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" May the positive + force be with you "

Baptismal - Christening Gowns

Baptismal Medallions

Chastitiy Rings

Diamond Crosses

Gold Crosses - Crusifixes

Religious Night Lights

Religious Medallions from Italy 10 - 14- 18 karat gold

Religious Medallions - Made in the USA

Religious Statues by Austin

Rosaries - Prayer and Wall

St. Jude Medals

Statues of the Saints Indoor

Statues of the Saints Outdoor

Saint Informational Link

Worship Accessories
Chalices - Icons - Mass Kits - Patens - Pyxes - Sick Call Sets - Viaticum

Wall Crosses and Crucifixes

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Religious Night Lights

Wall Crosses and Crucifixes

(Turning the negative into the positive !)

A variety of styles in wood, metal and Celtic Crosses

Worship Accessories

Chalices - Icons - Mass Kits - Patens - Pyxes - Sick Call Sets - Viaticum

Religious Medallions / Items Made in Italy 10-14-18-Karat Gold

Angels, Scapular, Madonna, St. Christopher, St. Anthony,

St. Francis, St. Michael the Archangel, Baptismal, Communion, Confirmation,

Religious Medallions / Items Made in USA

10-14-18-Karat Gold

Baptismal Medallions

St. Jude Medallions

Diamond/Gold Crosses

Gold Crosses & Crucifixes in 10, 14 or 18 Karat Gold

Religious and Chastity Rings


A variety of quality crytal, and gold  rosaries.

Enter Rosary

Christmas and Easter Rosary Available.


Indoor Statues of the Saints

A wide selection of statuary of most Saints for indoor usage.

Outdoor Statues of the Saints

fiberglass for outdoor usage.


Research Paper that reveals the negative side to Truth ! The original sin from the Garden ?


Link to site for information on Saints


Laminated Prayer Cards of the Saints

Complimentary Card - 2 1/2" x 4 "

For a complimentary laminated prayer card e-mail us your name  amd address.

Prayer cards made in Italy by for the sick, spouses, the elderly, Saints  and others are available, please specify a choice.

Baptismal Gowns

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Austin Sculptures religious department !

Proof the Devil has deceived the world !

You are invited to view the research paper "The Light...The Rainbow of Truth !

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