God and The Trinity. A philosophical riddle.
If we are to use the Bible to solve this ancient riddle, the solution may be so simple that it has avoided detection.
The concept of God and Gods existance is an important one. To those who say God does not exist, their answer may be a half-truth or they are partly correct, and to those who say God does exist, their answer may be a half-truth, they too may be partly correct; yes this is all semantics, and dimensions.
If we look to the Gospel of John we find:



From Jesus Christ we also get the words,

"The Alpha and the Omega"

In combing these two clues, we may eventually arrive at a simple solution;


as an absolute infinite concept. Nothing as an absolute concept does not exist; it existed in the beginning and will exist in the end.
The Bible, speaks of God as the "alpha" and the "omega," the beginning and the end. If we are to accept that God was "nothing", the word in the beginning, then perhaps we can appreciate that part of nothing, is still a whole of nothing. That the three components of something, the beginning the middle and the end, are the same point. Divisible by God, and still God.***

According to Einstein space and time both bend, so therefore the beginning eventually will meet the end at a point in time; this point is NOTHNG.


We tend to think of nothing as zero, and that is not true. Zero does not exist, the ancients knew that in their mathematical systems.. Absolute and total nothing, existed in the beginning, and was perfect, and infinite, and perfectly infinite. The first and the last.

God is.

God exists in some dimension, or on, or of some dimension, a combination of such, or other. But according to words of Saint John, the most plausible solution to defining God, as in the beginning and the end is the concept


or "______";this may be the word or the simple concept; and may be the clue to prayer and meditation. This state only existed in the beginning and will exist in the end, "nothing" in the absolute sense does not exist in that state today. We are talking about a world of different dimensions. We cannot say God is nothing, because nothing does not exist in that pure state. God created and we must appreciate that state as well. It also is a possible explanation for the Trinity, for 1/2 of nothing, or any part of nothing is still nothing.


(According to Professor Santa)

nothing and infinity

have similar properties which in some way may tend to substantiate the

Alpha and the Omega concepts.

When we speak and say we have nothing, in actual fact we should say "we do not have anything or something"; there is a difference. Nothing and Infinity according to some mathematics is the same point. God keeps these two points from meeting; through the creation of time, and space.

Simply put God was ____.



as a concept was perfect, literally.


as an absolute concept existed in the beginning and eventually will exist in the end.
"Nothing" does not exist in that form today. God does not exist,
yet God does definitely exist;a paradox built on dimensions, and faith . . .

GOD was, is and will be...