The  Squitti  /  Carollo / Veltri   AND   Rosso / Bertucci  branches.


Including the Veltri / Carollo / Rosso / Bertucci Branches
We all go back to Adam and Eve or two monekys; take your pick.

-  Family Book -

from Calabria,  Italy

(We are all children of one God, brothers and sisters. . . Mamma Squitti)

  Arthur (Art) Natale ( Carollo (m) )  Squitti   Marianne  ( Bertucci (m) Rosso and

Canadian Flag                          Italian Flag                        United States Flag

Mr. and Mrs. Squitti

Arthur Natale( Carollo ) Squitti and Marianne ( Bertucci ) Rosso
& son Caesar J. B. Squitti  1957

( Marianne Rosso was the daughter of Francesco Rosso and Concetta Bertucci of Simbario
Arthur Natale Squitti was the son of Joseph Squitti, son of Don Cesare Squitti of Malito, and  Maria Teresa Carollo from Grimaldi. )

In 1956 at Saint Anthony's Church on Banning Street Marianne Rosso and Arthur Natale Squitti were united in marriage, a marriage that brought together two similar people from two different parts of the world, Canada and Italy.

Natale Arthur (Art) Squitti was born December 23, 1915 at 217 Secord Street, in Port Arthur, Ontario Canada. then "Little Italy" or the "South Side" of Port Arthur Ontario Canada,(now Thunder Bay as the twin cities of Port Arthur and Fort William became one ). He was called Natale, meaning Christmas in Italian, because he was born on December 23, 1915.

Arthur born in Canada never saw Italy, and at the age of 4 lost his mother, Maria Teresa Carollo on June 24, 1919 who died during child birth. The son Mario Terrance Anthony Carlo joined her a few months later, and was buried by the tree near the gravestone for Maria Teresa Carollo.

One month later, Marianne Rosso was born in Simbario, Catanzaro in the province of Calabria in southern Italy July 24, 1919, the daughter of Concetta Bertucci and Francesco Rosso. At the age of 34, Marianne left Italy, his mother and sister to take care of her sister Angelina who was sick in the hospital in Port Arthur, now Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. Here Marianne Rosso met ARthur Squitti while working at Vi's Tavern on Bay Street.

Art Squitti was the son of Joseph Squitti from Malito (pictured below) , and Maria Teresa Carollo from Grimaldi. Jospeh Squitti had one sister who married into the Rose family of Grimaldi, Italy.

Art was born in Canada and never saw Italy.  It was in the year 2004 that we came in contact with Dr. R. Squitti and discovered some of the history of the Squitti family in Italy, bringing more meaning to the pictures we had..

Arthur Natale Squitti was the grandson of Barone Don Caesar and Rose Squitti of Malito Italy.


Don Caesar Squitti (C)
related ? to Barone Tommaso Squitti (T)  &  Leopaldo Squitti (L)

(the man in the center father to Joseph)
circa 1910

Up until the late 1800's the Squitti's were Barons in Calabria Italy.

Ancestry testing Service -  June 13, 2016



Wales (83%), Ireland (78%), Scotland (73%), Spain (68%), England (67%), France (62%), Belgium (58%), Portugal (58%)
Netherlands (54%), Italy (48%), Switzerland (48%), Denamark (44%), Germany (43%), Iceland (42%), Norway ( 28%)

Interiesting that the LU report also states this.

"All patneral  DNA can be traced back to one man, Adam, (haplogroup A), born in East Africa about 60,000 to 100,000 ago. "

Don Cesare Squitti from Malito

Don Cesare (Caesar) Squitti center and his wife Rosa Veltri (added 2011),
and son Giuseppe (Joseph) Squitti and daughter Rose(?) of Malito Italy.
(Records from Ellis Island (Sguitti) suggest that when Joseph came to Canada via Brazil, he had a brother-in-law,
Albo Garibaldi, in Spokane, Washington
- The Ellis Island documentation  - family contact us )


Joseph Squitti and wife Maria Teresa Carrollo
circa 1905

Joseph son of Don Cesare Squitti and Maria Veltri,  from Grimaldi
Maria Teresa Carollo  was the daughter of Peitro Carollo, and Maria Veltri from Grimaldi.


Maria Teresa Carollo's Mother or mother in law ?

In  the year 2013, we were able to identify the name of this person.  She was the mother of Maria Teresa Carollo.

Her name, Maria Veltri.


Birth/Marriage and Deaths Malito

1811 - Malito- April 11, 1811, Marriage of Giuseppe Squitti,( son of Francesco Squitti and Lucrezia Perogini) married Isabella Funari, (daughter of Rafele Funari and Teresia Belmonte .)

Birth of twins - Francesco and Constanza Squitti - parents Giuseppe Squitti e Isabella Funari - July 20, 1812

Birth of Lucrezia Letitia - parents Giuseppe Squitti e Isabella Funari - October 20, 1816

Birth of Rafele Rosario Squitti - parents Giuseppe Squitti e Isabella Funari - 7 October, 1819

Birth of Carlo Cesare Mario Squitti - parents Giuseppe Squitti e Isabella Funari - 9 Novembre 1821

1816 - Malito, - October 6, 1816, Marriage of Carlo Nicotera, son of Giovanni Nicotera and Isabella de Ordi, and Maria Guiseppe Funari, daughter of Saverio Funari and Costanza Squitti

Italian Flag

Barone Tommaso Squitti (T)
 it is noted was entitled with the title of Baron, (Barone)  July 13, 1886
(believed to be a brother or uncle to Don Cesare Squitti of Malito)

He had 3 children  T1- Eleanora, T2- Nicola,  T3-Baldassare
(Source Dr. R. Squitti, University of Rome)

T1. Maria Squitti

T2. Nicola Squitti : (Senator Link
                    Children: daughter Eleonora who married Count Bonifacio Pignatti Morano di Custoza                                                                                                    (ambassador to the Holy See)
                                    daughter Maria Adelaide

T3. Baldassare:  Teacher of Law University of Naples - Politician

 Baldassarre Squitti, (1896-1930), (Son of  Barone Tommaso Squitti) member of the Italian Parliament and Professor in Law at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome, and his sister Eleonora, pictured below, it is said were close friends to Queen Margherita of Italy.


House of Savoy Coat of Arms

Eleonora Squitti & brother Baldassarre Squitti pictured below

Baldassarre Squitti

Italian Flag - House of Savoy

Isabella & brother Baldassarre Squitti

(picture from Dr. Rosanna Squitti of Rome)

Baldassarre Squitti, was a member of the Italian parliament, a writer and professor of law at the  University of Naples and the University of Rome.
A couple of pages from his translation of Roman Civil Law, by the German author Eduardo Bocking is pictured below.

Baldassare Squitti Baldassare Squitti Page

The Squitti's family, or at least part of them, moved to Palermiti e Guarna and then to Maida, always in Calabria and in early 1930 to Rome.

Senator Nicola Squitti
 Baron of Palermite e Guarna

SQUITTI FAMILY COAT OF ARMS - Houses of the South of Italy
(with thanks to Historian and writer Roy Piovesana )


Squitti Coat of Arms
Arma: Di rosso alla croce di oro ripiena di nero accantonata. Nel 1 and 4 punto da una columba germa sopra un monticello e tenente nel becco un ramoscello di ulivo il tutto di oro; nel becco un ramoscello di ulivo it tutto di orro; nel 2 & 3 da una croce trifogliata accantonata da quattro stelle il tutto d'oro.
<>Squitti Coat of arms:

Squitti Coat of Arms

A gold cross is enclosed (surrounded) by black and red. In the first and fourth (panel of the coat
  of arms there is) a dove on a small hill with a olive branch of gold in its beak; olive branch of gold in its beak; in the second and third (panel) a trifolium (clover) cross of gold surrounded by four stars all of them of gold.
 (translation Dr. R. Squitti Rome)

Investita con R. R. 13 luglio 1886 del titolo di barone di Palermiti e Gurna (mpr) in persona di TOMMASO Squitti, nato 8 settembre 1831.
La famiglia e iscritta nell'El UFF. Nob. Ital. col titolo di barone di Palermiti e Guarna (mpr) ed e rappresentata da Nicola, di Tommaso di Nicola.

