What is a half-truth ?

Well , let us first look at what it is not!

The current definitions include "a partly true statement," or "a statement that mingles truth and falsehoods"; this is incorrect. This is a half true statement. The term itself is somewhat misleading, and could be improved by saying "half-of-the-truth," or "part-of-the-truth."

A half-truth is all about dimensions. It is true yet false. An undiscovered oxymoron, a paradox. It is a truth but not the Whole Truth.

A half-truth is totally true, in its own dimension, but it is deceptive lie for it is an error or lie of omission.

It is like taking "a fruit," a truth, from the infinite tree of knowledge and believing that we know The Truth, LIKE perhaps God. Like in the infinite sense, rather than like in a minor sense.

The term half-truth is somewhat misleading and could be improved by looking at other words, such as half-of-the-truth, part-of-the-truth. It is a "white lie," a truth that lies; a lie of omission. In the greatest form of deception it deceives everyone, since we seldom know The Truth.

Correspondence was received from both Websters and Oxford University Press verifying that corrections to the current definitions would be undertaken.

Consequently if you understand what a half-truth is and isn't, then you can appreciate that Truth can lie if it is a half-truth, and a lie could be a truth, if it is a half-truth. 

By the way since then several other types of half-truths, and half-truth logic have been discovered.

Let us also appreciate that while a half-truth, and or half-truth logic is an error of omission, our current world is full of "illogical logic," or "jumps of logic based on "assumptions." For instance, a chair has four legs and I two, does that mean I evolved from a chair, or the chair from I ?

A half-truth, the light that deceives the world.

There is book to be published, "The Jesus Christ Code'" that exposes the dark side to truth.  To be written in 2007, God willing.

Caesar J. B. A. Squitti