Satan & Deception 

(The negative light that deceives....)


We should be aware that the
king of deception
went by many names, but the one that we can use in this discussion is the name
translated to mean, "Light bearer."
Light is normally a metaphor for TRUTH,
and fits as a representative tool of this deception, if we understand a half-truth to be a truth that is a lie. This may be concrete evidence
that indeed such a deceptive force does exist, and that the Bible is in fact true. I am at odds as to why the identification of such evil forces and their mode of operation is not seriously addressed by our society. Such a force, operates in the abstract world. To those who believe in the Bible, and in God, their is a corresponding acceptance of belief in these deceptive forces whose impact within our society is not readily acknowledged. Even though today's science has not yet been able to explain how these forces work,
this should not keep us from allocating some responsibility to these forces.

A letter to the editor: January 1998


Catholics and Protestants killing each other.....and the devil laughs !

To find Catholics and Protestants killing each other in the name of their faith is certain evidence that the devil may exist, and the joke is on us.

We Christians believe that not only God exits,
but that the devil exists and works in this world.

Where is the proof?

The king of deception went by many names...but the most revealing is "the light that deceives".....light usually is a metaphor for truth.....and knowing that perhaps the deceptive "half-truth" may be a concrete example of such a force....A half-truth is a truth that is a lie; a deceptive is this concept that it has been incorrectly defined until 1994, the current definition is incorrect.

If the devil does exist, the devil would surely divide a people, a community a nation a world.....and better yet be able to persuade fellow countrymen, even fellow christians to kill each other, the name of Jesus Christ.....that would be deception.

But it is happening, throughout the world.....especially in Ireland where Catholics, are killing Protestants, and Protestants are killing Catholics, (not to ignore the Catholics and Protestestants who kill themselves) when in fact these people are really Christians..............Catholic+Christians, or Protestant+Christians killing each other in the name of Jesus Christ........; this is a paradox since Jesus Christ taught the truth "love one another, and pray for your enemies;" is this not proof the devil exists.

The devil must be laughing seeing People of one country, People of the same religion, killing each other based on half-truths; Protestant or Catholic, yet still Christians. Not only the same Christians, but the same Irish countrymen.....This is truly a joke on us all......especially Christians.

The important question becomes not,
does the devil exist ?......
but how loud does the devil laugh?,
....... laugh at us......
"He +(or She) who is without sin cast the First Stone."