Siblings / Fratelli: BALDASSARRE Squitti, Maria Squitti

Senator Squitti

<>Nicola Squitti was born July 26, 1853 in Maida Catanzaro son of Tommaso Squitti and Rosina Astanti.   Married  ASSERETO Ermenegilda (Gilda )

Two children Eleonora Squitti  and Maria Adelaide Squitti

Eleonora Married Count Bonifacio Pignatti Morano di Custoza
          (ambassador from Italy to the Holy See)
Maria Adeladide married Count Federico

N1. Conte Federico, Conte della Bevilacqua e di Minerbe con San Zenone, Santo Stefano e Gazzolo, Signore di Brentino e di Mancalacqua, Nobile di Verona, Nobile di Trento (*Verona 20-X-1887, +19…)

= 29-X-1921 Maria Adelaide Squitti, figlia di Nicola Squitti, Barone di Palermiti e Guarna (+17-VII-1943)
O1. Eleonora (*Verona 5-IX-1922)
O2. Felicita (*Bevilacqua 30-VI-1926)= 29-IX-1954 Giuseppe Bresa

Barone di Palermite e Guarna - Diplomate

Leopaldo Squitti (L)
Married Vincenzina Bruni
(Musical Conductor -  went to America and later back to Maida Italy at the turn of the 20th century)

Had four children L1- Cesare, L2-Teresa, L3- Letizia,  L4- Nicola

L1- Cesare who married Marianne Poscaro
3 children C1. Baldassare, C2. Leopoldo, C3. Gertrude

        C1. Baldassare married Rosa Schuheilis
4 children  B1-Vimaise, B2-Cesare, B3-Rosanna, B-4 Mario

1. Vimaise
2. Cesare - Politician & Director of Photography
3.  Dr. Rosanna Squitti  -Research Univeristy of La Sapensa
4.  Mario - Actor



The "Italian" side of the Squitti family includes Cesare Squitti with RAI Television, brother Mario,  in the "Calendario Storico of the year 2000" below, and sister Dr. Rosanna Squitti of Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome.



third from the left with "amaranto" cap.

U N I V E R S I T Y    O F    L A    S A P I E N Z A

Dr. Rosanna Squitti

 and his sister Dr. Rosanna Squitti of Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome ( 2003 ).

C2. Leopoldo
          4 children Beatrice, Teresa, Claudia, Silvia
1. Beatrice - Artist

2. Teresa

3. Claudia Silvia


Beatrice Squitti
 Artist in Rome

Baldassare Squitti with son Cesare and niece  Beatrice Squitti 2004
Photo by Stefano Giulianetti

C3. Gertrude married Roman Antonelli

                     3 children Simoni, Anita, Francis 

                              1. Simoni
                              2. Anita
                              3. Francis

L2- Teresa

L3- Letizia

L4- Nicola 
                      3 children N1-Gianocola, N2-Tommaso, N3-Maria Teresa

                     N1-  Giancola ( 2 children Christian and Mario)
                                1. Christian
                                      2.  Mario

                 N2-  Tommaso (3 children)

                       N3-  Maria Teresa

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Alessandro Squitti and Leonella Squitti
 (Movie production)
 in California, United States.


Barone Cesare Squitti (C)
Malito, Italy

Wife was Rosa Veltri

They had two children, Giuseppe (Joseph) (CANADA)

C1- Joseph  who married Maria Teresa Carollo
8 children J1 Caesar Agustus, J2 Peter, J3 Arthur Natale, J4, Rose, J5 Mario,
                             J6 Gilda (adopted), J7 Ben, J8 Robert.

C2 - Rose ?

Canadian Flag

Giuseppe (Joseph) Squitti

(father of Arthur Squitti )

Mr. Squitti

Giuseppe Squitti - Port Arthur - circa 1920

Joseph Squitti, Arthur's father, traveled the World looking for a place to settle back in the early 1900's.
He traveled to San Paulo (Sao Paulo) Brazil, and then by ship to Ellis Island, New York, in 1911, at the age of 28. Ellis Island records show him recorded as Giuseppe "Sguitti".
He then traveled to Port Arthur, Ontario Canada, at the head of Lake Superior. We believe the reasons were that fellow "paesani" from Malito, like the Gagliardi's lived in both San Paulo, Brazil and Port Arthur, Ontario Canada.

Some time later he called his wife, Maria Carollo Squitti and her son Caesar Augustus Squitti II , from Italy, and they left for Canada, lucky enough to miss the Titanic on its maiden voyage.

Squitti's Grocery

Squitti's Grocery Secord Street 1914

Giuseppe Squitti with wife, Maria Carollo, and sons Caesar and Peter.

Joseph and Maria Teresa Carollo Squitti settled on Secord Street, the "Little Italy" of the day in Thunder Bay, then Port Arthur, a booming port city at the head of the Great Lakes and a gateway to Western Canada, next to Fort William know throughout the 20th century as the twin cities. Joseph was a fine wood carpenter from Italy, and opened a small grocery store on Secord Street, behind the present Italian Hall; the year 1915.

Port Arthur - Thunder Bay - Squitti family 1919

Squitti family 1919 Port Arthur

Peter Squitti - Rose Squitti - Joseph Squitti - Arthur Squitti - Caesar Squitti

Tragically Maria Carollo Squitti at the age of 33 died during childbirth in the year June 19, 1919, leaving as orphans, Caesar, Peter (Lucky), Natale (Arthur) Rose Squitti, and the newborn Mario Terrence. The children were put into an orphanage and Mario Terrance the newborn died shortly thereafter.

Giuseppe Squitti had 8 children
Caesar, Peter, Arthur, Rose, Mario, Gilda, Ben, Robert

born in Malito, Italy, travelled to Canada with his mother, lived in Winnipeg and died in  Thunder Bay, Ontario
J2. PETER SQUITTI of Thunder Bay
Peter Squitti married Gertrude Fox and had two children Joseph and Teresa.
Joseph Squitti is currently the Mayor of the Municipality of Alleyn & Cawood a small community 1 hour from Ottawa




J3. ARTHUR (ART) NATALE SQUITTI born in Port Arthur, now Thunder Bay 1915-1976
Art Natale Squitti married Marianne Rosso from Simbario Italy, and gave birth to and three children, Caesar J. B. , Maria Teresa (Teresa) and Concetta. They also built "Squitti's,"

The LIGHT: The Rainbow of Truth.
by  Caesar J. B. A. Squitti

The Jesus Christ Code authored by Caesar J. B. Squitti can be found on the internet.

Almost 20 years of research into various philosophical paradigms resulted in the discovery of a negative side to truths; anti-truths.

The discovery expands the definitions of three concepts, 'half-truths', lies', and truth'.

The discovery suggests that the biblical story concerning the 'original sin' may indeed be true."

Dedicated to the memory of  my loving   parents !

Jesus Christ Code banner

We cannot allow the manipulation of historical truths, half-truths and lies of history dictate The Truth about these people; even truth can Lie.

The family was noble in origin and concerned about the equitable treatment of  their community.   Injustice and corruption was all around them,  more then than now, and many a time they fought hard to deal with it among the prejudices, the hatred the lies that was and is this world.

To use words that we all have heard, 'he who is without sin, cast the first stone' judge a person who have to know The Truth, and frankly, only God knows The Truth....

Caesar J. B. A. Squitti

<>J4. ROSE SQUITTI (ALBO) born in Thunder Bay, then Port Arthur.
<> Rose Squitti married Frank Albo (Geralton) (the barber) and had one child Virginia.  Albo family from Spokane, Waashington .  

