrooms - Associate

    Check out one of our associate suppliers for a variety of ring styles.

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    Wedding Bands - Bridal Sets

    Wedding Bands and Wedding Sets in 10 - 14 - 18 Karat Gold and Platinum !

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