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What is a half-truth?

Back in 1989, I looked up the definition of a half-truth in the Oxford Dictionary, and found this.

"Half-truth. A statement that is partly true "

Well after thinking about this definition, it appeared to me there was another form of half-truth.

Are you ready for this roller coaster ride....well the new truth about truth lies in the truth that truth can lie when the truth we speak, read or write is merely part of a greater truth.   This was the type of half-truth I had encountered in the anti-family social programs in North America during the late 1980's.

The conclusion, was that truths can lie !

This type of half-truth is  a truth, totally true,  that is part of the whole Truth, a half-truth.

Reality suggests to me that we are arrogant and or deceived to believe that we can ever know The Whole Truth ! Its that simple.

The difficulty in understanding a half-truth rests in that the definition of a half-truth can have at least three different meanings. A half truth, referring to a half true, half false statement and a half-truth, referring to a lie of omission, or part of the truth. 

Below you will find copies of some correspondence sent to Oxford University Press regarding the definitions contained within their dictionaries.

Oxford University Press

Managing Director Walton Street, Oxford, England 0X2 6DP Fax 0865-56646

September 26, 2002


To whom it may concern:

It was back in 1993 that I submitted to your office corrections to the definition of half- truth; namely that a half-truth is a truth, a deceptive statement that is only part of the whole truth.

Half-truth(1): A (true) statement that is part of the whole truth.

Example: "Stop violence against children." This ignores women, and men.

Statistics are mostly about misleading truths that are half-truths.

I am taking this opportunity to submit to you another component of the definition.

Half-truth(2): A statement that is part of a truth.

Example: "We are equal." This is part of the true statement, "We are equal before the law."

You may also consider that the old definition might still be correct.

Half-truth.(3) A statement that is partly true.

Example: "Canadians are bilingual." The statement is a generalization, that is derived from the truth that "some Canadians are bilingual and some are not."

Half-truth(4) A statement that is based on a half-truth concept.

Example: Stop violence. This statement involves the issue of "violence" which is only part of the whole issue of abuse.


Half-truth(5) A true statement that is based on a truth containing a word with two meanings that deceives.

Example: "We must build closure."  A statement I heard being used at "Saint Anthony's Fire" where people were led to believe this meant a physical structure.

Half-truth(6 ) A true statement that ignores the time line and creates a deceptive truth.

Example: "The light turned red."  The statement ignores that the light first changed to yellow.  True statements out of sequence that are intended to deceive.


Half-truth(7) A true statement that contains different punctuation that deceives.

Example: " One of the best  movies of the  year ?" verses " One of the best movies of the year !"   One statement is voiced as a question  the other is voiced as a statement of fact; the difference is in the punctuation.


Half-truth(8) A word with two components, whereby only one is brought forward.

Example: " Spouse is gender neutral !"
While the term 'spouse' is gender neutral the term also refers to a member of the opposite sex.


ADDED JULY 13, 2006

<>Half-truth(9) A word with two components, whereby only part is true.

Example: " We have a democracy:  Democracy:  A free vote and the power to the people !"
While the term democracies have free elections, the other important component of a 'real democracy'; is that "the people", the majority,  have control of their government.  Electing officials through a free vote, without ensuring majority winners,  who in turn get all the power is not a "high level" democracy.


Half-truth (10) A new word used to represent an entity that is not substantially different from  the original but conveys a false difference.

This manipulation of truth, involves 'creating' a new name for something, thereby suggesting something new, different and improved, when in fact the 'new label' hides the reality of the situation.

For example, 'washer less faucets' claim that they do not use washers.  Some of them do however develop drips and require the replacement of a 'grommet'.  This grommet is a rubber material that fits onto a cylinder.  A grommet is defined as a washer.  It is similar to a washer, not exactly a washer but considered a washer of sorts.

Another example is the term democracy.   Canada's so called "democracy", is a parliamentary system established in part  by the British Monarch in 1867.  It includes a free vote, but also includes a Governor General, who in one instance was the son of the Monarch of England.   The term 'democracy' while appealing does not truly reflect the actual system, and in the case of Canada, the political system is more about power to one person, rather than power to the people.  The 'new term' while different is not in fact representing a new system based on the comparison of similarities to differences.

The most obvious and relevant half-truth has been the division of the religion founded by Jesus Christ into different sects, or groupings based on differences.  Roman Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Anglican Religions, while different labels, they all represent the same religion initiated by Jesus Christ.  A different name is not truly a different entity although the name tends to suggest this.

* * *

Please note that these changes will also affect the definitions of truth and lie; a truth that is a half-truth is a lie.

Thanks for your time, and have a good day !

Sincerely yours,

Caesar J. B. Squitti

The "Key" to the Gates of Eden ?

This may indeed prove the story of Genesis true, whereby Adam and Eve took of the tree of knowledge and believed that they would be like God to know The Truth. We are not God, or like God in the infinite sense.

It is hoped that we can appreciate this reality and appreciate how polarizing truth can polarize a family, a community, a nation, a world.

In the following web pages we focus on the following:

1. What is the the deception from the Garden of Eden ?
2. The hidden message of Jesus Christ ?
3. Anti+truths, as the tool of the devil and how they proliferate our society ?
4. Defining God, and the Trinity ?
5. The cross between science, philosophy and religion ?
6. How anti+truths, polarize our society ?
7. Finally, what is the truth about Truth that may eventually set us free ?
8. How words paint many pictures ?

Paradigms ?

Let us begin with an important key to unlocking this paradigm, the anti+truth.

  Let your journey begin by appreciating with patience, the many levels and dimensions to this website and the reality that this work has taken some 13 years.

