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Austin Sculptures

Austin sculptures are made of Durastone® , hand cast and hand finished. Durastone® is a special formulation of crushed stone mixed in a slurry.

Sculptures are available in sizes and finishes shown.

A history card is attached to the bottom of each Austin sculpture. The card provides information about Austin, the sculpture, the sculptor and the other pieces the artist has created.

Each sculpture is handmade, therefore no two pieces will be exactly the same.

Minor blemishes, nicks, and scratches can be corrected with an Austin Resoration Kit.

Sculptures may be cleaned witha soft cloth. Do not use solvents or abrasives.

Austin Garden Sculptures

The Austin Sculpture collection is cast in high quality polyester resin combined with natural granite, marble bronze or crushed stone.

The material is lightweight making it easier to handle.

All of the Austin Garden Sculptures are weather resistant, however, it is recommended that all water be drained during freezing temperatures.

A history card providing information about the product, and the particular style accompanies each piece.


Each pedestal is high quality. Illuminated and turntable pedestals are available in black only.

Hand cast in Durastone ® in a rich collection of sculptured pedestals are available in a variety of styles.

Cold Cast Collection

The Austin Cold Cast Collection is composed of polyester resin blended with natural bronze. Each is mounted on a handsome display base.

Icarus Collection

Each Icarus bronze sculptures is created using the 2500 year old lost wax process.

Limited editions ranging from 750-1200. Each Icarus bronze sculpture is engraved with the edition number.

A certificate of authenticity accompanies each sculpture and is signed by the artist.

All Icarus bronze sculptures are individually gift-boxed.

Sculptures Aluminum

A unique collection that combines the strength of Durastone with the lightness of Aluminum casting. The highly polished metal creates a great contrast with the patina of each sculpture.

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