We believe the Albo family was from Grimaldi, Cosenza, Italy.

<>J5. MARIO SQUITTI of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  His mother, Maria Teresa Carollo,  died during child birth  and was buried in St. Andrews Cemetary, 1919.  Three months later the child,  Mario returned to be with his mother.  He was buried at the foot and to the left of his mother  beside a small balsom fir tree.   The tree grew tall and was taken down by the wind  in 2008.

Following the death of Maria Teresa Carollo Squitti, relatives sent a homemaker, named  Francis with her daughter GILDA  came from Italy to to look after the orphaned children.  Eventually  Joseph Squitti Francis and had two more children.
J6. GILDA SQUITTI of Thunder Bay, Ontario
J7. BEN SQUITTI of Thunder Bay
Ben married Hazel Petch (parents Charles Petch, 1876-1943- Newport, Wales, England, and Emily Neeves, 1888-1973 - Ramsgate, Kent England [parents George Neeves / Harriott Stead] ).
Ben's children include
Billy(plumber), Terrence(truck driver), John (truck driver), Frank (plumber) and Brian Squitti(actor).
Ben operated Squitti Brothers Plumbing until 1957.

Ben Squitti Plumbing

Ben Squitti and Hazel Petch

Ben Squitti Plumbing

8. ROBERT SQUITTI of Thunder Bay

Robert Squitti married Joyce Hardy, (England)
children Norman, Larry, Robert, and Sherry Lynn.
 Robert started Robert's Plumbing  in Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Third son of Joseph Squitti

Art Natale Squitti was born in 1915 in the south side of Port Arthur, now Thunder Bay on Secord Street.

He attended Saint Josephs School and he often spoke of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and the Priests of Saint Anthony's Church, especially Monsineur Tomaselli.

Arthur was orphaned when at the age of 4 his mother, Maria Teresa Carollo died, leaving four orphaned children.

During his early years he was known to have been selling papers on the street corners.

Finishing school he ventured into mining and then fishing on Lake Nipigon, know and respected by the Natives in the area as a fisherman on Lake Nipigon.

He worked as a miner and eventually owned his own Taxi Cab company, where he was known as "Arturo the Taxi Driver" or "Taxi-Art" by the Chinese. Many Italians in the area still speak highly of him, as he was an ambassador to the newly arriving Italian Immigrants.

Born in Canada he could speak fluent English and Italian, (Calabrese) and found great enjoyment in providing these people of Italian origins with information, connections and jobs; he had heart. Arthur Squitti often spoke to his children about the poor of the world, and often referred to the children of the world who did not have what we had.

A special note is made of "Angelina Agostino," who when Art was orphaned became his adopted mother, and who owned a small corner grocery store on the corner of Cornwall Street and Ontario Streets.

Mr. Joseph and Angela Agostino


Mr. Joseph and Angela Agostino
on their 50th Anniversary, being awarded a plaque from with the Papal blessing from Father Bortinione and a representative from the Italian Society of Port Arthur, Joe Baratta.

Arthur Squitti, would often refer to Mrs. Agostino his "Real Mother." As an orphan Arthur, would often go to the Agostino's Grocery Store, and it is in my opinion Mrs. Agostino who became the source for much of Art's  "loving " personality.
 This rare loving character is found within many of the other Agostino's. Mrs. Agostino's family included sons, Jimmy, Frankie, Johnny, Nicky, Tony, Raymond, and daughters, Carmel (DiPaulo), Rose(Maki), Edith (Figliomeni) of Schreiber fame.

Arthur Squitti

Art Squitti

Arthur Squitti at White Mines 1930's

Times were tough. During the 30's Arthur Natale, or Art as they called him is pictured as a miner in one of the mines of Northern Canada. Art was also known among the natives as a fisherman on the herring boats of Lake Nipigon, later on Lake Superior.

Arthur Squitti


Arthur Squitti as a taxi driver
for Checker Taxi on Cumberland Street in the 1950's

During the 50's and 60's Arthur Squitti drove taxi for then Checker Taxi, and then went own to own his own cab; ART'S Taxi during the 50's and 60's.


Calender from 1958

Arthur Natale Squitti passed away June 26, 1976.

For that which charmed our eyes in beauty's region.
Passing away beyond our mortal sight.
A beauty of the spirit then became
That spreads in Heaven a flame of love
Which greets the angels with its light
And makes their lofty minds
That truth discern
Rapt in amaze.
So nobly doth it burn .

Marianne's parents
Concetta Bertucci and Francesco Rosso
(Simbario, Catanzaro - Italy)

The Rosso's

Concetta Bertucci and Francesco Rosso
(The Rosso family is believed to have emigrated from France where the name was Russo, The Bertucci family, were Merchants from Venice)
 ( Concetta Bertucci had 9 brothers and sisters who immigrated to Chicago )

Francesco Rosso's Parents
 Domenic Rosso and Nicolina Roti.

Domenic Rosso's parents were Francesco and Catarina Gagliardi.

 Nicolina's parents were Vito Roti and Caterina Scopacasa.
Vito Roti's parents were Dominco Roti and Catarina Coda.  Catarina's parents were Antonio Scopacasa and Nicolina Coda.

Concetta's Parents
were Vincenzo and Maria Catarina Bertucci of Simbario

(source: Bruno Speziale,  Mississauga )

- They had  9 children -

(We invite those who have pictures to e-mail them to us at )

1. Concetta (Rosso) Simbario Italy
2. Vito Bertucci of Chicago, USA
3. Joseph Bertucci Chicago, USA
4. Fred Bertucci of Chicago, USA
5. Marianne (Roti) of Chicago, USA
6. Victoria (Vari) of Chicago, USA
7. Mariangela(Roti) of Chicago, USA
8. Rose (Previte) of Chicago, USAR
9.  Bruno Bertucci of Chicago, USA

( The parents of Concetta Bertucci, were  Vincenzo and Maria Catarina Bertucci of Simbario - )
-  who had 9 children, 8 went to Chicago listed below )

Nonna Concetta Bertucci, was known as a very hard working compassionate religious woman who cared not only for her family but those throughout the the entire village. She was known to say,
"give with one hand but don't let the other hand know".

<>Francesco Rosso and Concetta Bertucci
had eleven children,

Vincenzo Rosso of Thunder Bay
 Domenic Rosso of Simbario
,Bruno Rosso of Simbario
Francesca Rosso of Simbario
Peppina (Roti) of France
Victoria Rosso of Simbario
Catarina (Primerano) of Simbario
Nicolina (Galle) of Thunder Bay
Angelina (Bertucci) of Thunder Bay
Concetta Rosso (died 4 years old)
Fortunato Rosso of Toronto

Marianne(Squitti) of Thunder Bay



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  • Marianne Rosso+Squitti - The Noble Godmother !

    " Ha mangiato? " . . . " Did he eat ?"

    These were the words that Mamma Squitti spoke to Mr. Vito Luceno. The scene takes place in our family livingroom with Mamma Squitti on her daybed. Mr. Luceno had arrived from Toronto to see us. Months earlier, the last time Vito Luceno had seen Mamma Squitti she was on life supports for some three weeks at the Port Arthur General Hospital, dead to this world. Miraculously she was recovering and she was now sitting on her day bed in a very frail state of health and partly blind. When we mentioned to mother that Mr. Vito Luceno from Toronto was there to see her comment was....

    " Ha mangiato ? " translated to mean, "Did he eat ?"

    Mr. Luceno smiled, chuckled and said, " Yes I had something on the plane." This was and will always be the genuine motherly love and concern of a one human being to another !

    In contemporary North American+Italian culture, the term "Godfather" ignores the positive images of a man, an elderly man; compassionate, caring and a politically active individual who seeks justice for his people, his community. Mutual respect and integrity were key, and where the best interests of the community were his prime motivation. People were family, and sometimes the system did not provide for them justice, and the Godfather took this responsibility upon himself. In keeping with the noble tradition of the godfather, Momma Squitti in her life was very much a "Godmother" to those around her.

