*The Feminist Cult 
That Deceived the World

( Anti-father, anti-male, anti-mother, anti-child ? )


The research that eventually led to the discovery of anti+truths, truths that lie, originated at Saint Anthony's Church, on Banning Street.
Letter from Oxford University, regarding corrections to the definitions of lie and half-truth.
In the basement of Saint Anthony's Church, Banning Street location, as part of Festa Italiana, in 1987, a workshop was held on Traditional Family Values. Saint Anthony's Church was damaged by a suspicious by fire, and "bulldozed" to the ground in a controversy , in 1991. Perhaps, the grounds will be a fitting monument to the research into deception, half-truths, and lies that began in the basement of that little Church on Banning Street.
( Saint Anthony's Fire records the details)
As a continuation of this workshop a critical examination of Feminism was begun that eventually led to the recognition of several subcategorizes of feminism within the english language. It eventually became apparent that the feminist movement manipulated itself through women's studies, women's shelters, women's centers. It had and still does deceptively manipulate its "cult like" characteristics throughout North America as a political force dedicated to promoting "women rights" in isolation and at the expense of general society and the family; a psychosis of sorts.
The involvement of an "anti-male" ideology deceptively disguised as "women's" issues went undetected because for some part it was based on a deceptive half-truth; a truth that is a lie.
It is of prime importance to appreciate that radical-negative feminism, and its selfish values was aided and promoted by a highly materialistic culture of the day. This I refer to as a "Cash-Culture," whereby values were created not by their intrinsic true value but "cash created" through marketing techniques. A prime example, was the promotion of smoking as a form of liberation. Cigarettes cause death. The cigarette advertising campaign "You've Come a Long Way Baby" reflects this powerful paradoxical manipulation; which can now boast that more women are dying from lung and related cancers than men; yes WE are "sheep."
The original investigation into feminism, an investigation that resulted in the classification of several subcategorizes of the movement and a correction into the philosophical concepts "truth," "half-truth" and "lie" (see page 1), focused on the similarities between radical-negative feminism and cults; the similarities are there and include an anti-family agenda, a manipulation of truth, and even "human sacrifice" as a ritual concealed as "abortion."
There is also the element that the movement was based on some truths. The movement was definitely a negative backlash to "some" actual "anti-female" situations. My mother tells of the story of a woman in her hometown who was "gambled" away by her abusive husband, and sought refuge at her families home. (let us not ignore that many men, were also victims of society, their jobs, and their families) Feminism, isolated one type of societal abuse, and ignored all others, polarizing the issue.
It is also important that as cult-feminism manipulated logic, is sought observations, that verified its philosophy and much was flawed. While the observations of some women, specifically mothers, confined to home and households to manage the family, was looked at as a negative experience, with no importance given to the family. The sacrifices of some husbands and some fathers was again, totally ignored, allowing for a further polarization of the issues, the assumptions, and the false generalized conclusions. Again, in the world of half-truth logic, some of the observations were true, but not the whole truth concerning the exploitation of some women, and some men, by the powers that be.
Feminism was the original backlash, a backlash based on generalizations and polarized logic. (The polarizing logic of radical-victim feminism should be evident because it ignores that any normal man, would feel outraged if his daughter or granddaughters were treated inappropriately.) The error of the movement was that it polarized and generalized these incidents, rather than correcting them for some women, and some men, some husbands and some wives,and the future for both our sons and daughters. It is obvious this movement was more about polarization and not about normality and harmony.
The Feminist Movement, used the selective manipulation of "victimization," a half-truth, as a powerful tool in deceptively promoting their anti-male agenda. The course of the "women's movement" was led by individuals like Gloria Steinem, who had a "questionable" childhood surrounded by a negative family life and mental illness. The "black and white thinking logic," a common symptom of mental illness, is a prominent characteristic of the radical-negative-feminist movement. This similarity may reflect the origin and goals of one of the most powerful destructive polarizing directions of this movement throughout the later part of the 20th century . . . . .
The rest is now history.
The selective manipulation of "women's" victimization ignored similar victimization of "some" men, and "some" children and ignored the victimization of some women by some other women. The psychosis of this manipulation is reflected in the polarization of victimization of an individual based on sex, to the false assumption that this affected all individuals of the same sex, normally women, and not any men. This is a logical error of philosophy that has been overlooked.
The selective manipulation of violence ignored all other forms of abuse. This is perhaps the most obvious and blatant manipulation by this movement, that ignores all the many forms of abuse, including passive manipulative abuse. "Games People Play," by Dr. Bern's isolated the many games of abuse that individuals can involve themselves, games that are totally ignored.
The selective manipulation of male verses female victimization ignored all other form of victimization, including social class discrimination which was totally ignored.
If there is anything we learn from all this, is that if we have problems, and we all do, the world is yet imperfect, then our best strategy is to take a positive approach to resolving them. It is tragic that in the era of the "me" generation, problems are looked upon in isolation, in the self and in the now, when we should realize that these problems will affect our children and their grandchildren and most importantly their spouses who ever they might be; God only knows.
People of suspect are those without children who have no link to the future, and or those with personality disorders.
Parents and Grandparents, seem a better source of wisdom than a select of intellectuals.
It is very effective to appreciate feminism, or at least one face of it , to be compared to that of a cult. Cult-feminism, was no doubt anti-male, anti-mother, and also anti-child. The promotion of abortion, totally ignores the value of life, and deceptively promotes an action that could be viewed in terms of the cult practice of human sacrifice. Promoting, partial birth abortions, sheds much light on this reference.
Killing Tomorrow Today. © 1998
Abortion is child abuse, the greatest form of cult violence against the women, and men of tomorrow today, deceptively promoted as a right; a wrong right.

Caesar J. B. Squitti © 1998