**A Letter to the Editor: December 14, 1997

Jesus Christ

The Cross between Science Religion


"What is truth?"
was asked by Pontious Pilate at one of the most important trials of recorded time. The answer stood before him, and it was later nailed to a cross, if you believe the Bible. The answer was based on a philosophy of paradox...A king born in a stable. His message proclaiming to be "The Way, The Truth, and the Life", and proclaiming to be "The Light of the World." The key is the word "the." Truths are to The Truth as the different colors of the rainbow are to The Light. A simple solution to a two thousand year old question, where science and religion cross. The example provides us with the key to appreciate that while we are taught that truth is truth and a lie is a lie, we must appreciate that the truth we speak read or write can be a lie if it merely a true half-truth; a newly discovered paradox, the light that deceives.


There is a differnce between truth, a truth, the truth and The Truth in the infinite sense. Truths are but "fruits from the infinite tree of knowledge." Appreciating this concept allows us to understand that different and distinct truths can be incorporated to form a greater truth, as different colors of the rainbow form white light. So perhaps to answer the two thousand year old question "What is Truth" that answer was nailed to a cross and it was the cross between science and religion. As we celebrate the birth of Christ, it is in his death that perhaps his message is revealed . The Crusifixtion provides us with the Cross, simply put a positive sign; the way to this truth about truth, based on paradox.

Caesar Squitti c.1997

Thunder Bay
"Land of the Sleeping Giant"