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Famous Italians of Thunder Bay

Eleanor Albanese, Writer and Stage Producer
Joseph Comuzzi, Politician, MP
Mario Crudo, Director and Producer of Theater
Mario Fazzaro, Painter
Don Grashey, (Grascia) Record Promoter
Jack Masters, (Masterangelo) Politician,  Mayor, and MP
George (Conceto) Petralia, Wood Carver, song writer
Mr. Alfred Petrone, Lawyer
Dr. Penny Serafina Petrone, Teacher, and writer
Monsigneur Pat Stilla
Roy Piovesan, Teacher and writer
Mrs. Catherine Seppella, First Woman Mayor of Fort William
Rita Ubriaco, Teacher, Writer, Politician

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A Bartender - A Politician - A Baker - A Priest
Tony Clemenza,  MP Joe Comuzzi,  Mario Nucci, Monsigneur Pat Stilla


Good Food, Good Music, Good Fun !

Photography by Caesar Squitti

Salvatore Vetere amd Gerald Colosimo playing some classic Italian songs !

The city of Thunder Bay was formed by the amalgamation of the two twin cities of Fort William on the south side and Port Arthur on the north side. Historically each community had their own Italian organizations.

The Italian community in Fort William had their original community centre, The DaVinci Centre, in the famous "East End" over the bridge. It was relocated to their new location and now houses a large banquet hall, a smaller banquet hall, and a beautiful indoor bocce court and bar. As history would have it the DaVinci centre is home to a large percentage of the Italian community from Northern Italy, but not confined to it. It features buffets, and spaghetti supper take-outs and sits downs on some Sundays of each month.

The Italian community in Port Arthur was organized under the name The Italian Society of Port Arthur and is located on Algoma Street . Their hall used to be called The Italian Centennial Hall, due the the fact that it had been remodelled in 1967 in Canada's centennial year. In the year 2001, the society built a new community hall under the name The Italian Cultural Trade Center. The Center houses a trade room under development, a members room, and a local bar, open to all in the community.Paradoxically, most members of the Port Arthur location, the north side of the city, are from familes that originated from the southern regions of Italy, but again not confined to it.

I am proud of the fact that these organizations employ people from all parts of the world, and promote a community feeling that is part of most traditional cultures.

Photography by Caesar Squitti

Mr. and Mrs. Gatto - Mr. Gatto's family is from Grimaldi, Cosenza

  DaVinci Center of Thunder Bay
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Photography by Caesar J. B. Squitti

The Italian flag and "Mr. Hershey "

Vince Fragale with his daughter making those important phone calls during the festa !

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