Valterri    Crystal    Chandeliers
Schonbek   Swarovski   &   Squitti's !

 Beautiful   crystal   chandeliers  for  that  very  special  room.

The finest in Crystal chandeliers by Schonbek, Swarovski  and  Squitti's "A Beautiful Difference" ©


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Marianne  Bertucci  Rosso  &  Arthur  Natale  Carollo  Squitti

Squitti's A Beautiful Difference

Valterri   Crystal  Chandeliers
Schonbek  Swarovski & Squitti's !



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Squitti's A Beautiful Difference

The  new  line  of   Valterri   chandeliers !

Valterri VZ 8306 from Squitti's  

Valterri Crystal  Chandelier   VZ 8306   6 LIGHTS

24" (61cm)
25.5" (65cm)
40" (102cm)
15 LBS (6.8kg)
Light Source:

Bulb Count: 6
Bulb Info:
(6)  E12, 60 MAX, B10**

Trim Diagrams:

Trim Diagram - A
Trim Diagram - H
Trim Diagram - S

Valterri VZ8308 from Squitti's  

Valterri  Crystal   VZ 8306   8   LIGHTS

36" (91cm)
37.5" (95cm)
40" (102cm)
31 LBS (14kg)
Light Source:

Bulb Count: 10
Bulb Info:
(10)  E12, 60 MAX, B10**

Trim Diagrams:

Trim Diagram - A
Trim Diagram - H
Trim Diagram - S

Valterri Chandeliers at Squitti's  

Valterri  Crystal  Chandelier   VZ 8310    10  LIGHTS

36" (91cm)
37.5" (95cm)
40" (102cm)
31 LBS (14kg)
Light Source:

Bulb Count: 10
Bulb Info:
(10)  E12, 60 MAX, B10**

Trim Diagrams:
Trim Diagram - A
Trim Diagram - H
Trim Diagram - S

Types of Finishes

Heirloom Gold 22

Heirloom Gold  -  Code 22

French Gold 23

Etruscan  Gold  -  Code 23

French Gold 26

French    Gold  -  Code 26

French Gold 48

Antique Silver  -  Code 48

Ferro Gold 59

Ferro  Black  -  Code 59

Heirloom Bronze 76

Heirloom Bronze  -  Code 76

Types of Crystal

Heritage Handcut crsytal

Heritage Handcut Crystal   -  H

Spectra Crystal A

Swarovski Spectra  Crystal   -   A

Strass Crystal by Swarovski S

Strass Crystal by Swarovski

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With the current US exchange rates, our US customers
can save betweeen 30 to 50% extra !

We bill in Canadian Dollars !




Sterling Chandeliers

One of our personal favorites the Sterling Chandelier ...

available in several types of crystal, may we recommend handcut.
(upgrades in crystal are available - spectra and strass by swarovski) 
(suggested light fixture sizes is a complex matter that begins with room size - the key is balance)

(room or area size small 8' x 8', subject to other factors)
 16" x 18", or 41 CM  X 46 cm in Heritage Handcut Crystal in silver finish  
Priced at  $ 559.00 Cdn.

(room or area  size medium 10' x 10')
 21" x 22", or  53 CM  X 57 cm in Heritage Handcut Crystal in silver finish  
Priced at  $ 899.00 Cdn.

(room size 12' x 12')
 25" x  26",  64 cm  X 66 cm in Heritage Handcut Crystal in silver finish  
Priced at  $ 1,139.00 Cdn.

(room size 14' x 14')
 27" x 31", or 69 cm  X  79 cm  in Heritage Handcut Crystal in silver finish  
Priced at approximately  $ 1,659.00 Cdn.

(room size 15' x 15")
 29" x 30",  74 cm  X 76 cm in Heritage Handcut Crystal in silver finish  
Priced at  approximately $ 1,959.00 Cdn.

Give us at call at 1-807-345-0461 and ask  for Caesar J. B. Squitti - DESIGNER

In stock items ship within the week, special order,
or non-inventory items ship in three to four weeks.

Pricing subject to verification.

Squitti's has been distributing
Schonbek  Crystal  Chandeliers
for over 30 years.

Today they are manufactured by Swarovski Company.

by SCHONBEK, SWAROVSKI and Squitti's

Plaza Chandelier


Trilliane Crystal Chandelier

Bordeaux - Camelot - Colonade - Color for Sheer - Contessa - Dorchester - Equinoxe - Fairfax - Festival - La Scala - Olde World - Renaissance - Rivendell - Roman Empire - Romanoff - Sterling - Excelsior - Petit Crystal Deluxe - Solitaire - Trilliane -Traditional - Victoria -Versailless - Vivaldi - Large Entry - Lamps - Types of Finishes

Other series available

Some of the Swarovski  Schonbek Crystal Chandeliers

* Historical Crystal - Bordeaux, Early American, Versailles, Vivaldi, Windsor
Empire - Rialto, Excelsior
* All Crystal Chandeliers - Arlington, Hamilton, Regency
* Grand Tradition - Century, Chantilly, La Belle, Madison, New Orleans, Ovation, Rhapsody, Solitaire, Scintilla
* Contemporary - Baronet, Jubilee