    Marianne Rosso was born the youngest girl of eleven children to Concetta Bertucci and Francesco Rosso. It is said that when she was born, someone was heard to say, "Poor Francesco...another Girl" Her father Francesco responded by saying, "she will be the queen of my family." I believe history will prove him right.

    Marianne was born in the village of Simbario, in the "sole" of Italy, in the heart of the province of Calabria, creatively using the God given talents and skills that would be so evident to all who knew her. Simbario is a small agrarian town of some 2,500 located in the southern tip of mainland Italy, on a plateau in the mountains, one of the "triplet towns" that include Spatola and Brognaturo, near the city of Serra Saint Bruno, known for its monastery. As a town merchant she was involved and helped many of the family in various of the small and humble businesses they operated.

    It was here that she acquired her community spirit and the belief that indeed the world is one small global village.

    I came across a very interesting picture (below) taken of my mother in Southern Italy, Simbario, in 1945 just shortly after the war. The picture includes Marianne with other cousins and an American Soldier. This "Americano," was in fact, their cousin Bruno Spina (Bertucci) Grandson of Bruno "Braco" and Maria Antonia "Jenny" (Colangelo) Bertucci. He could not speak any Italian, and here he was at war with his motherland, unable to communicate with his family; all within one generation; politics is all about polarizing people, even families.


    <>. From left to right, the little girl on the left, Rosina Roti+Gagliardi, now in France, Marianna Rosso+Squitti, Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, CORPORAL Bruno Spina (Bertucci,) Chicago, U.S.A., Nicolina Primerano of Simbario, Calabria, Italy, Angelina Primerano+Gagliardi, Simbario, Italy, Concetta Primerano+Scopacasa, children Clara, Fortunato and Bruno Scopacasa, Mongiana, Italy, Peppina Primerano Italy, and the little girl on the right, Peppina Roti, living in France.

    US Sargent Bruno Spina !
    The American Soldier - a cousin visits his hometown, Simbario, Catanzaro !
    Cousin Bruno Spina+Bertucci ! Mamma Squitti left of Corporal Bruno Spina.

    Taken in Simbario 1945, during the 2nd World War, at the back door of Grandma Concetta's home, symbolizes the 'tragedy of war. Cousins from different countries at war, fighting each other because of politics.

    Bruno Spina, son of Joseph and Catherine (Bertucci) Spina. (Chicago)
    Grandson of Bruno "Braco" and Maria Antonia "Jenny" (Colangelo) Bertucci.

    Catherine (Bertucci) Spina, (mother of the soldier) had a brother Vincenzo "Jimmy" Bertucci, and Frank Bertucci were the three surviving children of Bruno "Braco" (who was born in Simbario) and Maria Antonia "Jenny" (Colangelo) Bertucci.

    Marianne's family in Italy was involved in various business operations. They owned and cultivated lands that bore fruits of many types, cherries, plums, pears. Their lands were used to raise livestock as they operated a meat market. The family made cloths, like linen and wool, did their own sewing and crocheting. They baked bread for the town. Mother would often tell the story about a Cherry Tree. It was located on a family farm close to the roadway. People would take of this tree so Marianne decided to build a wire fence around it to keep them away. The next year this cherry tree bore no fruit and when she told her mother about this her mother told her that this was "God's way" of teaching her not to be selfish. The fence was quickly removed and a lesson learned; sharing.

    Marianne attended elementary school, but was too busy looking after the family businesses to continue. It is said that the most successful business people in the world have less than a grade 2 education, and I can see why. She was a self-made woman. Talented, strong, creative, honest, hardworking, and very religious. Paradoxically her strengths were overshadowed by her honest humility in a world that was not. She was and will be a monument to integrity and goodness.

    Besides working the family businesses, a mother would often help the town's doctor, and act as a mid-wife.

    Marianne would speak of how the eleven orphaned children and her mother Concetta would say the rosary gathered in a small circle in the evenings. Occasionally her mother would have to nudge one of the children if they fell asleep. Religion and prayer were an integral part of everyday life.

    In one incident the town priest when seeing how well kept the children were, suggested to Concetta that she should be taxed more because her children were so well dressed. Concetta grabbed the priest against the wall, and warned him, "with 11 orphan children the Church has not ever helped her and if it was not for the fact that he had baptized many of her children, she would deal with him differently." In credit to this priest, he did at another time say, that Concetta Bertucci would definitely "go to heaven with all her clothes on for the way she lived her life, but he, a priest would certainly go to hell, for he studied and preached the word of God and should know better."

    During the war, grandmother would hide foods and share them anonymously with those in need in the small town. This small town "community" environment helped in part to build the character that focused on sharing, family values, mutual respect and benevolence. Marianne's character was symbolized by a common statement she would speak, "tenitivi cura, utatavi, voletivi bene" translated to mean, "look after yourselves, help each other, and love one another."

    Trip to Canada - Angelina, her sister was sick in the hospital !

    In November 1954, Marianne Rosso, 35, boarded a boat in Naples; her destination Halifax, and then Port Arthur. She left her store and her mother, whom she was caring for to attend to a sister, Angelina who was sick in the hospital in Port Arthur. Her brothers Vincenzo and Fortunato, and her sister Angelina Bertucci had found work at Sapawe an isolated saw mill town in Northern Canada. It was said that for months her pet dog roamed the hills surrounding the city in search of her, I am certain she was missed by all.

    The trip by boat was a difficult one, with many of the passengers sick from riding the vast Atlantic. The character of Marianne can be realized by one incident. A fellow traveler was experiencing sea sickness, and was somewhat embarrassed and too sick to see the doctor, and had asked Marianne to visit the doctor in her place. So Marianne went to the doctor in her place and gave the doctor her friends symptoms. The doctor gave her some pills for sea sickness, but before leaving insisted she take a spoon full of medicine that she had to take in the office. So she told her friend, you were sick and I took some medicine for you, I hope you will get better.

    Like many of the immigrants of the time she often spoke of the trip across the sea to Halifax. The giant waves, the swells, and the fish that swam by the side of the boat. Immigration allowed her to pass with no difficulties, then by train to Thunder Bay, then Port Arthur.

    The trip across the ocean by boat was a difficult one. The character and destiny of Marianne in this "New World" would be realized by one incident. A fellow traveler was experiencing sea sickness, and was embarrassed and too sick to see the doctor. She asked Marianne to visit the doctor in her place. So Marianne went to the doctor and gave the doctor her friend's symptoms. The doctor gave Marianne some pills, and insisted that before she left she take a spoon full of medicine. Marianne gave the pills to the sick passenger, with the comment, "you will get better soon, I also took a spoon of your medicine ! "

    Marianne came to Port Arthur to look after her sister Angelina who was in the hospital in very poor condition. Exploratory surgery left a cancerous growth. Marianne was surprised to find Angelina in the hospital with an open incision. She advised the doctors to close the surgery, treat with her with strong antibiotics. Angelina recovered..

    The family brothers, and sisters of Marianne Rosso were at Sapawe, a small sawmill town in Northern Ontario. The sunny and warm hills of southern Italy were replaced with wooden shacks, wood stoves, and the harsh cold freezing winters of Northern Ontario.

    Marianne's brothers had found work in Sapawe, a saw mill town in Northern Ontario. In the freezing cold, in the dark woodlands, living in a cold wood tar shack, Marianne would often cry, thinking of the homeland she had left. The shock of the setting did not overwhelm Marianne as she used her resourcefulness to start raising chickens that provided food and eggs for her and others. She engaged in blue berry picking, gardening, shoe repairs, to help sustain herself and her brothers and sisters. Marianne helped remodel a home for her brother who was expecting his new wife, and upon her arrival, three became a crowd and Marianne moved to Port Arthur.

