Diseases: treatments & preventative + ©ures !

We must first begin by changing the cliché,

" an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,"

to a more simple truth,

" prevention is the cure."

There are negative and positive approaches to disease and health.

That cancer can be beaten can be interpreted in many different ways.  A somewhat negative approach that should be replaced with preventing cancer.

Prevention is not so dramatic, but radical disease treatment is a "drama" worth avoiding and one we reward !

Prevention is the best of cures for some !

We challenge another cliché,

" you are what you eat "

to a more expanded truth,

" you are what you eat..., digest and absorb ! "

In one of my first studies into disease back in the 1970's at Port Arthur Collegiate Institute, I took on the subject of Osteoporosis, a de-generative bone disease.

At the time books suggested that no reason was known for this, and that there was no cure. Common sense, suggested that the rather obvious lack of calcium might play an important factor in the disease. At the time I could not believe that such a simple 'cause and effect' was being ignored !

The LOGIC was rather a simple relationship.

Bone is mostly calcium, and that the lack of it would result in Osteoporosis, weak bones, breaking bones, etc.etc.etc. During this time it was also suspected that Osteoporosis might have played a role in tooth decay, as the body sought sources of calcium leaching it from the teeth.

Time has proven both these ideas true.

At the time, modern science was focused in on micro science, the study of the microscopic. I was led to believe that the macroscopic could provide the similar findings quite easily. It was the science of my mother, simple cause and effect. In fact today, much of the health world is looking the great cultural differences in disease and diet to try to determine the effects of diet on health.

Over the years, I have been involved in the distribution of vitamin and herbal supplements, at a time that pharmacists laughed at the idea. We have since then discovered that Spinabifida is caused by a lack of vitamins, B3 in the developing fetus.

I have put together in the few pages that follow some different perspectives of some common illnesses together with some products and philosophies that may be beneficial for some. I say this at a point in time that we are beginning to test for differences among people to prescription drugs based on their blood types. We are all different and as my mother would say, what is good for one person may not be good for another; they must be complimentary.

Let us also understand the value of traditional forms of medicine, a school of thought that was not corrupted by the pursuit of selfish profit and a school of medical philosophy that modern business schools have displaced.

I leave you with this story. One day, back in the 1960's while Mamma Squitti would cook those heavenly meals for us a message came over the radio about the cancer rates and disease. Mamma Squitti was quite certain that much of the problems were caused by the diet, "they cook in animal grease ." Well I snickered at the idea that Mamma would know more than the Cancer Society and all its expensive microscopes. Well Mamma was right ! Over the years in Italy she was able to understand how these products, like animal fat would harden and she was quite able to realize the dimensional nature of this truth.

Anyway, I hope you will find some merit in this material, and remember,

" Prevention is the simplest of Cures !"

Liver Ailments


Intestinal Problems that cause 'diseases'.

-Anxiety /  Crohn's Disease / IBS / IBD / Fatigue / Depression / Irritability / Cancer / Dementia -
- Mental symptoms similar to Schizophrenia / Paranoia  / MS


Infections that can cause mental symptoms

diseases that can cause mental symptoms

Article on Health Care: "Prevention is The Cure"....Caesar Squitti
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