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"To error is human, to forgive divine, to not learn from past mistakes is unforgiveable."

The purpose of this section is to explore the many truths about our community that can be improved.  If you point out errors, it is hoped that this is done to make positive improvements to our community. Nothing is perfect, and it is hoped that we can all appreciate that we are all human. The bottom line is that all people be treated with respect, and to treat people as one would like to be treated. Posts intended to ridicule or insult merely for that sake will not be posted. It is hoped that generalized logic and stereotyping be avoided.

We all make a difference in this world, making a positive difference is the truth we should strive for.

In order to promote some honest discussion on the events and issues of the day, we are setting up a message board. Please keep your comments diplomatic. Let us understand that nothing is perfect, and there is always room for improvement.

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