    Marianne found a job St. Josephs Heritage as a cook. She hoped to raise enough to pay her ticket back to Italy, however, news came that her mother had passed away in Italy. Marianne changed her clothes to black as was the Italian custom. The Sisters found it quite amusing one day to take off her clothes and wrap her in white sheets, Marianne was not amused. In another incident Marianne told the story of not being able to cut frozen butter into perfect squares. Mother Superior in a moment of anger, take the handle of a knife and struck the back of her knuckles causing them to swell. Marianne had never been struck by her mother let alone people she worked for. She ran away, and Police were called to look for her. She left Saint Joseph's Heritage, to meet a wonderful woman by the name of Mrs. Grace Ubriaco who helped her find a job at Vi's Tavern on Bay Street. I am quite certain that the area enjoyed meals that were indeed heavenly. She was working to pay for her fare back to Italy when she met Arthur Natale Squitti, owner of Art's Taxi.



    Mamma Squitti & Saint Rocco,  Simbario, Calabria Italy
    on her balcony in Italy with Saint Rocco in the background

    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Squitti were married in 1956 in Saint Anthony's Church in then Port Arthur, (now Thunder Bay ) Ontario Canada. and took up residence at 219 Secord Street, next to grandfathers house. The house was know for its beautiful garden, that many children enjoyed, and the annual winter hockey rink that Arthur would build each year.

    When Marianne was in the hospital to deliver her first child, a nurse brought her a book. The book was to help name her child. Marianne Squitti responded, "when the book has a child, we will let the book chose the name of the child." Marianne worshipped and respected religion and tradition where children were given names in honor and respect of grandparents, aunts and uncles, not books.

    Marianne's brothers and sisters had now moved to Port Arthur and had purchased a rooming house at 325 Bay Street. When the partnership failed, Marianne sought to remedy the situation and purchased the rooming house from them in 1964.

    The rooming house was purchased at a time that the economic conditions in Canada were just improving. The rooming house housed many elderly retirees, people moving from the reserves and people moving through the city. Marianne was use to cooking for large groups would often cook up extra portions for the elderly who lived upstairs, and her kitchen became the source for some truly great dishes that went to these people, mostly needy people; these people gave Marianne the nickname "Mamma." Mamma respected all people, especially the needy and the poor, regardless of color. "We are all children of one God," she would often say, and I am witness to her generosity, at least the part I knew about. Many, many people have fond great memories of "Mamma," and respect for her good council.

    "Mamma - The Thinker" 

    Momma Squitti

    "Mamma - The Thinker"
    Many people sought her honest advice and wisdom.

    Marianne's parents

    Marianne was the daughter of Francesco Rosso and Concetta Bertucci. Francesco Rosso had one sister. ( the Rosso family it is said had origins in France, and it is history that under Napoleon much of Italy was part of the French Empire). In fact Francesco Rosso had immigrated to Chicago, and bought a farm there, but his wife Concetta Bertucci did not want to move to Chicago and stayed in Simbario, Italy.

    Concetta Bertucci, the daughter of Vincenzo and Maria Catarina Bertucci of Simbario, had 8 brothers and sisters, all of which immigrated to Chicago to tame it in the late 1800's.

    United States Flag

    The Bertucci's in America

    - Parents: Vincenzo and Maria Catarina Bertucci of Simbario -
    - 9 children -

    (We invite those who have pictures to e-mail them to us at )

    1. Bruno Bertucci of Chicago, USA
    2. Vito Bertucci of Chicago, USA
    3. Joseph Bertucci Chicago, USA
    4. Fred Bertucci of Chicago, USA
    5. Marianne (Roti) of Chicago, USA
    6. Victoria (Vari) of Chicago, USA
    7. Mariangela(Roti) of Chicago, USA
    8. Rose (Previte) of Chicago, USA
    9.Concetta (Rosso) Simbario Italy

    Concetta Bertucci, Marianne's mothers was the only daughter of Vincenzo Bertucci and Maria Catarina to remain in Simbario. Concetta's Bertucci's husband, Francesco Rosso, went to Chicago for several years in the 20's, bought some land,  but returned to Italy because Grandma did not like the big city.

    Concetta Bertucci's four brothers, Marianne's uncles, included Bruno Bertucci, Vito Bertucci, Fred Bertucci and Joseph Bertucci as well as the four sisters, Marianna, Victoria, Mariangela and Rose, all immigrated to Chicago in the early 1900's.

    . The Bertucci Grocery Store located at 268 W. 24th Street became the center for establishing the Saint Rocco's Day Festival in Chicago and building a safe haven for newly arriving immigrants.  Despite the half-truth stereotypes of Italians in Chicago, there was much corruption within the political and judicial systems that Italians had to overcome by looking after each other.


    Saint Rocco's Festival Chicago

    chicago - new york  - toronto - thunder bay - simbario


    Saint Rocco's Festival
    - 24th Street Chicago - August 16th
    Treasurer of Saint Rocco's Society - Bruno Bertucci grandson of founder Bruno Bertucci


    1. Bruno Bertucci (1881+1933) married Maria Antonia Jenny Colangelo.(1891+1975)

                          They had 6 children, Vincenzo, Maria, John, Frank, Vincent and Catarina.


    In the center is  grandmother, Maria Antonia "Jenny" Bertucci who was married to Bruno " Braco" Bertucci of Simbario, and directly to the left is her daughter,  Catherine "Katie" (Bertucci) Spina,  who was married to Joseph Spina of Simbario.

     Bruno Bertucci founded the Society of  San Rocco Di Simbario” (Italy) in April of the year 1920  at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church / Santa Maria Incoronata W. Alexander Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60616  (Website Link)

    At the age of 38 Bruno had bad legs. One of his legs was ulcerated and the infection was severe. He had entered the hospital with hopes of clearing the infection. His legs became infected because at that time men had to break off ice from huge blocks with ice picks. Very often, they would accidentally cut themselves with the ice picks; the ammonia in the ice would leak out, and would get on their legs.

    After quite a few examinations, the doctors told Bruno that his leg would have to be amputated. His faith was never shaken. He believed that God through the intercession of St. Rocco would not let this happen to him. Catholics know that St. Rocco is a Saint known to cure the gravely ill and hopeless.

    At this time, Bruno made a solemn promise to St. Rocco and a nine day novena while in the hospital. He pleaded that if St. Rocco would intercede and ask our Lord to cure him and spare his leg, he would start a society in his honor.

    Bruno Bertucci owned a owned and operated a small community grocery store at the corner of 24th Street and Princeton Avenue, near China town. It was a time when the Italian people were looked down upon, and they had no one to turn to except their own.


    Memorial for Fred, Rose, Bruno and Maria Antonia Jenny Bertucci
    (Thank you cousins  Bruno, Frank, Maria, and Bernedette for reuniting us with our cherished family relatives and reconnecting with our present family.   signed Teresa and Caesar Squitti )

    Bruno Bertucci and Maria Antonia Jenny Bertucci   had 6 children, Vincenzo, Maria, John, Frank, Vincent and Catarina.

