Pinwheel * Over 24 % Lead Crystal * Handcut

A whole line of beautiful handcut bohemia crytal. Full 24 %Lead Crystal articles which are produced in the Czech Reopublic by the famous BOHEMIA Glassworks where the tradition of glassmaking dates back more than one thousand years. These products are widely known and respected around the world.

Each article is a true example of genuine BOHEMIAN crystal designed by leading artists and hand made by skilled craftsmen.  It is an excellent symbol of the feeling, precision and skill of manual work which no machine can replace.

We are sure that these products will bring lasting pleasure and happiness to your home as it combines outstanding quality and craftmanship of the highest order and gives to you a link with the traditions of the past.

" A Perpetrual Party Set - Glasses you can't put down ! "

" A Perpetrual Party Set - Glasses you can't put down ! "


From Slovakia - Machine blown vase & mouth blown stems


$ 175.00 CDN includes shipping *

Part of the "Rainbow of Light ©" Collection !

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