The finest in Italian Silver Jewelry  @ Squitti's !

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Finest   in   Italian   Silver   Bracelets 

Silver bracelets from Italy

Medical   Data   Charms   and   Silver     Bracelets 


Fine Silver Bracelets from Italy


Squitti's presents to you the very finest in silver jewelry from Italy.  

Fine Silver Chains  from Italy

Box chains - Curb Chains - Figaro Chains - Rolo Chains - Mariner Chains

Snake Chains - Rope Chains and more...

Below you will note the gram weight for 20" and a bracelet, 7 1/2.

All other sizes are normally available.  E-mail us for information.


- Figaro Silver Chains Available in a variety of lengths -


Other styles are available !

If you have a style of chain, pendant or earring you are looking for e-mail us.

Please note each charm comes in a beautiful presentation box !

For ordering please contact us by e-mail or regular mail, regarding availability.
Exact price will be determined, based on taxes, and shipping, if applicable, at time of order.

Thank-you and have a beautiful day !

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