         1. Vincenzo, who died at the age of 5,

        2. Maria who died young,

        3. John who died at the age of 14 years,

        4. Frank Bertucci  (1917 + 1975) married Josephine Parelli
      3 children  Bruno, Frank, Maria

    Frank  Bertucci and his wife Josephine 1975

    1. Frank  married Sheila
    (children Vincent, Joseph, Paul, Lauren)
     2. Bruno  married Joan
    (child Angelina)
    3. Maria married Terry
    (child Brandon)

        5. Vincent Bertucci  married Mariann

    Vincent Bertucci

    1967  Port Arthur (Thunder Bay )
    Vincent Bertucci with Teresa and Concetta Squitti  - Vincent with Marianne Rosso Bertucci Squitti

    5 children
    1. Marie(Bunny) married Joseph
    2. Bruno married Bea
    (children Pia, Anna)
    3. Vito maried Linda
    4. Lillian married Joseph
    5. Mariann married Pat Foxx
    (children A.Lillian, B. Patricia, C.  Vincent,  D.Matthew)
      D. Vincent married Zailianne Braga - daughters, Nycolle & Tiffany)

        6. Catarina  Bertucci  married Joe Spina

    5 children
    1. Rosemary Spina married Howard
    5 children
    Mary Catherine married Micahel Pingnaturu
    Carol married John Molaro
    Bruno married Jennine
    2.  Antonietta married Vince Briglio
    3 children
    Joseph married Mary Lou (children Joseph, Vincent, and John
    John married Barbara (children Jamie and Renee)
    Mary Ann married Peter
    3. Bruno married Terri
    1 child
    4.  Bernedetta Spina married Joe Zito
    3 chldren
    Joe married Rena
    Mary Catherine married Michael D'Angelo
    5. Maria married Anthony
    1 child
    Jimmy married Michelle (children Jimmy and Maria)


    Saint Rocco's Festa 75th Anniversary

    Chicago - 2003

    Treasurer of Saint Rocco's Society - Bruno Bertucci grandson of founder Bruno Bertucci,
     Caesar J. B. Squitti,
    Frank Bertucci (Children of Frank Bertucci)


    The Bertucci Corner
    24th Street near Chinatown

    Frank Bertucci
    Bernadette Zito
    Teresa Squitti
    Sheila Bertucci
    (wife of Frank)
    Bruno Bertucci


    St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church
     Santa Maria Incoronata
     W. Alexander Street

    The Bertucci Family

    Joseph Bertucci
    Sheila Bertucci
    Teresa Squitti
    Lauren Bertucci
    Frank Bertucci
    Caesar Squitti

    5.  Vincent Bertucci
    (children Marie Antonnetta, Bruno, Victor, Lillian Marion,)

    6. Maria Catarina Bertucci who married Joseph Spina
    (children Rosemarie Thone, Antonette Briglio, Bruno, Bernadette Zito, and Maria Vinci.)


    , Bernadette Zito and family


     Antonette Briglio and family ?


      Rosemarie Thone and family ?


    I have emailed you before and sent you pictures of My dad Bruno and his wife Beverly and other family pictures.

     I am Lori Bertucci. Today I went down to China town and met Maria and Bernadette(Zito), what a treat.

     I am sending you a picture of our meeting. I am the one in the middle.

     My cousin Lisa is to my left and my sister Terry is on the right. It is always so nice to meet more family and I would love to find out even more about my grandfather and his family.

    (Bernadette is 2nd from the left, and her sister Maria is fourth from the left)

     (November 26, 2007)

    2. Fortunato  Bertucci married Rosina with no children.

    Bertucci Joseph Simbario 3. Joseph Bertucci was married

    1 child Jimmy James


         1. Jimmy James Bertucci

    Jimmy James Bertucci
      Jimmy James Bertucci and wife
                                  5 children Joseph, Fred, Bruno, Theresa, Mary

    1. Dr. Joseph Bertucci who married Mary Jane
    6 children. Fred, Anthony,James, MaryJo, Michael and John )
    ( Fred Bertucci married Kari Wood  - Son Joseph )

    2. Fred
    ( Fred never married, died in the 2nd WW with the US Navy )
    United States Flag        Bertucci_Fred_Navy           United States Flag

    Fred Bertucci   US NAVY   Died 2ND WORLD WAR

    3. Bruno Bertucci,
    ( 6 children. Pamela, Bruno, James, Theresa, Loretta (Lori) and Richard )

    Dr. Bertucci

    Dr. Joseph Bertucci and Bruno S. Bertucci
      -  2ND World War USA -

    4. Theresa Bertucci, who married Joseph
    ( 2 children Nicolina died in infancy and Nicolas (Nick) is still living )

    5.  Mary Bertucci who married Charles Puleo
    ( 2 children Charles and Mary )

    Bertucci family

    Jimmy's Children,
    far left is 
    Theresa next to her brother  Bruno S,  next to her  other sister Mary
     and the man on the end is Marys husband Charles Puleo.     
    <>So these are Jimmys (James) children  Theresa, Bruno and Mary

    Bruno Bertucci and Beverly W. Hansen

     Bruno S Bertucci and Beverly W Hansen
    Bruno married Beverly and they had 6 children. Pamela, Bruno, James, Theresa, Loretta (Lori) and Richard


    Some of the children of Jimmy and Marys children

    Top row left to right  Dr Josephs son John, Dr Josephs son James, Dr Josephs son Michael, Theresas son Nick, Marys son Charles, Brunos son Richard, Brunos son James
    Bottom row left to right   Brunos daughter Pamela, Marys daughter Mary, Brunos Daughter Loretta (Lori), Brunos Daughter Theresa, Dr Josephs Daughter Maryjo.

    4 .Fred Bertucci married Rose Braico

                            10 CHILDREN (FIVE LIVED PAST CHILDHOOD) Katie,  Frank, Vincent(Jimmy Boy) , Theresa, Bruno

    1. Maria Catarina (Katie) who married Frank (Cheech)Barbaro

    1.  Mickey
    2.  Rosetta
    3.  Marianne
    4.  Frank

           2.  Bruno married Rita Alumbo
                                        4 Children

                                                     1. Marita
                                                               2. Rosemary
                                                               3. Susan
                                                               4. Fred

          3.  Theresa (ran Bertucci's corner of 24th Street)

          4. Vincent Joseph (Jimmy Boy) who married Rosemary Cimino
    2 Children
    1.  Roseanna Barbaro married  Michael Ziegler
    2. Joanne married James Stezchowski
    (children Concetta, Joey, Frank, Teresa and Bruno)


    Saint Rocco's Festival 2003
               (left to right)

    James Strezchowski with Joann
    Teresa Squitti
    Rosemary Cimino


    Saint Rocco's Festival 2003
               (left to right)

    Frank Bertucci

    Roseanna and  the one and only Michael Ziegler

    Concetta Bertucci's four sisters
    ( Marianne Squitti's aunts, also went to Chicago )

    5. Marianna Bertucci (1880-1972) married Bruno Roti   9 Children Sam, Jimmy, Bruno, Frank, Fred Roti,  Maria Rosa Roti,  Maria Catarina,  Angie, Josie, Bruno

    1.  Sam (Salvatore) Roti who married Teresa Salerino

    2. Jimmy Roti married Dorthy,

    3. Bruno Roti who married Angnes Bedalow,

    4. Frank Roti

           5. Fred Roti married Irene Orr

    6.  Maria Rosa Roti married Joseph Caruso

    <>4 children
    Mary Ann
    Bruno Fred

    7. Maria Catarina Catherine married Frank Caruso,
    <>2 children
    1. Francis Roti
    2. Bruno Roti

    8. Angie Roti married Domenic Giorandi

    1 child

    Mary Rose

    9. Josie Roti married Anthony Barbaro.

    2 children
    Bruno Fred Roti

    10. Bruno Roti who married Angie Helen

    6. Victoria Bertucci married Raffaelle Vari,

      4  Children Vito, Domenic, Catherine, and James

    1. VitoVari who married Rose Maida,

    2. Domenic Vari who married Lena,

    3.  Catherine Vari who married Carl Swanson.

    4.  James died in WW 2 ?

    7. Mariangela Bertucci married Francesco Roti

    6 Children Rosie, Jimmy, Vito,  Salvatore, Bruno, Fred,

    1. Rosie Rotie who married Frank Nardi,

    2. Jimmy Vincent who married Nicolina Terangs,

    3. Vito (Tootsie),

    4. Salavatore (Sam) who married Lucille Iasillo,

    5. Bruno Roti who married Helen Betty,

           6. Fred Roti who married Vera Vegetable.

    8. Rose Bertucci married Pete Previte.

    3  children  Carmela, Maria, and Angelina

    1. Carmela Previte who married Vito Barbero.

          2. Maria Catarina who married John Fero,

    3.  Angelina Previte.

    The Rosso's

    9. Concetta Bertucci married Francesco Rosso

    of SIMBARIO, CALABRIA and had 13 children. Vincenzo, Francesca, Victoria,  Domenic,  Bruno, Peppina, Catarina, Nicolina, Angelina, Marianne, Fortunato and Concetta.

