Finnish Centers in Thunder Bay, Ontario



"The place for finnish pancakes in Thunder Bay."

  Built in 1910 by the Finnish Building Company, Limited, it was designed by G. W. Wheeler, Alex Beck supervised construction. Unique features include the central glassed-in cupola above the roof line and the two sided oriel windows on the facade.

Intended as a community meeting place, it originally housed a theatre, a library and a reading room. It continues to serve as a Finnish cultural centre for the Finlandia Club of Port Arthur and its memeber societies and is home to the internationally renowed "HOITO" restaurant.

Member societies: War Association, Oras Ladies Choir, Otava Men's choir, Pelimannikerho (Folk Musicians), Finnish Senior Citizens Friendship Club, Kiikurit Folk Dancers.

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During the 1900's this building and this area was the hub of communication for the immigrant Finnish community and the center of labour unions.

The Finn's were the source of a great deal of human labour that worked as carpenters and as lumberjacks in the great forests surronding Thunder Bay.

Let us appreciate the great work and hardships endured by many of the pioneer people, including the Finnish immigrants of this area who worked to carve a city out of the rock and trees during the early part of the 20th century.

Saint Urho's Celebration in March !

Some of the people in the parade from right to left, Saint Urho on his machine, former Mayor Jack Masters, MPP Michael Graavelle, and Mayor Lynn Peterson.

Entertainment begins at 12:00 on Sunday, every special weekend in March


A Tribute to businessman Laurie Hietala

(posted in memory of Axel Katara)

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