In the Bible, in Genesis, it is stated that in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were deceived by taking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge and believing that they would be like God. This fruit, a simple metaphor for truth, representing knowledge, be it true knowledge formed an error in human philosophy that accepts true knowledge as "The Truth," when in fact this knowledge is part of The Truth, the Tree of Knowledge; this is the anti+truth, otherwise known as a half-truth, or part-of-the- truth. It is my opinion that this is the "original sin," an error of logical programming that has remained with us since "The Garden of Eden," much like the Y2K programming error of this century, ironically another half-truth. This "original error" in human philosophy was that mankind was and is deceived about true knowledge, as being one in the same as The Truth. This flaw in human thinking, in human philosophy, was perhaps the deception from the Garden of Eden; a deception that remains with us as I write this.

You should note that a half-truth, refers to a totally true statement that deceives because it is only part of The Truth, a lie of omission.

Mankind, as Adam and Eve, were deceived, and we are still deceived about Truth and knowledge; since there is an undiscovered negative side to Truth; anti+truths. Knowing of some of "The Truth," some truths, metaphorically, the fruit from the tree of knowledge, does not mean we know The Truth in the infinite sense. WE ARE NOT GOD! There are profound differences between truth, the truth we know, and The Truth. The current definitions of truth, half-truth and lie are incorrect. There is a difference between something being true, within dimensions, and The Truth. We have been deceived.

Consequently, the new truth about Truth lies in the truth that truth can lie !

The greatest truth I have learned is that no one knows The Truth; we are not God !

Surprised ?

This adds credibility to the biblical "satan," one of the fallen angels, "the light that deceives the world" whose major tool of deception and polarization is the anti+truth or half-truth.. You should note that this paradigm, has not been identified, yet, and half-truth logic abounds our world. It is hoped that this web site exposes the many concepts that are polarizing this world, based on truth that lies; half-truth paradigms, and the anti+truth.

For one, politics, is all about polarizing Truth. The section on "Anti+truths Polarize the World," identifies many of the most common half-truth based models of today's world.

Anti+truths, cannot be proven false, by being proven false, for they are true. They are proven false, by proving that a greater truth exists. Part of the problem is the use of generalized logic, to remove variability and complexity. Much of today's philosophy incorporates "black and white" thinking. There is no need to negatively debate the anti+truth.

The key to this error of logic is to appreciate what a half-truth is. In the most famous trial of all time, at the trial of Jesus Christ, Pontious Pilate asks "What is Truth." The answer to this question was nailed to the cross. Jesus Christ, provides us with a clue to solving this riddle, and is based on the basic properties of Light. Light becomes a metaphor for Truth. Light, is made up of different distinct colors, and some waves of Light that cannot be seen.

To deal with the many polarizing truths in this world I ask the question, What is a half-truth ? Well , let us first look at what it is not!

The current definitions include "a partly true statement," or "a statement that mingles truth and falsehoods"; this is incorrect. These would be half true statements, or half truth statements, but not "half-truths." The difference could be attributable to the hyphen. The difference between a statement that is half truth, inferring that it is also a half lie, and a half-truth, is that a half-truth is a truth that is part of a greater truth that creates a deceptive polarizing truth that is a deceptive form of lie. The term half-truth, in of itself is somewhat misleading, and could be improved by saying "half-of-the-truth," or "part-of-the-truth." You will note that saying half truth, or half-truth, one cannot appreciate the slight difference, and reflects a problem between written and oral language. Technically there is a difference between a "half-truth" and a "half truth." Perhaps indeed the devil is in the detail; - .

A half-truth is all about dimensions. It is true yet false. An undiscovered oxymoron, a paradox. It is a truth but not the Whole Truth.

A half-truth is totally true, in its own dimension, but it is deceptive lie for it is an error or lie of omission.

A half-truth(2) as defined as a statement that is part of a truth, is the manipulation of a true sentence, by taking part of it. Most notably in Canada during the past 25 years we have been brainwashed to believe that "we are all equal." The reality is the "we are equal before the law" or "we are equal before God". To take part of this sentence and suggest that it is true is a deceptive half of a true sentence.

A half-truth (3) as defined above is a generalization. A truth is presented, a generalized statement that is bad logic, and not so much a half-truth. The statement is based on some truth, but ignores the complex nature of reality and the use of the word "some."

It is like taking "a fruit," a truth, from the infinite tree of knowledge and believing that we know The Truth, LIKE perhaps God. Like in the infinite sense, rather than like in a minor sense.

The term half-truth is somewhat misleading and could be improved by looking at other words, such as half-of-the-truth, part-of-the-truth. It is a "white lie," a truth that lies; a lie of omission. In the greatest form of deception it deceives everyone, since we seldom know The Truth.

Correspondence was received from both Websters and Oxford University Press verifying that corrections to the current definitions would be undertaken.

Consequently if you understand what a half-truth is and isn't, then you can appreciate that Truth can deceive us if it is a half or part of a greater truth, and a lie could be a truth, if the truth is part of a greater truth.

(Let us also appreciate that truth can deceive us not merely by itself, but in addition we use Truth to make assumptions, the error of human flawed logic, what I refer to as the "jump of logic"; sometimes it is simply wrong.)

The "half-truth," the light that deceive(s)d the world.

Political wave theory of Truth. ©
As a wrighter and researcher of truth paradigms, I might suggest to the audience that most of political rhetoric is like a wave, in an ocean of Truth.  Where does the wave begin, where does it end, and what are the truths that we are unaware of.
It is important that we finanlly understand that we are incapable of understanding the infinite depths of truth, merely portions of it, and we try, human that we are to crasp the essence and heart of the matter as best we can; only a God, if there is one would know The Truth; the devil lies in the details, especially the missing ones.
Caesar J. B. Squitti

"The reward for humility and fear of the LORD is riches and honor and life."



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