    Concetta Bertucci and Francesco Rosso

    Francesco Rosso of Simbario had one sister Concetta Rosso who married who married a Bertucci in Simbario,  and had two sons.  Bruno di Postali (he was the postman in Simbario) and a brother Salvatore (Turri) 


    Maestro Bruno Postale Bertucci and wife Giuditta
    Children left to right
    Giuseppe Antonio, Peppina Roti (Simbario - deceased), Victoria Spinelli (Soverato, Italy), Concetta, Franchescina Bertucci (Dearborn Heights, Michigan - deceased) , Fortunato (smallest in front)

    Bruno had 3 sons, Fortunato, Salvatore and Guiseppe, and four daughters Concetta who married Salvatore Speziali, Lisa, Peppina and Victoria. 

    1. Vincenzo Rosso of Thunder Bay<>


    Vincenzo Rosso  married  Angelina 

    1. daughter Concetta-Connie of Thunder Bay


    Connie and Les


    Vincenzo Rosso, daughter Concetta and wife Angelina  - Uncle Nato's Chevy

    2. Francesca Rosso of Simbario,

    Zia  Francesa with her nipotie (neices and nephews)
    The oldest daughter looked after many of the younger children. 

    Maria Concetta Galle , Luigi Galle,  Peppina Roti (Farnce), Guiseppina Galle (Thunder Bay)

    3. Victoria Rosso of Simbario,


    Rosina  Rosso and daughter, Victoria Rosso in bed (Simbario), Mariangela  Roti  (France)
    4. Domenic Rosso of Simbario married Maria Antonuzza

    The Rosso's

    Marianne Rosso Squtti at her home in Italy, with brothers Fortunato, Domenic Rosso and Bruno Rosso 1987 Simbario, Vibo, Italy

    1. Salvatore (Sam) of Toronto
    2. Ciccio of Toronto
      3. Francesco  of Italy
      4. Vincenzo of Toronto who married Sandra
    5.  Angelina of Toronto
    6. Cosmo  of Simbario
      7. Elizabetta of Simbario
    8. Maria Concetta of Simbario
    9.  Angelina, of Toronto
      10. Rosina of Toronto
    (children Sam, Tony,
    11.  Fortunato in Serra San Bruno

    5. Bruno Rosso of Simbario Italy who married Maria Donato
    <>7 children

    1. Francesco Rosso

    2.     Vincenzo Rosso

    3.     Giuseppe Rosso

    4.     Domenico Rosso married Marie

    Two children, Bruno and  Marie

    5.     Maria Concetta Rosso married Domenic Rosso (1957)

    One son Frank Rosso

    6.     Rosina Rosso

    7.     Elisabetta Rosso


    Concetta and Domenic Rosso 1957

    6. Peppina  of France, who married Vito Roti
    <>5 children
    1. Rosina,
    2. Vito,
    3. Francesco-Cicco,
    4.  Peppina,
    5. Mariangela

    7. Catarina who married Vito Primerano of Simbario,


    Vito Primerano - grandchild Catarina  - Catarina (Rosso) Primerano

    <>6  children
    1. Francesco Primerano married Rosina
    (Figli Pina, Vito e Catarina)
    2. Domenic Primerano married Francescina
    (children Catarina, Vito, Nicoletta)
    3. Peppina married Salvatore Manella
    (figli Carmela, Caterina, Nicoletta, Ruggiero e Vito)
    4. Concetta Scopacasa married Bruno Scopacasa
    (children Chiara, Fortunato, Bruno)
    5. Angelina married Pasquale Gagliardi
    (children Bruno (a Padova)
    , Vitoantonio, Francesco, Cosimo, Carmela)
    6.  Nicolina married Raffaele Carchidi
    (Rosellina, Caterina, Vito, Vincenzo e Concetta )

    8. Nicolina who married Francesco Galle of Thunder Bay
                                     (Franks Grocery)  

    <>4 children


    The Galle Family - Nicolina , Luigi, Paul, Josephine, Francesco, Mary

    1. Paul married Rita Nardi
    (children Frank, Nicolletta, Peter, Enzo )
    2. Luigi
    3. Maria Concetta who married Angelo Marino
    (children, Frank, Tony and Julie)
    4. Peppina who married Bruno Pappa
    (children Peppina, Angelo, Frank )

    9.  Angelina of Thunder Bay who married Joseph Bertucci
                                      (Bertucci's Grocery - 64 Secord Street - Thunder Bay)

    Caesar, Arthur Squitti, Marianne Squitti, Mariangela and Beppino Bertucci 1959
    10. Marianne Squitti of Thunder Bay who married Arthur Squitti


    Marianne & Arthur Squitti - 1956
    <>3 children
    1. Caesar
    2, Teresa
    3, Concetta

    11. Fortunato Rosso of Toronto who married Maria

    Fortunato_Rosso <>

    8 children
    1. Josephine who married Tony Marino
    (children Joseph and Tony)
    2.  Francis who married Luigi
    (children Anthony, Louie, Mark)
    , 3. Concetta who married Nick Crocitto
    (picture below)
    (children Tanya, Vito,  and Marie)
    4. Catarina who married Tony Felix
    (children Stephanie, and Mark )
    5. Frank who married Rose
    (children Mary Rose, Stephanie, Christina, Frank)
     6. Bruno who married Nancy
    7. Salvatore-Sam,
    8.   Tony who married Carmen
    (children Dante)

    Rose and Frank Rosso


    (L to R )Vincenzo Rosso, Hazel Petch Squitti, Caesar Squitti, Fortunato Rosso, Maria  Rosso,
     Josephine Rosso, Francescina Rosso 1958

    12.   Concetta               
                          (died in infancy)


    Nicolina (Rosso) Galle - Mariangela (Rosso)Bertucci - Connie (Rosso) Crocitto- Marianne (Rosso)Squitti - circa 1970's

    Here is a beautiful picture of the three sisters Nicolina, Mariangela (Angelina) and Marianne with Connie Rosso, daughter of Fortunato Rosso on her wedding day, at Uncle Nato's house in Toronto

    The three sisters had set up three grocery stores in Port Arthur, now Thunder Bay, all within a couple of blocks of each other.   There was Frank's, on John Street, Squitti's on Bay Street  and Bertucci's at the corner of Dufferin and Secord Streets.


    Mrs. Marianne Squitti

    Momma Squitti working on her "Singer"

    When Marianne Squitti attended seamstress school in Italy, she was told that she did not need lessons, she had natural talent and went on to design and sew much clothing for the family and her own wedding dress; she was a great designer. Her greatest pride and students were her children; Concetta, Teresa and Caesar.

    Katara and Squitti

    Axel Katara and Mamma Squitti painting her home.

    After her brother and sister decided to sell their rooming house, and in the early 60's Marianne and her husband Art bought it and operated a "rooming house" at 325 Bay Street. This was a world in of itself. People of all walks of life, and all colors walked through this home including teenagers escaping the Vietnam war, native Canadians, and retired elderly bush workers. The picture above sees Axel Katara, from Finland who became an adopted grandfather.


    Working on the Cottage on Lake Superior.

    Mamma Squitti is shown above at her summer cottage on Lake Superior. Here Mamma went about clearing land and growing a small garden that many of the neighboring children would enjoy. It was here that she built a system of wooden drainage that saw her plant in the dark wet muskeg soil and grow various vegetables each year; this in defiance of the geography books of the day.