" Beautiful Lighting for Beautiful People ! " ©

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Plaza  Crystal Chandeliers
by Schonbek, Swarovski and Squitti's

Plaza chandeliers


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Fairfax Crystal Chandeliers
by Schonbek, Swarovski, and Squitti's


Traditional Crystal Chandeliers
by Schonbek, Swarovski and Squitti's

Bordeaux Crystal Chandeliers
by Schonbek, Swarovski and Squitti's

La Scala Crystal Chandeliers

Renaissance Crystal Chandeliers

Rivendell Crystal Chandeliers

Solitaire   Crystal   Chandeliers

Trilliane Crystal Chandeliers

Strass Crystal

Dorchester Crystal Chandeliers & Candelabras

Equinoxe Crystal Chandeliers

Festival Crystal Chandeliers

Contessa Crystal Chandeliers

Roman Empire Crystal Chandeliers

Vivaldi Crystal Chandeliers

Olde World Crystal Chandeliers

Colonade Crystal Chandeliers

Romanoff Crystal Chandeliers

Camelot Crystal Chandeliers

Versailles Crystal Chandeliers


Sterling  Crystal  Chandeliers

Sterling Crystal Chandeliers

On display at the Italian Canadian Cultural Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
To honor the memory of the founders of Schonbek, Mr. Andrew Schonbek
the founders of Squitti's, Mr. Arthur Natale and Mrs. Marianne Squitti
a Sterling Chandelier, with Strass Crystal
was put on display at the Italian Cultural Center in Thunder Bay, Ontario, 132 S. Algoma Street.

Excelsior Crystal Chandeliers

Petit Crystal Deluxe Crystal Chandeliers

Victorian Chandeliers

Color for sheer

Large Entry Crystal Chandeliers

Table and Boudoir Lamps

These items are on this page only are available for export and shipping to the USA.

Types of Crystal, frame finishes & how to determine chandelier size

Schonbek Official site


Congratulations !

You are about to embark on the purchase of a beautifully inspired and created work of Art inspired by the life of Arnold Schonbek.

Celebrating the Life of Arnold Schonbek 1915 - 1999

Arnold Schonbek was born in Austria+Hungary on September 6, 1915, the son of Arthur Schonbek and Maria Prenalek+Schonbek. He passed away on November 26, 1999 at the age of 84. He was a man of striking gentleness and great intellectual curiosity and remarkable characteristics considering the many difficulties he faced in life.

Arnold Schonbek was a seventeen - year - old student when his father had a stroke. He interrupted his education and took over the family business. The company had been founded by his grandfather in 1870 and at this point all the family's savings were invested in the business.

It was the height of the Great Depression. Young Arnold, who must have seemed a mere child to his employees, took the necessary steps to save the business from near bankruptcy. The logical mind, personal determination and creative ability to solve problems that were to carry him through a long life of challenges were already evident in the teenage Arnold Schonbek.

With the business stabilized, he served two years in the Czech Calvary. He learned to fight with a saber on horseback. All his life Arnold was to maintain a high level of physical fitness.

Perhaps the most revealing part about this man, was during the Second World War he had checked into a hotel, and the only book which the hotel keeper could lend him was a biography of Czar Ivan the Terrible. It was about the worst literature that a panic stricken person such as Arnold could put his hands on.

"It was past midnight when I became so petrified that I put the book away and found a Bible in my night table. When reading the Holy Writ, I suddenly found myself almost miraculously in the presence of the Divine. The Lord seemed to assure me that I would survive the ordeal that was to come, and with this assurance, I fell asleep for a couple of hours to awake refreshed in the morning and with confidence that I could handle affairs as they would unfold."

After World War II, Arnold Schonbek was appointed representative for the Czech glass industry to the Minister of Commerce. In this capacity he spoke out forcefully on political issues, defending freedom and capitalism during the Communist takeover.

With a thriving company of over 1,000 employees exporting worldwide, he knew that his days of doing business under Communism were numbered.

He went to Canada as his five Czech factories were being nationalized. He built his first chandelier by hand in a rented basement and a new industry was born on this continent.

As Schonbek's US customer base grew, he started over once more in the United States, moving the heart of his operation to Plattsburgh, New York.

Arnold Schonbek's particular genius was to bring alive the past using modern materials. He was always quick to invent something new to realize his ideas, and as a result of his work and the tradition of his innovation he inspired, the Schonbek company holds an unusual number of design and technical patents.

Over his lifetime, Arnold Schonbek's many innovations changed the way crystal chandeliers were made around the world.

His life and work will continue to beautifully light up this world...! 

E-mail us your phone number, questions and time to call, and let us call you with the details or take your order !

specioal at squitti's

With  the  current  US  exchange  rates,  our US customers
can  save  betweeen 30 %  to  50%  extra !

We bill in Canadian Dollars !

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