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Marketing Ideas for Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada ?

Marketing Ideas for Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada !

July 6, 2001

Several years ago, as part of my election platform for the Thunder Bay civic election, I had suggested a simple to follow sequential tourist route of Thunder Bay. I have had the opportunity to develop this tourist route and it is called "The Verdi Route of Thunder Bay...Veni, Vidi, Verdi " A simple to follow sequential route of the major tourist sites in Thunder Bay. Here is the Link: The Verdi Route.

The Giant Light Show !

Over the years the use of Christmas lights have become a common sight throught the year. The appeal, the warm colors, and the bright lights. The closure of the light show at Old Fort William may offer us the following.

To add a new dimension to the harbor, and to add to the tourist attraction of the harbor, I might suggest a lighting design that would silhouettte and illuminate the Sleeping Giant; providing the harbor with a spectacular night view of the harbor, the Giant Light Show.

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