    Arthur Squitti and the pet dog Blackie.

    In 1967, Marianne and Arthur Squitti opened up Squitti's Confectionery, on the near corner of Bay and Secord. It was your small corner grocery store, with the added specialties of imported coffee, candies, olive oil, baccala, imported Italian foods including gift ware, and bedding. Selling out of the store, or out of the Squitti "CHUCK WAGON." The GMC Handi-van was seen delivering groceries in nearby towns like Geralton and Nipigon, or around the country-side and lake front cottages. These were the good old days. Many of the children of the area were given treats, as Mamma Squitti was more than eager to share her good fortune in her small humble grocery store with children of the area, making sure they would have something.


    Mrs. Edith Kelly, Mamma Squitti, Mrs. Larabie, Hellen Heitela, Doris Otway, and Lilly Ting.

    The Tea Parties ! - " A Heart of Love "

    Mamma Squitti will always be remembered for her hospitality, a hospitality that was sincere and from the heart. Her tables were always filled with her best as she shared it.

    From the left is Mrs. Edith Kelly, born in New York who grew up in Fort William, in between the flowers is Mamma Squitti, . Mrs. Larabie a friend of the family, Hellen Heitela, wife of Laurie of Bay Street fame, and daughter of Mrs. Edith Kelly, next Mrs. Doris Otway, sister-law to Hellen Kelly, and on the far right, Mrs. Lilly Ting, a friend of the family.

    Mamma Marianne


    Mamma Marianne Squitti baking bread.

    Here Mamma Squitti is shown making bread, and as was the custom an extra 13 loaves of bread were baked and given out to people in honor of Saint Anthony; the thirteen graces of Saint Anthony - pure love for people, all people, of all colors...

    * Mamma Squitti's Recipes for Bread, Pizza and more ...*

    Marianne Rosso brought to Canada a wealth of wisdom, and creative talents that she had learned growing up in Simbario, Calabria in the province of Catanzaro. The Rosso family, were involved in everything from cultivating the land, owning livestock, a small butcher shop, making cloth and clothing, baking bread, to owning small retail stores in this small village. Marianne Rosso brought to Canada an unlimited genius in herbolgy, and traditional healing techniques.


    Marianne Rosso (Squitti) 1950 Simbario, Catanzaro, Italy

    Mamma was use to baking and cooking for large groups in Simbario Italy, and her kitchen became the source for some truly great dishes that went to the many people. To Mamma, these people were as she would say, all children of one God.

    She always looked back on her work and believed that God was working with her.

    Her generosity in difficult times was always abundant.


    Mama Squitti at the Diamond Counter @ Squitti's

    The small variety/grocery store on the corner on Bay Street became too small, to carry the increasing variety of items. Noting that a building in the area was up for sale, Marianne Squitti went out and bought the building at the corner of Bay and Secord Strteets, where the once famous Arnio's Restaurant stood.. In 1975, Mr. and Mrs. Squitti opened up Squitti's "A Beautiful Difference," a specialty department store, on the corner of Bay and Secord Streets, with homemade shelves, a hand painted sign, and the honest values of good business. Here Marianne Squitti is pictured behind the diamond counter, a world away from her humble beginnings in Simbario Italy. Destiny would see Squitti's sell the first Canadian Diamonds in Thunder Bay.

    On June 26, 1976 Arthur Squitti passed away, and the family carried on the operations.

    Momma Squitti would take the Greyhound bus to visit distributors, manufacturers and importers in Toronto to stock her new store, including visiting many of the best Italian and Jewish merchants on Spadina Avenue. Vendors like Bristone's, David Warsh, and Rose Texiles on Spadina Avenue, where the businesses were family owned. While the children attended University, Mamma would watch the shop.

    . The speciality store began to carry a world of items from around the world, including religious gifts and statues, the finest in 18 karat gold jewellery, pearls, fine diamonds, fine crystal, silverware, traditional long white baptismal and communion gowns, children's clothing, the finest in bedspreads from Italy and around the world.

    On Sunday, March 26, 2000, Mamma Squitti, our red rose in this desert of life, passed from this world. To borrow from a song... now I understand ..." this world was never meant for someone as beautiful ....".
    Mamma Squitti had built herself a crown of humility, compassion and charity; a crown of love. Her dedication to her family, and those around her in need was always evident. Her strength of character and integrity are like those stars in the dark night sky.

    Today the specialty department store, Squitti's "A Beautiful Difference" ® with the help of God, is an international internet business, and we their children hope to carry on their dream, their vision and their concern for humanity; thinking and working from the heart.

    The Squitti Family.

    Mamma Squitti

    It is with heartfelt sorrow, that we announce the untimely departure from this world to eternal life of our dear mother Marianne Rosso Squitti, on March 26, 2000 at The Port Arthur General Hospital with her children by her side.

    Marianne was born, the youngest daughter of eleven, July 24, 1919, in Simbario, Catanzaro Italy to Maria Concetta and Francesco Rosso.

    Her quest for life and family, were dearest to her heart. Religion was her comfort to meet all the challenges of a new country where her new dream began when she met Art Natale Squitti, whom she married on November 21, 1956 at the original Saint Anthony's Church.

    Together they raised their children, Caesar, Teresa and Concetta. In 1967 they opened their first business, Squitti's Grocery, on Bay Street, and later opened Squitti's, where with a zest for life, family, and people she shared her wisdom, love and compassion.

    Survived by the children she loved so dearly, Caesar, Teresa, Concetta, her special pet "Buddy" and the many other individuals that she cared for, as a loving mother would.

    Survived by her children, brother Fortunato (Maria) Rosso of Toronto, 2 sisters, Nicolina (Frank) Galle, Mariangela (Giuseppe) Bertucci of Thunder Bay. Numerous nieces and nephews and other relatives in Italy, France, Canada and the United States.

    Pre-deceased by her loving husband, Art Natale in June 26, 1976, her parents, brothers Vincenzo  Rosso in Thunder Bay, Dominic Rosso, Bruno Rosso in Italy, and sisters, Giuseppina Rosso-Roti, Vittoria Rosso, Francesca Rosso, and Catarina Rosso-Primerano in Italy.

    Momma Squitti

    Mamma Squitti after her miraculous survival from a 4 week coma in 1998

    Following a three year struggle with the health system in Thunder Bay, that included being roughed up, being put into a three week coma, Mama Squitti's physical life left us. Criminal and medical investigations continue with the Thunder Bay Regional Hospital.
    Details of the events can be found at this link.


    Bears all things.
    Believes all things.
    Dreams all things.
    Endures all things.

    Queen of Heart !


    Bears all things. Believes all things. Hopes all things. Endures all things.

    Marianne Squitti, Momma as she was called by many, was given life by her parents Maria Concetta Bertucci and Francesco Rosso, on July 24, in the year, of our Lord 1919, in the town of Simbario, Catanzaro, in the soul of Italy.

    Marianne became the youngest of 7 girls in a family of 11 children.

    On this blessed occasion of her birth, someone was heard to say,

    " Poor Francesco, ...... another girl ! "

    Searching his heart, Francesco responded,

    "This Child, will be the QUEEN of my Home"

    In the 80 years since that BLESSED day of her birth, Marianne Squitti has built herself a crown,

    a crown embellished with strength, compassion, courage, charity and humility;

    a crown of LOVE.

    Marianne's father, poor Francesco Rosso was, absolutely, right; Marianne was a treasure.

    We will crown her the queen of HEART; the ruby red ROSE in the Desert of Life !

    - - -

    Let us leave you with these words of wisdom from Mamma Marianne Rosso+Squitti

    " Voletivi Bene, Tenetivi Cura, et Utatevi "

    "love oneanother, take care of yourselves, help each other"

    Marianne Momma Rosso+Squitti passed away March 26, 2000

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