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What is Being Canadian all about ?

Celebrating Canada Day ?

August 28, 1998

Vive Quebec, Libre !

The words that moved a province against the government of that day, so long ago, were perhaps words, that we as all Canadians should respect. It is was not only a Quebec of the past that was denied political democracy, but it is Canada today, whose archaic "party" political system empowers, one leader over a country and its people, rather that a political system that empowers a people over its governement. (the Prime Minister is not directly elected)

We have a political system that originated at a time, that kings and queens ruled over their people. Our demoracy is half-true. We freely elect our politicians, but then the system denies us our control over them; this is the "party system". It is perhaps time for some minor improvements, to ensure that all Canadians, rights, including those in Quebec be protected.

Vive Canada Libre.


Celebrating Canada Day ?

July 3, 2001

July 1, 2001 the first birthday of our country in the new millenium. My family and I were at Marina Park to celebrate this special occasion along with many other citizens. We were walking throughout the park and I noticed people waving our flag and people's faces painted with the maple leaf on their foreheads and cheeks. While witnessing all of this great patriotism; I asked myself do people really know what it means to be Canadian?

The reason I ask this question is because on one hand we claim to be "Canadian" but yet on the other hand people in our country are still clinging on to the British Monarchy thinking highly of the Royal Family. It seems to me that people want it both ways and to me this is an impossibility. Now I can relate to the French Canadians when they say they want to recognized as a people. They say this to differentiate Canadian from British subjects. So the question in this new millenium for us is, "Do we want to put an end to this power struggle of what it means to be Canadian or do we want to continue with the same old outdated British stranglehold which has accomplished nothing but grief and tension between the two founding nations of this great country called Canada?"

I say wake up people and get with the times out with the old (British Monarchy) in with the new a stronger united Canada which answers up to its own people and takes control of its own destiny based on truely Canadian values. God save the Canadian dream !!

Pat Bizzarrino

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